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OOM-T is an early OOM-series Battle Droid designed for use by the Trade Federation. Originally designed for security, he was painted with red markings and patrolled on the federation's Lucrehulk-class battleships. Soon after his reactivation in the year 230 ABY, he allied with a mercenary and a massive field medic droid, who affectionately nicknamed him "Boltman", and began forming his own goals. Having no gender programming, he is referred to with masculine or gender-neutral pronouns interchangeably.


As an early version of the OOM-series droids, OOM-T was superior to the later B1 Battle Droids, painted with red markings to show his specialization in security and close-range combat on the Trade Federation's cargo ships. Even during the Clone Wars, he was distant from almost all the actual battles, and managed to survive until the destruction of the CIS. When the order for all droid units' shutdown was given, he complied with the order and shut himself down.

More than two centuries later in 230 ABY, OOM-T somehow became reactivated in Coruscant and began following his most recent order of patrolling. He could not remember how he was reactivated, nor where the patrol order had come from. Within a few hours, he discovered a lone Zabrak mercenary named Iva, along with a massive field medic droid. After realizing what year it was, and that he had no master to give him orders, he decided to serve Iva, as did the other droid, who took the name Corvus. At the time he thought that such an alliance would help him decide what to do without orders. It was at this point that the OOM droid decided to take on the T label as a tribute to the Trade Federation. Iva jokingly called him "Boltman", and she and Corvus continued to use this name afterward. With very little personality programming, he did not care either way.

Iva did not have many orders for either of her new droids, and they were left with a lot of free time. OOM-T spent this time trying to process the idea of not having to follow orders. He looked at other more-sapient beings such as his new master and his friend Corvus, who both had the independence that he lacked. He decided that it must be due to his old technology, and that several upgrades were needed. After some time and a few odd-jobs, he saved up enough credits on his own to buy a new CPU and memory unit, which were installed by a nearby mechanic and technician. During the upgrade process, Corvus had been looking for OOM-T, and detected that his comlink had shut off. Fearing that his friend was being dismantled for spare parts, he attempted to barge into the garage to save his "little buddy". Had the technicians not been so skillful, a mistake could have cost OOM-T his entire identity. Corvus soon apologized and fixed the garage door, and relations with the workers became friendly afterward.

OOM-T also decided that since his memory could handle a great deal more programming, he would install piloting and engineering programs similar to, though more advanced than, his OOM-series Pilot Droid counterparts' programs. He also commissioned a set of blue plating to go over his torso to match the Pilots' color, though his could be easily removed to show his original red color. This was his first sign of deeper thinking, as he saw some value in exceeding what was expected of Trade Federation droids. He also figured that learning how to build droids would help him understand the difference between "organics" and droids, and why people are able to function so easily without orders.

[This droid's story has a long way to go, and is subject to a great deal of retcon.]

Behind the Scenes

OOM-T "Boltman" is played by Tuah Magic, who decided to buy a Battle Droid avatar on a whim, being her favorite type of droid. She has a short but fair history of building in Second Life. Her most extensive work is a series of Zelda avatars with Twilight-Princess-like textures, but her newest and likely more-extensive projects are Star Wars related. Her current project: A highly-functional probe droid with great RP potential.

On that note, Tuah is an advocate for much-longer return times on objects in sims, in order to allow said droids and similar upcoming tools some more use in sims.

Tuah prefers persona-play to the more hardcore continuity play, so dates and sequences are flexible, and Boltman might even end up with a pre-Legacy history someday. Retcon is one of her favorite concepts.