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New Tibannopolis is a floating city on the Star Wars planet Bespin. Once known simply as Tibannopolis, the city fell to ruin largely due to poor storm warning systems.

Rebuilt by Casius Prieto and Rhialto Tereshchenko, it was renamed New Tibannopolis. Top of the line storm warning and avoidance systems and extremely efficient tibanna extraction facilities revitalized the once moribund cloud city.

Dubbed one of the ten wonders of the late classic era, New Tibannopolis was the largest tibanna gas extraction facility in the galaxy.  New Tibannopolis also boasted large hyperdrive fuel refining facilities, leading to the rise of New Tibannoplis as one of the galaxy's major economic and production powerhouses.

Tibanna Collection Shaft

New Tibannoplis landmark 1.png

Carbon Freeze Chamber

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