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The Onderon Jedi Order is a Jedi order located on the planet Onderon.


Onderon's breif history[]

In 4,400 BBY, Freedon Nadd conquered the planet and established a dark side theocracy. These cultists were known as Naddists. Naddist tyrants included Warb Null and King Ommin. The Naddists sent Iziz's criminal element (opponents of the Naddists) out into the wilderness without any protection from the animals. These outcasts soon learned to defend themselves, and eventually formed a second civilization, the Beast Riders. Relations between the two groups were hostile, and they remained at war with each other for many years. The Beast Wars lasted from 4,350 BBY to 4,000 BBY, with the final battles serving as the opening salvos of the Great Sith War.

Ommin was crowned King in the year 4,018 BBY, taking Amanoa as Queen. Novar was appointed Minister of State in 4,013 BBY. In 4,002 BBY, Onderon joined the Galactic Republic. The Republic asked the Jedi to watch over the world. Jedi Master Arca Jeth was selected as Watchman, and assigned his Padawans Ulic Qel-Droma, Cay Qel-Droma, and Tott Doneeta to the planet in a test-capacity. The Beast Wars finally ended with the death of Naddist Queen Amanoa. Amanoa's daughter Galia married Oron Kira, the leader of the outcasts, known as the "Beastprince."

In 3,998 BBY, two years after the First Battle of Onderon, the Naddist Uprising occurred. The Naddists tried to overthrow Galia, but were foiled by the Jedi and the Republic. Ommin and Sith disciple Warb Null were slain, but so was Jedi Kith Kark.

In more ancient times, the sociopolitical situation between the Onderonian beast-riders and the people of Iziz was far different from the present day. Formerly untamed and coarse, many of the wilderness Beast Lords prospered during the several decades since the end of the Great Sith War, thanks to off-world trade going back two generations (marked in the game by Oron Kira's marriage to the Iziz royal house, thus uniting the bloodlines).

The Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War The walled city.The Mandalorians attempted to invade Onderon during the Krath Holy Crusade in 3,996 BBY, but they failed, and settled on the planet's moon, Dxun. During the Great Hunt, the Jedi cleansed the world of terentateks.

Onderon was the site of two battles during the Mandalorian Wars. Onderon, very interestingly, went almost entirely unaffected by the Jedi Civil War. It was almost as if Revan did not want to attack it. Further, it long remained the only world in the Republic still capable of seeding ecosystems into other dead worlds—Onderon's wildlife being some of the most aggressive in the known galaxy, particularly its winged drexl creatures flown by the Beast Lords there. Merely placing such creatures on target worlds guaranteed their habitation for years to come.

The Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War threatened the peace of Onderon, so a new Onderonian hero emerged, bringing the victories against the Mandalorians and the Sith – General Vaklu, the leader of the Onderon army.

The population began to sympathize with Vaklu and his ideology, and it caused an important admiration and support for the general. The military sector was also close to Vaklu's ideas. One of the high ranking officers, Colonel Tobin, was the general's right hand and a great ally.

The Onderon Civil War The Sky Ramp in Iziz. Main article: Onderon Civil War "We fought many soldiers during the Mandalorian Wars. The Onderonians were certainly brave—but they were disorganized and stupid."

Mandalore Canderous Ordo during the years following the Great Sith War and the Jedi Civil War, a good number of the beast-riders became "socialized", influenced by the ways of the city... yet others simply fell to common thuggery, living within the walls, yet unwilling to abide by the laws of civilization.

When Vaklu had enough power, he expressed his disagreement with the alliance that Queen Talia Kira—who was his cousin—made with the Galactic Republic. He defended that these ties would drag Onderon to war, and also put forward the sale of their natural resources to the worlds devastated for the war. Talia believed in equality, and a peaceful resolution to the problem – whereas, Vaklu preferred using the military to resolve matters.

Then, the separatists peacefully blockaded his own planet to avoid any contact with the Republic. However, they attacked the freighter Ebon Hawk, which was trapped in the blockade, testifying that the "capital-class Republic vessel" had attacked Onderon first. He labeled the Queen as ineffective against the Republic declaration of war, so the society and the military sector started a rebellion.

General Vaklu allied himself with Darth Nihilus and his Sith forces. The deal laid to in giving military assistance to the Onderon separatists to overthrow Queen Talia, while Vaklu let the Sith visit Freedon Nadd's tomb on Dxun.

Eventually, Vaklu's dark side ally gave the order for him to start a revolution, aiming to seize power from Queen Talia, and thus began the Onderon Civil War. When the war was drawing to a close, it looked like Vaklu might overthrow the Queen. However, the Jedi Exile arrived, and the tide began to turn back in favor of Queen Talia and her supporters. The Exile commanded royalist supporters and overran the many Sith and Vaklu-loyal units holding Iziz and the palace. The Exile, demonstrating her great command of the Force, broke through the rear of the Sith ranks by defeating Sith forces on the Sky Ramp to the palace. Upon reaching the palace, the royalist supporters and Vaklu-loyal forces engaged each other within the throne room.

By using battle meditation, the Jedi Exile swayed the battle in favor of Talia's forces, and all that was left was Vaklu, surrounded by Talia and many of her followers. Talia ordered an immediate execution for Vaklu, but the Exile said that would only make Vaklu a martyr, and that the Queen should use this time to rebuild her planet, and win back the affections of her people. Talia allowed her cousin to stand trial fairly, and thus began the rebuilding of Onderon.

Onderon MilitaryThe Onderon Military consisted of both the Onderon Navy and Ground Forces (see Onderon Soldier). The palace of Iziz was guarded by Paladins.

Later history In 1,000 BBY, Darth Bane rode to Onderon from Dxun upon a skreev to rendezvous with Darth Zannah after the Seventh Battle of Ruusan.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance destroyed an Imperial military ordnance center on Onderon 2 ABY.

During the reborn Emperor Palpatine's insurrection, Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo hid their three young children on Onderon. The planet was also where the Emperor met his final death, at the cost of the lives of Rayf Ysanna and Empatojayos Brand.

Leia Organa Solo took refuge on Onderon in 11 ABY to protect her children from Emperor Palpatine. When Palpatine arrived to take the children, he was killed by Han Solo. His spirit was finished off

Construction of the Onderon Jedi Order[]

The year 325 ABY. Knowing her family heritage and the secret Jedi base on the planet Onderon. Jedi Master Zav went to Onderon foreseing events in the future that will happen. But she felt that it was to soon toleave behind the one she begin to love as their was one who she had a strong connection with who was in serious trouble.

Jedi Master Zav came back to save Sir from his darkside with her love for him. Once Sir was saved he went home to the planet of Telos V as he went in to excile.

Sir knew that he could never return to the KOJ so Master Zav came to him and showed him her family heritage of Onderon and a secret base where he could start a new Jedi order.

Master Zav with her love instructed Sir in the lightest of Jedi ways and Sir Became a Grand Master and founded the Onderon Jedi Order and rebuilt the city of Iziz that was in ruins.

Now Council Master Zav and Grand Master Sir fell in love as Zav got pregnant with twins and the two decided to raise their family on the planet of Onderon.

Grand Master Sir built the Onderon Jedi Temple and founded a new Jedi academy.

OJO Grand Master[]

OJO Council Masters[]

  • Sir at 230 ABY
  • Zavarah Zabelin at 230 ABY
  • Mathew Kirkorian (OOC-Mathew Inventor) at 230 ABY
  • Sephiroth Lowtide

OJO Masters[]

  • Ciji Zabelin (OOC-Ciji Constantine) at 230 ABY
  • Camy Carter
  • Dante Fearne
  • Io Auer
  • Sonoske Koray
  • ScreaminEagles Turbo
  • Darmus Admiral
  • Ziva xigalia
  • Arun Imari

OJO Knights[]

  • Alyana (OOC - Alyana Thorne)
  • Ju Ti Hua (jutihua.burner) at 327 ABY
  • Swirya (Yuni Sugarplum) at 326 ABY

OJO Apprentices[]

  • Aerith Clarity
  • Amara7 Viper
  • Cabal Xue (cabal.xue) at 325 ABY
  • Jake Acajou
  • Ju Ti Hua (jutihua.burner) at 325 ABY
  • Kristian216 Zeplin
  • Nerevar Vordun
  • rick Rikios
  • Bane Beedit
  • Dyllan Bellic
  • Karas Scythe (hakimba.firehawk) at 327ABY

OJO Adept[]