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The Order of Rowe was a Sith order lead by Darth Rowe. The Order originally inhabited the planet Vjun, then migrated to Korriban. It existed briefly on Xagobah, but soon disbanded and the remaining members became the Shadows of the Triumvirate.

In an effort to revitalize and purify the Sith bloodline, the daughter of Dark Lady Keres and Dark Lord Summanus set out to destroy those deemed weak and unfit to carry the name of Sith. She rose to the self-proclaimed title of Queen of the Sith and devastated everyone who has gotten in her way.

"You are now a member of this Order of Rowe and should you serve her well, you shall be rewarded for your efforts. If you fail, you will be killed with the rest. Welcome to the order..."


  • Queen - Darth Rowe ((Isabella Stein))
  • Darth Azula ((Ailis Xue)), Elite Council