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The NTF Armed Forces[]

The New Trade Federation Armed Forces are the power, and authoirty of the NTF. They serve as the defensive and offensive military force from the NTF Government. Headed by Viceroy Drake Wade, the Armed Forces is split into two sections, The Army and Navy with only the Army in current activation.

The Army[]

The New Trade Federation Army or NTFA is headed by a Field Commander. The Army branches off into the NTF's Infantry, Armor, Artillery, and Engineers. The Army's colors are Red/Black indicated by a red glow.


Current Field Commander-Wes Datura

Current Activated Units:

Grevious Company

The 31st All Purpose Platoon

Zeta Squad

Rage Squad

Reaper Squad

Hellfire Squad

The Navy[]

The New Trade Federation Navy or NTFN is headed by a Fleet Commander or Commodore. The Navy branches off into th NTF's Fighters, Bombs, Transports, and Fleet. The Navy's colors are Orange/Black indicated by Orange glow. (The Navy is still being worked on)


Current Commodore- Julio

Current Activated Units:

The Separatist Fleet- Led by Admiral Galdo Solo

History of the Armed Forces[]