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(Disclaimer: Story and Character Page is still being developed as it comes along in SWRP, all information comes from roleplays that have happened in the past. So this page isn't entirely perfect yet.)

Nicholas Silverweb or simply known as Nicky, was an orphan child on Lira San before eventually becoming a member of the New Je'daii Order on Tython. His parents had died during a Seraphim War, and was placed in Swans Crest Daycare to be cared for with the other children who resided there.

Early Childhood

As a two-year old child in the Swans Crest Daycare, Nicholas would play around with toys and try lifting up anything like big plush animals or a rocking chair that sat in the area. He also enjoyed escaping from the building by opening the entrance doors by himself, so he could go exploring the city of Lorekat for good fun. He doesn't quite remember his original parents, since it had been many years after their death.

He made friends with a child named Kiandra Saxon. They would always play and explore together whenever they could, and this friendship would become stronger over the years. Since he didn't have many friends, she'd be his first friend in his life. Aside from the usual norm, Nicky would also end up in dangerous situations by unfortunate circumstances. He was always transported to a safer location since he was only a baby and wasn't capable of protecting himself quite yet.

Over the next year, the young boy would eventually get adopted by a green Twilek that went by the name of Master Galise. Whenever she had the opportunity, she'd always check up on Nicholas, feed him, and take him to medical appointments when it was needed. Even if she wasn't around all the time.

When he was older, Nicholas would be taken to the Lorekat Medical Facility to be tested for Force Sensitivity by his adoptive mother. The results were positive, the young boy was indeed Force Sensitive and could be taught to use the Force. With that information in mind, Master Galise would teach him about the Force and also the Je'daii as well. One of these things was doing basic Force Manipulation practice with a toy ball.

One day... Nicholas was told by his adoptive mother that she was going to be doing some training and needed a breather, and she promised that she'd come back to him. However, she never actually came back. That promise she made to him was now broken. At least he had his green and furry Yukiko that was known as Piccolo, it served as a secondary guardian and protector to him when he went exploring the city of Lorekat. Even with that, he was still without a parental figure.

As the time went on, he was eventually adopted by Master Shayda Silverweb and given the family name of Silverweb. She would give Nicholas some basic lessons on the Force, and more information on the Je'daii themselves.

Becoming A Je'daii Initiate

Eventually, the time came for Nicholas Silverweb to become a Je'daii Initiate of the New Je'daii Order on Tython. He was taken from Lira San to the Padawan Kesh Temple. From there, he'd begin doing Initiate classes and training along with his friend Kiandra as a new member of the order. He would learn about important subjects like the Aspects of the Force, the meaning of the Je'daii Code, and also the ranks of the Je'daii Order. They were also taught the first basic form of Saber Combat, which was called Shii-cho. One of their Je'daii Masters was Master Rabbits, one of the best instructors on Tython. There was also Grand Master Arinu, who would sometimes come and observe the classes as well.

As the time went forward, more Force-Sensitive individuals would join the order, such as Gavin Kilgore and Aerdyn Silverwind.

Choosing A Path

For a homework assignment from Master Rabbits, Nicholas and his classmates were told to write a report on the path they'd like to take as a Je'daii. For his own report, he chose to take the Je'daii Guardian path. When asked why, he said that he wanted to protect others that were close to him, and those who needed help. Including those without anyone to protect them. After all, others had protected him when he was only a small baby. He wanted to do the same as a Je'daii Guardian.

Side Activities

Whenever he wasn't doing any training, Nicholas would go over to Lira San to participate in certain events like the Lorekat Kids Tournament or the New Year Festival. During one of the Lorekat Kids Tournaments that he attended, he ended up getting defeated by his opponent who went by the name of Alayah. While he didn't win, he believed that the experience was more rewarding than just winning the tournament. He continued to train whenever he had the opportunity, to make himself a stronger and better Je'daii.

Encounter With A Hostile Sithlord

One day when Nicholas was doing some training with his Training Saber on the third floor of the Saber Temple Dorms, an individual who went by the name of Lady Rose came to visit the dorms. Believing she was a visitor, he greeted her and welcomed her to Lorekat. Asking if she needed anything.

She asked him to come along with him, and was close to taking him from the Lorekat Saber Temple Dorms. This plan was ruined when the alarm was sounded by a master in the Saber Temple Dorms, which would alert others to the hostile person.

When everything fell through, Nicholas saw her intentions and attempted to defend himself against them. He would end up getting Force pushed off through the open window on the third floor, and landed outside the Saber Temple Dorms. From there, the Sithlord continued to try and capture the young Initiate. In order to protect himself, he decided to put a Force Barrier around Lady Rose, trapping them in place. With the help of his friend Aerdyn and the Watchers of Lorekat, Lady Rose was defeated in battle, with a great and mighty kick from one of the Watchers.

A Great Loss

When Nicholas Silverweb was sitting in the Saber Temple dorms, he felt a disturbance in the Force. It was like someone life was being stripped away from them, and that person was fading away from them. He believed it was Master Rabbits, and said to himself "Master Rabbits?! No.....!" Others who were connected to the Force would also feel the same disturbance. On this day, Master Rabbits was no longer on the physical plane, but had become a part of the Force. Those who knew her would be mourning in sadness.

Days after her death, a funeral was held outside of the Padawan Kesh Temple. Those who attended would have great statements to say about Master Rabbits and how great she was, especially Nicholas. When the stage was free, Nicholas would step up and make his speech about his now deceased Je'daii Master.

He'd say to everyone:

"Master Rabbits was a wonderful teacher at the Padawan Kesh Temple on Tython. She was one of the best instructors, and its unfortunate that she won't be able to see us Initiates grow with our training.  When I felt her death through the Force, it saddened me greatly. Knowing that one of the greatest in the Je'daii Order had fadded away. However... even in death, there is always the Force. She is now part of it, like many others who have died. As a Je'daii Initiate wanting to become a Je'daii Guardian, I want to do my best to train so that I can protect those who are close to me, and those who are in danger with no one to keep them safe. People have protected me in the past, and I wish to return that favor however I can.

May the Force be with you Master Rabbits, always..."

After the funeral had ended, Nicky and his classmates would go back inside the Padawan Kesh Temple to rest up for the night before returning to Lira San.

The Crystal Trial

Many days after the last Kids Tournament that he attended, it was time for Nicholas Silverweb and his two classmates Kiandra and Aerdyn to perform their Crystal Trial. They were lead to the crystal caverns of Lorekat during a cold winter day, and were instructed to go inside and began their trial. Silverweb's Crystal Trial involved him being surrounded in darkness, by mysterious voices that he didn't know. Only black and yellow He asked who they were since he was curious about them. The voices got louder and raspier, they asked him to join the Darkside. Nicholas refused and said that he must keep in balance with both the Light and Dark side of the Force. He stated that he must be balance to maintain a equilibrium, and that leaning to one side would be too much.

Yet the shadows of the Sith continued to pester him to join the Darkside, stating it was much stronger. But, he kept his ground and continued to resist as he did his best to remain calm. He didn't perform any attacks because he was not sure about who he was dealing with, or if they were even real. During this part of the trial, he heard a woman's voice, saying to him "Initiate Silverweb, You will one day be a guardian. Protecting all those around you. On that day, You have to remember this phrase.. How strong are you?~" He responded to the voice with a response of "That voice, it must be familiar. How strong am I? I may not be the strongest yet, but I can train myself to be stronger, to protect my friends, and all those beloved to me! I only fight when I need to, not when its unnecessary! and only when the time is right!" Eventually, he chose to fight back when one of the shadows from the darkness came out and attacked him. He'd hit the unknown being with a direct Head Strike. The attack would work as the rest of the darkness dissipated from around him.

After that was over, Nicholas saw that his Training Saber blade was stopped by the Force Ghost of Master Rabbits, who would ask him why he chose to fight and not run away. His reply was this: "I chose to fight because I felt that the timing was right to attack. As I've been taught by Master Caretaker, I should always observe the situation before acting. I had to fight for not just me, but for my friends as well. I had to stay strong and calm as well."

The ghost of Master Rabbits would smile and then give him a pat on the shoulder as she said to him. "Yes, Even with great strength.. even with great skill you must always think before you act. If you are dead, you can not protect your friends or those in need. You must be wise when to fight. When to be able to choose to run. And when to hold your ground.. You choose to fight knowing your friends were also in the cave.." Her hand would come down to infront of him " This is yours Padawan Silverweb.. it comes from my original Saber.. from the same crystal, I told a giant spider to move on instead of fighting.. you tried to talk down that which was evil, it choose to attack. You stood your ground keeping your balance.. " as she held out her hand that contained a blue crystal with yellowish and orange twinge. She would also say ".. Every time you choose to act.. young padawan.. always ask.. How strong are you.. to remind you of these lessons even when rage over takes you, or sorrow.. you must be strong for the others as well as yourself."

Nicholas Silverweb responded to this with "Yes, I shall always remember that. I shall never forget it!" as he gently took the Khyber crystal from the ghost of Master Rabbits. As she turned around and began walking away, fading into the Force once more, she had one more important thing to say to him:

"I will be watching over you, Padawan Silverweb.. May the force be with you.."

Nicholas responded back with the statement: "May the Force be with you as well, always Master Rabbits..." as a smile formed upon his lips. He wanted to cry since he had heard the voice of his deceased master through the Force, but he had to stay strong. After that, he would exit the cave and insert his crystal into his Lightsaber Hilt. Once he was told to ignite it by Master Caretaker, he would do so and activate it. He observed the beautiful glow his Lightsaber blade gave off in the dark winter night. Both him and Kiandra passed their trial. Unfortunately, Aerdyn was not quite able to pass his Trial. Nicky believed that one day he would pass his Crystal Trial.

With the Crystal Trial completed, Nicholas and Kiandra were now both new Padawans of the New Je'daii Order. However, there was still training to be done before Nicholas could become a true Je'daii Guardian.

Padawan Strength Trial

On the day of his Padawan Strength Trial, Nicholas Silverweb would walk out of his room after meditating for a short while, and head to the area that was above the Padawan Kesh Temple Lobby. He would say hello to Master Arinu and Empress Celue. Master Arinu would then ask the young padawan to go and fetch Master Caretaker, and bring him to the multi-purpose room. This is where the Padawan Strength Trial would be held.

Once that was done, Nicholas would talk with his friend for Kiandra for a bit before both of them would be called up into the dueling ring that sat in the middle of the room. Reminded by the Je'daii Master that this was going to be a friendly fight. After both young Je'daii padawans entered the center of the dueling ring, they were given some other important rules: Lightsabers were to be set to stun, fight until one either forfeits or gets knocked out, and to show the Masters what they were capable of.

With those rules in place, Master Arinu would tell the two young padawans to get into stance and ignite their lightsabers. Nicholas Silverweb made sure to put his Lightsaber on stun before it would begin. Afterwards, the duel between Kiandra Saxon and Nicholas Silverweb would begin. Both of them exchanged basic Shii-cho attacks, but also made sure to be defensive when the time was right. However... they weren't quite showing all the skills what they were capable of. After the duel had gone on for a bit, Kiandra had won against his friend Nicholas with a good Arm Strike to his right arm. However... the Strength Trial wasn't quite over yet. Veronica Stabial would ask the two padawans why they weren't using both their Force abilities and Shii-cho techniques together. Nicholas Silverweb would go to say that he chose to focus on Saber Fighting for most of the duel because he didn't want to use his force abilities unless they were absolutely necessary, while his friend replied with that she was just used to fighting without her force abilities.

Then, Empress Celue would ask Master Arinu if they together could demonstrate show the padawans what they mean when they were told go all out. Master Arinu would agree to this, and would say that perhaps a rematch was in order for both of the padawans. After entering the dueling ring, Both Empress Celu and Master Arinu would began dueling against each other, combining their Force Abilities and Saber Combat techniques together. Showing both Nicholas and Kiandra what they should truly be doing when told to give it their all.

After the demonstration was done, both young padawans would re-enter the dueling ring for a rematch. Nicholas made sure his Lightsaber was still on stun mode before being told to ignite it, as he entered his Shii-cho form. His childhood friend would do the same. Once their Lightsabers were ignited once again, Master Arinu would start off the rematch between both Nicholas Silverweb and Kiandra Saxon. This time, both of these young padawans would show what they were capable of doing.

To start it off, Nicholas attempted to combine a Force Dash and a sweeping Leg Strike into one attack, he felt it was a great idea. Upon attempting to combine both abilities, it didn't quite work to his advantage. While he was able to get close to his friend Kiandra using the Force Dash, he had failed to sweep his friend to the floor. His friend would dodge the failed attack by doing a Force Leap over his head. It was quite an impressive strategy to dodge his attack.

Both padawans would continue launching attacks each other during this duel, using their Force Abilities whenever they had the opportunity. Kiandra would at one point attempt to go past him using Force Dash, and then use the Back Strike against him. Nicholas would attempt to block it by trying to produce a Force Barrier around him, but it didn't quite work as he ended up taking on damage. With his friend closer to him, the young padawan decided to take the opportunity and attempted to use an Arm Strike on their right arm. Which actually went very well since his friend wasn't able to block it and ended up taking the hit.

In the end, Kiandra Saxon would be knocked out and Nicholas would win the duel. After it was over, Master Arinu would tell the young padawan that he may now extinguish his Lightsaber, which he would do so after going to check on his friend who was out cold, saying to her "Kiandra! Are you alright?!" When Master Arinu congratulated him on winning the duel, he would say to him "Thank you, Master. Kiandra did great as well with her abilities."

Eventually, Kiandra would be brought back to consciousness by Master Arinu using the Force to heal her. Once awake, Nicholas would tell his friend that she did great during the duel against him. His friend would say that he also did very good as well. With the duel finally out of the way, Master Arinu would ask about who wanted to take on these two padawans and have them become Journeyers.

Kiandra Saxon would be taken in by Master Wendy when she asked if she wanted to become her apprentice, and she would agree to it. Becoming Master Wendy's Apprentice. When no one wanted to take Nicholas Silverweb, Master Arinu would then ask if Nicholas would want to become his apprentice. In reply, he would say to him "I'd be honored to be your Apprentice, Master Arinu."

Master Arinu would then nod in reply and then look toward everyone saying "The Padawans are no longer Padawans. They are Journeyers! Congratulations Nicky and Kiandra. The event is over. Thank you all for coming!" And from there, both Nicholas and Kiandra were both Je'daii Journeyers with their own assigned Masters.