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Odenviscar Knight is a Shi'ido Jedi, the Founder of the Wandering Jedi and now a Grand Master at Jedi Guardians of the Peace.


Oden (as he is more commonly known) was discovered by the Jedi of Jedi Master when he visited their planet of Rhodes. Becoming one of them, Oden studied under JM Knight Zoom Kilian and in time became a Knight himself. A talented architect, he assisted with the construction of the Jedi base on Ossus which the Order moved to, and became a key Knight in the Order.

Upon the fading of Jedi Master, Oden took younger members of the Order who remained and formed the Wandering Jedi to preserve the ideals of Jedi Master and to prevent the scattering of the young Jedi. The Wandering Jedi landed upon the planet Kashyyyk and occupied a hidden underground base that Master Oden and others constructed. Then, Master Oden was lost, vanishing entirely from the sight of his Order, and he remained lost for some time, enduring much hardship and pain.

Returning, he found his Order in dire trouble, weakened by his absence and prolonged conflict with the Sith of the Dark Rose Station. Soon afterwards, he felt the return of Master Leonardis Mission in the Force and learned that he had returned to Ossus and had revived Jedi Master under the new name of Jedi Guardians of the Peace. He met with Master Leonardis, and they agreed to bring the Wandering Jedi to the safer location on Ossus and combined the Orders. For this, and for the distinction of keeping the heart of Jedi Master burning in the wilderness years, Master Oden was awarded a seat on the Council of Jedi Guardians of the Peace, where he remains to this day. Master Oden is currently the Co-Grand Master of the order.

Behind the Scenes

Odenviscar Knight is played by himself, and is an elder SWRPer. He is one of the more RP-minded of the Jedi Guardians of the Peace, and manages to combine this with their more well-known focus of Jedi Realism. He is a talented builder and has created/contributed to many bases in SWRP sims.

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