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Nyeklas is played by Blade Reluin in the Sith Order Dark Lords of the Sith on Byss.


Born to two Imperial Citizens who were nt rich so they couldn't afford a good life on Byss, lived in a shack on Dromund Kaas. Nyeklas's father was a former sith lord who was cast out of his order, and was very abusive to his mother and him. As a child, even at infancy Nyeklas would never show emotion, and his eyes were as black as the void of space, this was only seen once before with Teneabre nearly 5,000 years prior. Nyeklas once he was old enough to wander on his own, around the age of 4 would walk around Dromund Kaas exploring but being careful of the dangerous wildlife. At the age of 5 Nyeklas watched his father beat his mother and this angered the young child, whom without knowing only using his mind snapped his fathers neck killing him.

Nyekals's mother fearing the Sith would sense Nyekals's power and would come take Nyeklas away and kill her, took Nyeklas to Byss and adopted him out to a another former Sith and a waitress at a Cantina named Maude and Greg. Afterwards Nyeklas's mother would fade away into darkness and not be heard from until Nyeklas was much older. 

As Nyeklas grew up he would wander the streets of Kayhal City on Byss, learning things from the Imperial Sith Troopers, and various other Sith. Eager to learn all he could, Nyeklas had a natural knack for knowledge and power. Greg, Nyekla's father taught him numerous things regarding the sith, and the darkside, such as the ability to use force lightning, although Nyeklas could only use it when fully angered and let it out in a burst of anger. He was also taught military strategy, and numerous other basic Darkside powers. He was given the story of the history of the Sith and the Jedi and read it numerous times, making sure it burned into his brain as a stamp print. Learning he was the 1st person is several Millenia to be born on Dromund Kaas, granted him the title "Son of Dromund Kaas" which Nyeklas knew would carry no weight anywhere, but to him it did. 

Nyeklas's father taught him Shein and Ataru lightsaber combat forms as well as echani and numerous other hand to hand combat moves, instructing him how to be a solid warrior if the need ever came to it. He was taught the Sith code, and Nyeklas would study it and read it every night to again memorize it and live to learn it. As he grew up on Byss he would watch the Sith Empire, the Dark Lords of the Sith, the Imperial Sith Troopers, and be amazed by it all. He wanted to be part of it, he wanted the life of a Sith within the Order. When he informed his father greg of it, Greg told him that it was a bad idea, Nyeklas argued the point, but then Greg beat him savagely and used force lightning on Nyeklas until he was near death. Nyeklas tried pushing the thought out of his head a few days later and begun to tinker with electronics in his room. After a few years he was able to craft, and construction amazing technologies just from his solitude of practicing. Nyeklas kept pushing the subject to his father to join the Order, but his father kept denying him, to the point where Nyeklas was locked in the cellar. Nyeklas spent numerous numerous years in the cellar working on his studies of Sith magic and technology. Nyeklas even learned the secret of force drain and would use it on rats he saw in the cellar practicing it on them. 

Nyeklas would construct 4 cybernetic arms that would be made of Phrik, be extendable, and have cameras in the center of the hands of the 4 arms, but it wasn't enough, he wanted them to have an Offense as well. He crafted 3 syringes per hand and had them feed a tube into a holding tank in the nuro spine tab that would be fitted on Nyekla's back. In these tanks were a very lethal specialized poison that Nyeklas crafted himself. The Arms had an AI with personalities, and would do what they want, but were controlled by the mind of Nyeklas himself when needed. 

With these new found weapons he attached them to himself. Nyeklas then broke out of the cellar and then headed to confront his adopted Father greg once more about joining the Dark Lords of the Sith. Greg said no, and this time greg was going to attempt to kill Nyeklas. Nyeklas defending himself using the 4 arms to block the various shots from Greg's lightsaber before eventually one of the arms grab Greg by his throat. The arm lifted greg into the air, while another arm came around and grabbed the top of Gregs head. Nyeklas simply looked into Gregs eyes and told his adopted father, "You are nothing below me" and the two arms ripped gregs head off splattering blood everywhere. When Nyekla's adopted mother screamed over this and tried to run, Nyeklas ordered one of the arms to kill her. Nyeklas used force drain on his mother consuming her life essence, but wasn't powerful enough to take her entire life, thus only slowing her down to allow one of his 4 cybernetic arms to chase after her and injected her with the poison killing her within seconds.

Nyeklas left his home and went around Kayhal city asking around about his birth mother. He learned she became a whore in the undercity. When he found her, he looked her in the eyes forcing her to remember her only son she threw away. Nyeklas listened to her beg and plead and apologize for abandoning him before he used force drain to consume her life, but again not powerful enough to take her entire life, Nyeklas's mother screamed in panic with what she could feeling her life essence drain from her body just as Nyeklas used the force to snap her neck killing her. Nyeklas then would make his way to the Imperial Citadel where he applied for Dark Lords of the Sith. Nyeklas then would make his way to the Imperial Citadel where he applied for Dark Lords of the Sith.

Actual in-world Roleplay[]

When interviewed by Darth Certus for the interview, the Darth made Nyeklas unleash his anger and he attempted an attack on Darth Certus but was quickly taken down. Not knowing if Certus approved his nature, but he did tell him the council would discuss him.

After a few days, the Dark Council reached out to him and approved him to train within the order, and thus Nyeklas begun his Initiate phase of the training for Dark Lords of the Sith.

Nyeklas proved in his initiate stage to be eager to learn and try to be a top student by finishing his Initiate stage of training within only 48 hours. During his wait to be made into Disciple, Nyeklas travelled back home to Dromund Kaas where he located the remains of Kaas City and explored them. Deep inside he found an ancient holocron that had been hidden. Upon opening the the holocron and discovering it's secrets, he was able to trace a bloodline from 5,000 years ago to his own. It also included instructions on how to do a powerful ritual that could make the person the found the holocron immortal, noting he was not mere powerful enough to actually perform the ritual he could begin to start the process for it, so he did turning his childhood home on Dromund Kaas into a Laboratory and begun the process the holocron taught him to do. Nyeklas then would return to Byss and attend a Sith Empire meeting where he would become an official Disciple of Dark Lords of the Sith.

Personality and traits[]

Nyeklas was a calm yet quiet person, he never shows emotion, and is always wearing a mask black as the void of space to hide emotion if he ever even did have any. He is known to have a very serious demeaner and always wishes to progress his training to grow further powerful within the dark arts of sith magic and the darkside of the force.

Powers and abilities[]

Nyeklas is a highly intelligent military strategist and tactician, he is as well very skilled in the darkside power of mind dominance, and drain essence/life consume. He relies on his powers of sorcerery and his 4 cybernetic arms more than his skills with lightsaber combat. Nyeklas has even shown to have the use of force lightning and of course the basic force commands of control, even to the point where he used Tutamnais on Lady Venandi during a training session catching her saber and her force lightning in his hand.