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Noel Reynard is an Amaran who was born with force-sensitivity.  He currently resides on Dantooine, where he serves as a Jedi Knight


Early Years

Noel was born on Coruscant, where his mother died the exact same day.  His father, though grieved by the loss of his loved one, took care of his newborn son with extreme care.

The amaran grew up without any friends, his species alone often resulted in weird faces and a sizable amount of bullying by the other Coruscanti children. Noel was a talented slicer and scavenger from a young age and the kit treated these acts as a hobby, leading him into his fair share of mischief and trouble. Aside from these, he also spent quite a bit of time in his own home crafting things for his own enjoyment.

Noel's father was a Jedi Guardian that served the Jedi Order diligently despite now having a child to care for. Noel understood fairly well what it meant to be Jedi and aspired to be one himself, his father being a role model for him.  Unfortunately, at the age of seven Noel learned the dangers of being a defender of the galaxy as he watched in fear as his father died at the hands of a Sith.

"Do not grief over me son. Remember what I told you. There is no death, there is the Force. I will always be there for you son, promise me you'll live on."

— The last words of Noel's father

Out of desperation and overcome with the feelings of vengeance, Noel discovered his powers within the Force when he used it's powers to push the murderous Sith out of the window of his home and into the front of a speeding hovercraft prior to vanishing within the depths of Coruscant.  The Sith was never heard from or seen again.

Encountering Starwind

Five years later, Noel left his home planet of Coruscant and towards different locations.  With his skills in artifice he created a training saber as a form of protection. After years of travelling, the amaran arrived at Tatooine in the little town of Mos Eisley.  At this place, Noel found a strange red banner cascading down a building.

Noel at the entrance of Starwind.

Curiosity lead the amaran to press on the paging device and the door soon opened to him.

Within these walls, Noel managed to find amarans and other characters alike.  Noticing that he was amongst his own people, he remained within the walls of Starwind for a short period of time.  During this time, the amaran made several friends though he rarely talked to any of them but one, an amaran kit by the name of Shinta Fiertze.

He thought that he could live in peace, and lay back in the protection the building as his new band of friends could offer.  Unfortunately, Noel did not find such peace.

One day, not long after the amaran's arrival into Starwind, a group of Sith threatened to attack the group.  Noel knew the dangers Sith posed, having encountered one in his childhood and a few more there after within his travels.  With that in mind, Noel set out in training in hopes of being able to defend and protect those that would otherwise be unable to themselves.

Jedi Training

Travelling to Dantooine

Noticing the dangers Tatooine had to face on a regular basis, Noel decides that it is no longer possible to wait.  Without any further delay, the amaran heads off to Dantooine to learn the ways of the Force.  With a heart filled with determination, Noel is then accepted into the Dantooine Jedi Enclave.

Becoming Padawan

Noel and his new found Master in front of the Jedi statue.

It was after patience and devotion did Noel ever find himself a Master to teach him the ways of the Force. The Jedi Sentinel he met within Dantooine and got to understand showed great interest in training the amaran, and the feelings were reciprocated.

Aurelia Mal'veah: "You know, we have talked about it earlier and though i have offered myself to become your mentor a little blatantly, it was because i sensed your potential. I am sure you'll be a great Padawan to whichever mentor you choose and that is, why i will ask you again from my side, if you have had enough thoughts about it and would like to become my Padawan, knowing that you'd be the first one and that i'm still young as a Knight?"
Noel Reynard: "I understand and I would be honoured to be your Padawan, Master."
― Noel accepting Aurelia Mal'veah as his Master

With that, Noel began to train under the guidance and instruction of his new Master.  Learning about the Force and training diligently towards his first trial which at it's end will earn the Padawan his own lightsaber.

First Weapon

Noel with his first lightsaber at the forge.

Training diligently under the instruction of his Master, the Padawan showed great promise in both his understanding of the theoretical aspects of being a Jedi and the Force along with the skills necessary to wield and apply the both.  Noel was soon brought towards the forge to construct his lightsaber.

"This weapon will be a light in the darkness."

— Noel prior to constructing his lightsaber

At the end of his trial, the Padawan returns to his Master, presenting her with his new weapon in which he will use in the defence and protection of the galaxy.

A Knight of the Republic

Jedi Masters naming Noel a Knight of the Jedi Order in Dantooine.

It was through continuous effort and tireless training in honing both physical and mental skills did the young amaran complete his training as a Padawan.