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The Order of the Jen'ari is the re-birthed Sith order Darth Marell founded on Mygeeto. Darth Vyrassu re-birthed it with the name Order of the Jen'ari after Vyrassu abolished everything Darth Marell had ever done. The Order of the Jen'ari has grown rather large and is stationed on thier Capital, Eclipse Twin planet of Dromund Kaas in Eclipse City. The Order of the Jen'ari's beliefs are that of the Old Republic when Emperor Vitiate ruled the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War.



Darth Vyrassu was the apprentice of Darth Marell, a powerful Sith Sorcerer that made to many mistakes in his reign. Darth Vyrassu finally confronted Darth Marell and the two engaged in a duel that destroyed the entire Jen City (Now named Eclipse City), Forcing the Jen'ari to re-locate.

Nar Shaddaa

Darth Vyrassu brought the Jen'ari to Nar Shaddaa and continued his plans for the Jen'ari there, Darth Vyrassu made a galaxy wide statement at Hutt one night that he ended the Dark Government along with anything else Darth Marell had created. Darth Vyrassu kept the Jen'ari on Nar Shaddaa for quite some time until Eclipse was ready for them to return, then Vyrassu begun the work on other plans for Nar Shaddaa.

Eclipse Orbital Station and Korriban

Darth Vyrassu Brought the Jen'ari to an orbital station he had built over Eclipse has he awaited a new Sith City to be built on the Planet's surface there he moved on to meet with the Revanant Armada to settle a Sith Academy on Korriban. At the same time Darth Vyrassu ordered an invasion on Balmorra to obtain the factories rumored there.


The Jen'ari moved in quietly and presice on Balmorra to take control of the planet, thier only resistance was stray Republic Soldiers and pirates. The Jen'ari quickly made an example of them and took the planet under thier control. Once the planet was under thier control Darth Vyrassu and Darth Necrosis ordered the construction of an Imperial Garrison as well as the factories be restored for the use to create a new Sith Armada. However during the battle of the Balmorra in space, Imperial Grand Moff Shrike was killed when his capital ship was destroyed. His Sith Advisor Lady Xansheene stepped in and took her place as Grand Moff only until Darth Marell's original Grand Moff, Xidane stepped in and took over the position so Lady Xansheene could return to her duties in the Jen'ari and obtain the "Darth" Title.

Droid Army and Kashyyyk

One night while doing some research on an Ancient mask Darth Vyrassu had found on Korriban, he discovered Shaka the Hutt's parents had droid making machines that could create millions upon millions of droids at one time. Darth Vyrassu persuaded Shaka to let him have an unlimted supply of Droids in exchange for unlimited credits which Shaka agreed to, and Vyrassu dropped a hint that the Jen'ari had Invaded Kashyyyk when he asked Shaka to deliver the droids to Kashyyyk. Shortly after certain plans stopped the Jen'ari from over-taking Kashyyyk, The Jen'ari Dark Council ordered a strike on Utapau. Once Utapau was under their control Vyrassu wished to return to Mygeeto, where DLotS had once destroyed it in attempts to kill Darth Marell. Vyrassu then set up a Trade Outpost on Nar Shaddaa to make business with the Hutts much easier.

Mygeeto and Ancient Order of the Dark Jedi

Darth Vyrassu and Darth Xansheene explored Mygeeto and returned to Jukaar City where Marell's Empire once stood to find the ruins and destruction still everywhere. The spirits of the thousands of lives lost in the Empire war felt amongst the Two Sith Lords. Vyrassu then met a man that had claimed to be the Dark Grand Master for the Ancient Order of the Dark Jedi. The man kneeled before Vyrassu after they had a long talk of Mygeeto's history and swore the Ancient Order of the Dark jedi to the Jen'ari Empire. Vyrassu then said they were going to re-gain control of Mygeeto as it has remained vacant since the Empire war minus the fact that the Ancient Order of the Dark jedi now resided on it. Mygeeto now under the control of the Jen'ari Empire.

Return to Eclipse

Eclipse City on the planet of Eclipse

Darth Vyrassu had got word that Jen City now named Eclipse City had finally been finished and that the Jen'ari could come down from the Orbital Station. The Jen'ari loved the new build of the City and thier new Citadel. Word of the City is that it ran on a massive power complex similar to the one on Naboo in Theed once a long time ago. The City needed mass amounts of power due to the Darksides thunder and lightning storms and heavy rain that never ended and it's eternal darkness. To this Day the Jen'ari stand proud with control of Balmorra, Eclipse, thier Sith Academy on Korriban, and a current invasion on Kashyyyk.....

Power Complex for Eclipse City

Mustafar and the Withdraw of Korriban

After some time a new Sith Order known as the Sith Sarrai approached the Jen'ari Empire and placed Mustafar their homeworld under the Jen'ari Empire and Imperial Laws where it houses the Imperial Prison for the Jen'ari Empire. While this was happening a disagreement between Abyssus and Darth Vyrassu led to order the withdraw of all Jen'ari from Korriban.

Current Status

The Jen'ari are still the main Sith order and heart of the Jen'ari Empire and are located on Eclipse in Eclipse City following the views of Darth Vitiate.