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Ordo Ultorus is a male Nalron and Amaran hybrid, and currently a Bounty Hunter within the Outer and Inner Rim.


Early life

Ordo Ultorus' date of birth is currently unknown, but what his known is his place of birth. Ordo grew up in the Lower Plates of Telos IV, from there he would be trained in the forms of combat from his mother. Ordo's father remains a mysterty even to Ordo himself, all that he knows about his father is that he left he and his mother when he was born.

His mother was a Mandalorian and taught Ordo all he should know and more. By the age of 15, Ordo was presented a gift that was passed down his family line, a Mandalorian Lancer. Ordo was a fast learner, his combat skills improved each passing day, his mother was impressed how fast he was learning and built him the traditional mandalorian armor he would someday wear.

By age 20, the first contact from his father has arrived, it wasn't his father but another Ultorus. Ordo's learned that he had a brother, though his brother wasn't here for a family reunion... He was here to assassinate Ordo and his mother. After a full day's worth of epic battling in the Lower and Upper plates of Telos, the conclusion of the battle and Ordo won. He shot and even beheaded his own brother, as the fear of looking at his dead brother flowed through his blood, the thought of his father came into him, that fear turned into anger. He left Telos, and vowed to his mother that someday he'll return home with his father's head.

Early career

Ever since he left Telos, he had to find a job to survive. His first job was a bartender at a cantina, he made enough money to get some food on the table. One year has passed and he became a popular bartender, yet one day smugglers held up the cantina and threatened to kill everyone if their demands weren't met. Thanks to the quick thinking of Ordo and the help of his Lancer and his combat skills, he managed to kill everyone of thoss smuggled. As everyone cheered and praised Ordo, a gleeming eye from a mysterious stranger eyed him in his marvelous work in combat.

That stranger made an offer Ordo could never refuse. That offer was to become a bounty hunter, Ordo was to work for this man, in return he was rewarded with pockets and pouches of money. From this day on, his career continued to rise as he became the known and feared Bounty Hunter he is today. As more time passed by, he and this stranger became close friends. Besides just giving Ordo money, he was given ships and weapons when ever he needed them, even a home when a needed to rest.

One day, Ordo and his friend thought they should take this to the next level. Ordo's hate towards jedi and sith was so great. He decided that he wanted to kill them all, bounty or no bounty. Ordo's friend supported him, gave him a lightsaber and trained him to his fulled. By age 27, Ordo mastered the lightsaber and the only way to kill then is to kill them with their most feared weapon.

As if today, Ordo continues to hunt and kill every Jedi and Sith he sees. As an insult, once he had cripped his target and they are no longer to fight, he steals their lightsaber, kills them with it and just keeps the lightsaber for spare and extra parts to use.

Rebuilding Shysa

Ever since the fall of Shysa and being replaced by clan Kata, Ordo Ultorus was the last to be recruited into Shysa. Time has passed and its Alor has disappeared from the face of the planet. Feeling lonely and already claiming himself as the final Shysa, Ordo has made it his soul purpose to rebuild the clan and rebuild for Shysa's rebirth. He is currently finding new members for the clan, and yet he once said he's planning an "Uprsise", for now only time will tell either the rebuilding will be a success or a complete failure.

Personality and Traits

Ordo can be best described as a rather cold, quiet, and yet a highly insulting person. His coldness comes from the love of killing, especially killing Jedi and Sith for he is not fond of people who use the force. The only reasons he will insult is that if he knows you are weak, if you use the force, or he just flat out doesn't like you.

Deep down, Ordo can be a very loving person. For example, Ordo has fallen in love with a woman and he helps out children in times of danger. Ordo also has great honor in what he does, if there is no honor he will not do it.

Physical Appearance

Ordo stands at a 8'10 and weighs about 210 pounds and has digigrade legs. Due to his long leg, it allows him to run at a great speed and sharp cawls to claw through flesh. Now, Ordo has strong jaw bones and muscles and highly sharp teeth, giving him the ability to make power bites. And typically, his ears let him hear from far distances. Then there's his gelled silver hair that brushes over his eyes a bit.

Ordo always has his Mandalorian lancer and a green hilted lighsaber with him. His Mandalorian armor is modified to be an olvie green color with some golden trimmings. His helmet is aswell an olive color but with red trimmings, then there's his specially designed digigraded boots which consists of magnetic pads that help him walk on ship in case he's in space or in an engine room when doing repairs, then there's springs in his boots as well, just to be safe if there comes a time he falls from a high area.


  • Ordo Ultorus' armor color scheme is based off of Boba Fett
  • In latin, Ordo translates into Order, while Ultorus comes from name Ultor the god of Mars which more commonly known through the games Red Faction and Saints Row.
  • The name Ordo also comes from the Canon Star Wars character Canderous Ordo.