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"Everybody wants a piece of Fett!"

— Wa'qua Silvermoon

Nico Fett is a near-human Mandalorian warrior in SWRP on Second Life. As well as the former Alor of the mandalorian Fett Clan


Early Life

Little is known about the early life of Nico Fett. All that has been revealed is that he was born on the planet Mandalore to a human Mandalorian warrior named Jaing Fett and his Anzat cyar'ika Mistress Viridis. He was trained in the fighting arts from a young age by his father, and taught by his mother how to control his Anzati instincts for obtaining the "soup" of other beings. At age 17 he left home to become a bounty hunter.

Life as a Black Sun

It was during his down time after a hunt that Nico found his way into a cantina in Naboo's capital city of Theed. He came into a conversation with a bartender named Kotep "Char" Solus, they discussed many forms of politics from Mandalorians to the Republic. But after multiple talks between them, Char revealed that he was a member of the criminal organization known as Black Sun.

By a referal from Char, Nico met up with a Black Sun Boss named Virchok. During this encounter Virchok shot Nico and told him that he didnt like him. Despite the first rejection Nico met with another Boss named Kabriel. Kabriel saw potential for a great Sun in Nico and hired him into the Syndicate soon after.

Alor of a clan

During a mission to Nar Shaada with Black Sun, Nico was mysteriously commed by a Mandalorian Alor named Caine Rexan. Rexan had heard about Nico through various channels and thought that he was the ideal mandalorian to become his second-in-command of the Dha'oya'karir (Dark Hunt Clan). Little did Nico know that Caine was hated among the Mando'ade, but he accepted the position anyways.

When it was exposed by the Galactic News Network that Caine had been making deals with Black Sun (recently declared terrorists by the GA) Caine was on the run from GA forces. Due to the former Alor becoming an exile, Nico was elected as the clan's new Alor by its members naming Jarell Xaaris as his Alor'ad. It was however kept under wraps that Nico was a member of Black Sun, the mando'ade clans held a meeting asking him to leave the suns after they had attacked a group of mandalorians on Bothawui. Nico accepted and was placed back in his seat of Alor after the hearing.

Nico Fett in Mos Eisley, communicating with his son CC-7219

Against the Galactic Alliance

It was not long after his renouncing of the Suns that Nico had to resort to his old contacts once again. After defending the GA from the Suns in a battle on Bothawui, the mandalorians were dismissed by GA as have been nothing of help in the battle, angering the clans that had aided them. But the last straw to bring Dha'oya to war was when The Galactic Alliance's Military Executor Gia Swords attacked Lady Widow, whom was the wife of Nico's alor'ad Jarell and being protected by a government called the United Imperial Alliance. Dha'oya'karir decided to ally with the UIA against the GA and moved it's HQ to Hoth to get away from GA hypocrisy and corruption.

The UIA and Dha'oya'karir remained strong allies, making guerilla attacks against GA forces wherever possible. Brining about Nico's involvement in a Black Sun attack on the GA High Chancellor Obie Solo, an attack that was failed due to Solo escaping before Black Sun could make contact. Nico continued to keep in contact with his friend Charzon Ormega, whom now was promoted to become a Black Sun Boss.

Incident on Endor

Dha'oya mandalorians guarding negotiations between Lady Widow and the Tetan representative.

Eventually word came down that the UIA was allying themselves with the Disciples of Ragnos and was opening a base with the on forest moon of Endor. Soon after the imperials and sith set up their bunker, Dha'oya'karir went to the planet to be taken on a tour of base. It was during this tour that a unknown ship was found on scanners within the bunker, Nico was among the units to scout the area for the unknown scout after noticing the GA insignia on his ship during a fly-by made in the scout's X-wing. Nico was the first to chase after the GA scout in his TIE Predator fighter, aiding in the bringing down of the craft and capture of the scout, the scout admitted to being sent on a mission to search the area for the Empire's base.

When the scout did not return in time, the GA sent troops to investigate. The arrival of GA forces almost escalated into a firefight. Combat was avoided when a representative from the Tetan Empire came to negotiate on behalf of the GA, as a third party negotiator. The negotiations began as merely negotiating for the release of the scout being held prisoner, but evolved into complete peace talks between the UIA and GA. The UIA promised to cease all attack on GA bases and personel, and the GA vowed to do the same for UIA. The GA forces reluctantly left the scene after negotiations were completed.

Meeting the New Mandalore

After hearing reports from other mandalorian clans about a new leader risisng on Iridonia, Nico decided to investigate on his own. Soon after landing on the plant he found the mandalorian base of Clan Karr. After greeting several mandalorians outside of the base, they commed for the Mand'alor to come because he was safe, it was then that Nico met Mand'alor Tepes Karr. Upon introducing himself to Karr, the Mand'alor spat at hearing the name Fett. Tepes explained to Nico about the darker side of the Fett clan, about a war against the Fett clan because of a failed claim at the title of Mand'alor because of name alone. Nico also was intoduced to the Alor of clan Skirata, who claimed to have killed the last Fett himself. Nico vowed that he would personally bring the name Fett back into the good graces of the Mando'ade.

Nico would meet the mand'alor again on Hoth. A member of Mand'alor's inner circle came to Hoth to fight an honor duel with a member of Dha'oya'karir. After much argument and almost the beginning of a firefight among the two clans, Nico ordered Dha'oya to stand down and let the duel commence; a fight that the Dha'oya mando won. After the duel arguments continued among the two clans, insults were thrown and the Mand'alor was called dar'manda by Nico's alor'ad Jarrel Xaaris. This insult resulted in Tepes being commed by one of the opposite clan's warriors and him coming to the planet personally. Tepes called all of the Dha'oya mandalorians dar'manda and lemented Nico for not making good progress on making the Fett name honorable by associating himself with the Dha'oya mandos, yet Nico stood up to the Mand'alor saying that he would stand by his vode and would still bring the Fett's back to good light in the galaxy's eyes. Tepes stormed back to his ship and left the planet with his clan.

Rhen Var incursion

Nico watching over Ankara as she recovers

Tepes would continue to bring down clans that were against his policies. An event such as this is what brought Nico into contact with the Mandalorian Clan known as Parjai'an. Tepes had sent his honor guard to Parjai'ans base on Rhen Var to see where their loyalties lied; when they did not prove up to par with his expectations, the honor guard attacked the clan and burned their flag to lower moral. The Parajai'an mandos however did not stay down and soon were up and ready to fight again. Nico had visited Rhen Var after hearing about the clan's struggles, when he arrived he was greeted by a small mandalorian in orange armor who introduced herself as "Ankara Myst" who in turn was the daughter of Nico's friend in the GAE (Galactic Alliance in Exile) known as Taurog Myst. Soon after meeting, Nico found himself aiding in defending Ankara and her twin brother from a Sith Lord whom had abducted their father. Ankara was wounded in the battle and and was taken to be watched over by Nico in the clan's dormitories, meanwhile Lady Paramour (the planets diplomatic representative) made her way to the base to check up on Ankara and her family.

After Ankara awoke and was being watched after by her close friend Jane, Nico was taken to a private meeting with Lady Paramour where she expressed interest in aiding in Nico's upcoming Mandalorian Knights project as a force teacher. Close to their departing from eachother, Lady Paramour had sensed a sense of romantic feelings as she mentioned Ankara. When Nico was questioned about his feelings he admitted to haveing felt strongly attracted to Ankara in a way he had never felt before, she personally encouraged Nico to pursue his relationship with Ankara despite that her father may not approve. After this the two rejoined the others in the Parjai'an base until Nico's own departure for his home on Ord Mantell, it was not long before Nico left that Ankara had expressed to having feelings for him as well, the two had a kiss and then Nico left for his own home.

Soon after, the Sith returned to finally kill Ankara and her brother. Parjai'an clan along with Nico defeated waves of the Sith's monstorous creations, with Ankara killing the Sith almost immediately as he landed.

Ni kar'tayl gar darasuum

After some time secretly seeing eachother without Ankara's father knowing, the two had decided to marry by mandalorian vows together on Rhen Var.

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Fett Clan

"Nico, most of us consider you our Mand'alor anyway."

— Xan Qenadius, during Fett clan's time as Dar'manda against the Mand'alor Tepes Karr

Fett Clan was founded originally as an Aliit encompassing only Nico, Ankara, their children Mara and Nolan, and a few close family friends. It soon grew to be larger then they had ever dreamed. Over time verd came and went, and Alor'ad Ankara Fett was exiled and divorced by Nico due to several dishonorable and aruetyc action s by her. The clan joined the Mandalorian High Council, lived on Ruusan with Kata for months after they were exiled from the planet Jasier. The clan eventually settled on the planet Kerest and remained there for the duration of the clan's existence. The Alor position of the clan was taken by Cuyan Naast Fett in a duel for the title. many of the clan memebrs were removed and the clan was eventually changed into a clan called Naast Aliit. During the end days of Fett Clan, Nico met and married the Senator of Yavin, Annora Claire Belava.

Nico Fett Kata

After the end Fett Clan, Nico was offered a place among the mandalorians of kata Clan. Nico has been a member of Kata ever since.

Return to Jasier

After joining Kata, word reached Nico that his old domain of Jasier was being resettled. Nico visited the world along with his daughter Mesh'la to see if the rumors were true. Upon landing at a Jedi settlement, they were greeted by Nico's Jedi neice, Janis. Janis explained the settlement and plans to the mandalorians, also mentioning that there was no government on the world. After another hour or so, the mandalorians left as Nico met with his flagship captain in orbit. A week later, Nico retured with his troops from the United Imperial Remnant Forces and took control of the planet by force, wanting to “impose order for the citizens, and give them the opportunity to create a stable government” (excerpt from GNN interview with Nico). Eventually Kata became involved after members of the Jasier Jedi Order attacked Kata's base on Roche, culminating in Cayce Urriah personally destrying the JJO Temple and aiding Nico in the occupation.

A large golden statue of Nico was erected on the temple grounds, but was destroyed by rebel forces on world. The rebellion grew until the command was given for The Reprisal to bombard the area with turbolaser fire from orbit. As the forests were burned and all hiding places destroyed, a POW camp run by the UIRF was built around the remains of the jedi temple. The remaining Jedi and rebels signed a surrender agreement, and were declared property of the planets ruler, Nico, as well as that of all Mandalorians.

As rebellion began to continue, the world was deemed as a lost cause by the Mandalorians. Civilians were evactuated from the world by mandalorian ships in orbit, leaving any jedi behind on world. Warships, both UIRF and Mandalorian, fired nuclear weapons at the planet, successfully glassing the world and ending its rebellious jedi ways forever.


Nico has had a total of 25 family members.


  1. Cyrex Fett
  2. Mistress Viridis
  3. Taurog Myst (Father Figure)


  1. Mara Jane Fett
  2. Nolan Taurog Fett
  3. Astaroth Fett
  4. Tracyn Fett
  5. Lita Fett (Deceased)
  6. Charzon Nico Fett
  7. CC-7219 "Wyrick Fett"
  8. Mesh'la Naast Fett
  9. Tay'haii Wer Naast (son-in-law)


  1. Talon Damal Wer Naast (Disavowed)
  2. Sharon Mohren Wer (Callista Gseran)
  3. Oyacyir Wer Naast
  4. Amber Fett
  5. Pitat Morut Naast Fett


  1. Dha'werd Verd (in-law)
  2. Lord Exitum


  1. Dini'la Verd
  2. Janis Lorena Castaignede Aldan
  3. Ava (clone of Renai Stillwater and Lord Exitum)


  1. Ankara Myst Fett (Divorced and deceased)
  2. Annora Claire Belava Fett

Appearance, Personality, and Equipment

"To be fair, Nico is sexy. "

— Kyran Koter

Nico is a brunette caucasian near-human Anzat male from Mandalore. His face is covered partially by burns from a force lightning attack by his son Astaroth. His right eye was clawed out by a Dire-cat on jasier, and has been replaced by a cybernetic implant containing an AI that has a particular love for outer space (based off of the Space Core from Portal 2.) He has two white tattoos in galactic basic on his abdomen that he has not revealed the meaning to or even how/when they were obtained. As well as strange warrior tattooing that covers most of his torso that he brushes off as "just a birthmark".

Nico with his helmet removed

Nico's personality has been described by friends and clan mates as being a Ladies Mando for his flirtatious attitude, as well as trying his best to live up to his self-proclaimed title of being "the one true gentleman mandalorian" a title created after his vod Cando Pax claimed he was flirting by making others look bad compared to his chivilrous honor.


Nico's three main sets of armor

Nico Fett's beskar'gam has always been colored orange and black, no matter what version or variation that he wears, the colors are to symbolize vengence and a lust for life. Nico has had three main versions of his armor:

  • A set given to him when he joined SL by his RL mandalorian clan, a set that he was forced to abandon after joining the RP scene due to learning that it was a Dazzo cobybotted armor.
  • A set of standard mandalorian armor made by Outlaw , he obtained this armor soon after taking up his position within the Black Sun organization. The armor was accented with a large revolving flair gun on his right thigh as well as a vibroblade clipped to his belt.
  • His current set of armor is a set of Seperatist Mandalorian armor made by Synthos Graves, he obtained this armor as a way to symbolize his growth in mandalorian ways at the same time has his clan moved to a bigger base on Hoth and allied with the United Imperial Alliance. It is accented with a red imperial pauldron from his UIA allies, the shoulder plate of a New Mandalorian police officer, a jetpack made by the Tetan Empire, a headlight for night ops, a tan shoulder cape, a beskad, and a black kama.


Nico has been known to fly a variety of fighter craft during his time in the galaxy, but he is most often seen flying his personal TIE Predator and/or a troop transport from his days with the Dha'oya'karir.

The Reprisal

The personal flagship of Nico Fett is the UISD Reprisal, an Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer

Nico on the bridge of the reprisal

that was given to him as a reward for service to the United Imperial Alliance. The ship is crewed by the remnants of the UIA fleet after the dissalusion of the government, under Moff Miara’ackesht’hawnui and Grand Admiral Sekar Rotan. The UIA remnant crew and leaders have pledged complete loyalty to Nico Fett alone, not to any clan or government he may serve.

Real Life Nico

The Real Life armor of Nico Fett

Nico Fett is the Mandalorian OC of user:keldabe92, as well as his cosplay for the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. Keldabe92's RL armor for Nico Fett is the same orange and black of his SL armor. The armor is made of Sintra (torso plates), fiberglass (helmet), metal (thighs, cod, chest diamond), and ABS shim (FX Stormtrooper gauntlets). His weapons are a 50" Verpine sniper rifle and dual Westar-35 pistols, both carved expertly out of wood by MMWA on the mandalorian mercs forums.

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