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About the Order of the Jedi Covenant - Now Defunct[]

The Jedi Covenant was established by Eva Lekach and Jilae Legionary after the disintegration of the JoTA order during the RLF (Republic Liberation Force)/Imperial conflict. The Orders charter is:

"We do not claim to be enlightened and all knowing, we do not claim to be guardians of peace only to sit upon a world far from the conflicts in silent meditation, we wish for peace but we are well aware of the cost. We know this cost will test our resolve as Jedi, we will not wish away the light pretending to be ignorant of it's existence, but we will not be blinded by it either... we will at times cast our glance from it to do what needs to be done.. to ensure it will continue to exist."

It is clear that the order has made the decision to tilt a little toward the gray side of the Force during these tumultuous times, in order to serve as guardians of peace in the galaxy and to defend and to protect the weak. The true wish of Order is that Peace will reign and it will be able to return entirely to the light side.


Shortly after the Order was founded Covenant Council Knight Jilea Legionary, one of the founders of the Order was betrayed by several of his students and was attacked. The mysterious former students' true identities were never revealed. Following the attack and subsequent to other dark deeds Jilea Legionary betrayed his Order and turned to the dark side. Refusing help from his collegues to return to the Side of the Light, Jilea Legionary became somewhat of a rogue, attempting to sway the Covenant Jedi Council's decisions with terrorist threats, such as destroying the Covenant Enclave on Coruscant. Shortly after leaving the order, Jilea Legionary was murdered in cold blood by Leon Streak Bender, leader of the criminal underworld called The Organization.

It is said, that Eva Lekach, Jilea Legionary's former wife spent many days at the very spot where Jilea was killed, mourning her loss.

Following the departure and death of Jilea Legionary, the Order grew in size and stature. It would eventually merge with the Old Jedi Order on Talus.

Primary Planets of Operation[]

The Order will travel to all sectors of the Galaxy to obey the Will of the Force. At the moment, the Order is primary based on Coruscant.

Covenant Council Members[]

Some former members of the Council included..

Eva Lekach, Council Master

Lucas Atlantis, Council Master

Vilda Kazyanenko, Council Master

Jys Tebut, Council Knight

Koona Ansar, Council Knight

Valtiel Serpente, Council Knight