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The Old Order is a Sith Order founded as an answer to the failure of the First Order and the Final Order, based on ancient traditions, yet determined to avoid the mistakes of the past. Darth Voragos created the Order, establishing their headquarters in the age-old Sith Citadel on the planet Exegol. Although thousands of Sith cultists were wiped out when Darth Sidious was destroyed, many survived and their descendants have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new master to serve.

The Old Order breaks away from recent Forms of Sith Rule, such as the Rule of Two and the Rule of One, preaching the Rule of Old instead.

"This is the Rule of Old: one to embody power, and legions to crave it. The power of the Dark Side is not a venom that dilutes as it spreads, it in fact becomes more potent. The Banite Sith feared that the Order would collapse due to infighting, but this too is a misguided belief; infighting is a necessary evil, for it is through strife and conflict that we cull the weak and strengthen the Order."

— Darth Voragos


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