Nina, also known as Netha, was an Amaran Potentium knight and healer who lived in Zonama Sekot.

Early life Edit

Nina is Meg's sister. Like Meg, Nina also hails from Naboo. She was born just after Meg left for the military, so Meg didn't know she had a sister. Nina's fur is white in color, something rare among Amarans in her village. She also had impressive sensitivity to the Force. When Nina was a child, a Jedi visited her village, drawn by the force being felt from there. This Jedi performed a blood test on Nina, identifying a great amount of midichlorians. More than enough to join and do well as a Jedi. The man insisted on taking Nina with him for Jedi training, but Nina's parents refused, seeing it more like a bad omen. Since that day, mos of the villagers looked Nina as something strange and they feared the possibility that Nina's staying in there would bring dire calamity. Her parents though, protected her from the rest, and taught her not only farming, but also alchemy to prepare healing potions from her early age. Nina being a quick learner, made her first working tree-man's herb potion at age 6, learning most of her mother's and grandmother's recipe books at age 8.

Time of change Edit

At age 16, Nina's father fell ill and eventually died of a rare disease that no healing technique could prevent. Nina's mother also fell ill after losing her love and died a week later. Her immediate family gone, save for Netha, Nina stayed alone, living her life in the village until she had a strange dream one night. Her sister, the one her parents always spoke of, appeared to be fading away and dying. The news were confirmed a few days later when a military officer went to the village to relay the news. Meg wasn't in the military anymore, but the respect she gained there won her many friends, even among officers. Telling the family about her death seemed like the least they could do. They also told Nina, that Meg's last location was with the force user group called Potentium, in the planet Zonama Sekot. With this info, Nina made a decision.

She made a transmission to all available channels, calling out this Potentium order. She wanted to talk to them and see Meg's remains. For this, she sold all her family's valuables to other villagers, knowing that she wouldn't go back, and set for the Naboo civilization. She spent some of her credits in contacting local transmission networks in order to send this message to as many places as possible. Weeks passed, and a ship coming from a rare hyperspace route landed on Theed, carrying a representative of the Potentium order. This person, a Zeltron going by the name Susalia, told Nina that they were the group where Meg lived her last days. With this, Nina boarded the ship and traveled to Zonama Sekot.

Life as a Potentium Edit

Upon arriving at Zonama Sekot, Meg was welcomed by the Potentium Order and taken into their ranks because of her sensitivity with the force. The dashta eel in Meg's body was given to her and almost immediately, the two formed a bond. Later, a mini droid was made for the dashta eel to accompany Nina. Soon enough, Nina was apprenticed to Lady Leysha, a healer and her sister's best friend. As Nina's training started, her healing powers and resolve to save others was tested almost as soon as she started learning healing through the Force, when Master Gram, one of the Potentium's longest time members, was badly wounded by a darksider. She also helped the healing of another master, Ford, and Zajah, a talented Potentium Knight.

One of Nina's most amazing moments was when trying to save the life of a still unborn child of a Jedi female who was murdered minutes before. In this event, Nina used every ounce of what she knew, and the raw power she could feel, and alongside her master, she saved the child from certain death. The forces were so strong that the medical building mildly shook. Some time before these events, Nina also met Master Han, who would be Meg's protector and had special feelings for each other. Han had to double on his self control, as Nina was the burning image of Meg, though younger and in bright white fur. Also, in order to better use Nina's alchemist abilities, a green house was made in the area where she took care of plants from other planets and created all kinds of healing and helping potions and balms. She made her lightsaber using special instructions from master Han. The lightsaber can show multiple colors without any user input. Nina, just like Meg, made friends with almost every Potentium and ally, and is aiming at doing good in the galaxy through the ways of Potentium.

As a knight Edit

Soon enough, Nina was knighted for her efforts and for passing the trials. Her raw powers became much more controlled, and she also became quite skilled as a saberist. She demonstrated this skill frequently in training and when defending the planet as well. She also started mentoring an apprentice named Solna, who she befriended and formed a bond with. A while after, Solna was knighted and Nina concentrated on healing and on training even more. One of the key moments of her knighthood, was when she helped kill a Force-sensitive Spice smuggler called Sarlo, who had given countless problems and put the Potentium in peril time many times. She also spent time treating Master Han and his heart disease.

Another key moment was that one night, her fur suddenly changed to the more common orange color of amarans. Knowing that threats like Sarlo and Sith would eventually return, Nina undertook an extremely rigorous training to hone the full potential of her capabilities. She also took on another apprentice named Shalk. She eventually had Shalk also pass as a knight, in which she continued to train for all threats. The biggest not coming from any of the people she thought it would come from.

Chaos, Maturity and MasteryEdit

There was one event that marked Nina's life and triggered further changes. At one time, Master Han was abducted in a confusing set of events by a group claiming to follow no known factions, but "Chaos" directly. Without hesitation, Nina left Zonama Sekot to look for Han across the galaxy, with help from friends Loke, Zajah, and other friends along the way. She met many perils, fighting people with skills completely different from any normal battle tactics. She was forced to adapt to fighting these chaotic beings, who seemed to only want to fill the galaxy with destruction and madness.

Along the way, she underwent an operation in her legs. As a result, her lower legs looks closer to human legs. This allowed her to fly some ships easier to perform saber moves like a humanoid. She also changed her looks a little, adding a pair of lightning like tattoos on her face and a gem in her forehead, as proof of battle and maturity. After many struggles and fighting in planets near Wild space, Nina eventually rescued Han, in a showdown in Nar Kreeta. However, Han was extremely hurt and missing several limbs. She had to take care of him as he healed. Some time after that, Nina was tried and ranked Master of Potentium. Then she took on another apprentice, Carn.


As time passed, Han mentioned retiring from the order and living a simpler life. He and the other council masters talked about making Nina a Council Master to take Han's place. But, Nina refused; she also decided to retire as well. After much debate from Han, he could only accept in the end, thus, both retired from the order, but not from the planet. They would live simpler lives now, not tied to any groups, but still helping those they could.

Personality and traits Edit

Nina, much like her sister, is always in a state of positivism. She is very polite and gentle, but sometimes tends to voice her opinions on some silly matters. Nina liked to show her fur and cleavage, a trait she also shared with her late sister. Like Meg, this was only to proudly show how healthy she is and how shiny and soft her fur was.

Powers and skills Edit

Nina's talents are varied. One of them was alchemy, concentrating in the herbal remedies field. She learned from her mother and grandmother a series of herbal medicine that enabled her to create a variety of remedies, medicines, and balms. With enough Force sensitivity to match some of her predecessors, Nina was skilled in some force powers, most of them related to healing. Nina can use Force Body, augmenting her force power with her own life force. Her force healing technique is comparable to any other healer's power. However, through mere power, it can be extremely effective. Nina also trained and learned the core force powers of most Jedi.

Her saber and ranged weapon skills are noteworthy as well, learning how to perform saber throw. She knew and practiced Shi-Cho, Soresu, Ataru and Djem-Sho. After being knighted, she learned even more healing techniques and brought to Zonama Sekot an ancient Amaran healing process, which uses a dust that, when applied to a wounded person, seems to take a life of it's own. As for Force powers, Nina learned rejuvenation, which at the expense of her own power, can refresh a target almost instantly. In the combat arts, she furthered her learning of Ataru, her Ataru teacher Han, in skill. She also practiced a wild mix of moves based on the ancient styles that predate the use of lightsabers. Though the move sets are incomplete due to lack of learning material.

Trivia Edit

Nina is one of Hanumi Takakura's characters under the alt account Megano Hashimoto. Like all of them, they hold in depth bios often filled with a dramatic tale of events prior joining SWRP. The character was passed down to a trusted friend.

The color change from white to red fox color was to try and conform to normal amaran standards. The appearance of the avatars, mostly eyes, were changed into slightly more fox like, changing eye shape and color from her previous blue to the normal yellow of foxes. In the last days before retirement, her eyes went back to the more toony looks from the start because of creator's preference. Also, the character size has been comfirmed as non canon. Sadly, creating an amaran avatar of the canon size seemed daunting at first and clothing and animating would be a problem as well. Real amarans are sized from 3.5 to 4 feet tall, while the shortest avatar possible through normal means in SL is 4' 3".

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