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Group Charter[]

The Order of New Hope, or ONH, strives to show the citizens of and visitors to Ord Mantell that a world of violence and crime does not have to be. We strive to keep the peace while standing for the principles of the ancient Jedi. With all of us may the Force be, and may the peace of this temple be ours. Let the ONH be a place open to thought and speech, a realm of mutual respect, and a haven of shared noble purpose. May we work together, free of petty ego and jealousy, united in the Force.


The Order of New Hope was established on Nov. 22nd, 2007. Jedi Master Cameo Capalini was mearly a Jedi Knight in the Galactic Jedi Order. Along with him was Jedi Master Jaquline faulds. At the time she was a padawan, under the training of Sir Cameo. As time went on and Jaquline's Traning pogressed, Cameo found that Jaquline has already passed all Cameo's expectations. In mearly four days, Jaquline was ready for the trails to become a jedi knight.

Jedi Knight Cameo Capalini and Jaquline faulds went out on a mission. They were asigned to check out Ord Mantell. As they approched the panet Cameo recieved a strange sence in the force. One of such great darkness that he was compelled to back away. Tempted to turn back, Jaquline and Cameo felt it was neccessary to continue so they fought the dark temptation and overcame the dark side of the force. Much to their suprise there was not a single soul happy to see jedi.

They've discovered a few groups. The Syndicate[learn more look up in the archives for The Syndicate hologram file] and another organization called The Pendulum{for more information search Pendulum in the computer terminal}. As they interacted wtih the locals they felt a great need to stay. To form an aliance with them. Unfortunetly, to this day, the residents of Ord Mantell refuse to work with the jedi making it very difficult for Cameo and Jaquline to complete their mission. They called for help from their home council and there was no one to be found...

Two days go by and alas another eagar force sensative person comes along named, Austin Felwitch. Austin agrees to help Jedi Cameo and jedi Jaquline in aiding their cause. Thus the Order of New Hope was established.


(The ONH has long since fallen. The following, however is their goal as listed from a description of the Order of New Hope, likely for informing new members of the order they were entering)

The syndicate is a very powerful organization that thrives off the destruction of Jedi. They are a corrupt organization, feeding off of Crime and misery. it is one of the many organizations on Ord Mantell that are in power. Order of New Hope's goal is not to take that power nor over throw any organization already in place at Ord Mantell, rather guide them using actions and the force. They are a smart organization that is just misled by their leader, Wamba Morbo Duro Debevec, who uses his army, The Sanguine Syndicate[for more information on this organization look up on the console "Sanguine Syndicate"] to control several different cities. The ONH believes that if this army can be steered in the correct direction, much good can become of it. Rather then reaping so much havoc on the cities they inhabit, they can assist others in more positive manor giving those in corrupt cities a sense of Hope, and salvation. By doing so, the Jedi will be able to serve the army, and bring order, balance, and a very much needed peace to the galaxy.

To join the Order of New Hope is to sacrifice one's own self, goals, to accomplish the impossible. We are here to aid, to serve those in need, whether they see it or not. Whether they want it or not, we are here to help. There are many organizations against us here on Ord Mantell. The syndicate, Pendulum, The Sith....etc, however through patience, self-sacrifice, self-control and positive actions we can make a difference! Good luck to you all. May the Force be with you.