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The New Sith Order or NSO for short was founded by Cain Rosenkreuz also known as Darth Apparition around the year 238 ABY. When the founder left the Revenant Armada he decided it was time to help send the Sith into a new Era and do something good for the Sith collective as a whole and went to Prakith where he formed the New Sith Order.

The Order was founded on many different beliefs and ideaoligies. Such as teachings from the once Assembly of Darkness, Sith Ancients, Dlots, The Krath Circle and the Sith'ari. So with this mixture of combined teachings the New Sith Order was made and founded off of these teachings. Old fashioned ideals and traditions given a new Modern twist to give a new face to the Sith Empire and help attempt to make a new Sith Nation.


The current Story is that all this takes place around 240 ABY, the Galaxy is in shambles after the People's Galactic Alliance and Fel Empire have fallen. the Revenant have retreated to Naboo and the Sith Empire is on the rise with no one else to contest them. The Jedi Order seems to be nonexistant and the Darkside has swept across the Galaxy.

Now on Prakith the newly formed NSO or New Sith Order with its Master Apparition at the forefront and its Super Star Destroyer 'Colossus' which had been bought and payed for from Revenant and Tetan funds combined that Apparition had accumulated over the years currently orbits the Planet of Prakith. With a small fleet and a small Division of Guards and Sith the planet is fortified and well protected with its Mountainious Terrain.

On Prakith they would continue their ideals and train up an Order of Force users dedicated to the Darkside of the Force and to the Sith Empire. Their goals were simple, to provide an Order with updated codes and goals for the Sith. More realistic than the Sith of the past and thus do their best to keep the Empire and the Sith collective alive.


The Sorcery Academy[]

The Sith Guard[]

  • Leaders
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Sith Legion[]

  • Leaders
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  • SSD "Colossus" (flagship)
    • Eclipse Class (minus superlaser)
    • Manifactured by Omni 'Akaan' Shipyards
  • "Dark Omen"
    • Corvette Stealth Class
    • Manifactured by Rendili Shipyards