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New Sith Imperial Order

The New Sith Empire is a group created

Governed by the Rule of One by Darth Krayt the New Sith Order rose to institutional dominance a century after its founding on Korriban in 30 A.B.Y.

In the conclusion of the Sith-Imperial War Darth Krayt ascended the throne as Galactic Emperor succeeding the decadent and fractured government replacing it with an Empire dedicated to achieving lasting peace through strength. With a Stratified Organization the New Sith Order achieved a level of unity through loyalty based on the Rule of One while accepting the virtues of past incarnations of the Sith it avoided the inherent weaknesses of the Brotherhood of Darkness and the Order of Sith Lords. In times of Chaos the Rule of One proved to be the key to survival and prosperity of the Sith across the Galaxy.

  • Temple of the Sith, Coruscant
  • Valley of the Dark Lords, Korriban
  • Coruscant
  • Korriban
  • Legacy Era
  • Post Legacy Era
Leaders Emperor Darth Krayt
  • New Sith Order
  • Second Galactic Empire
  • Concord of Falleen Systems
  • Fel Empire-In-Exile
  • Galactic Alliance
  • Jedi Remnant
Founders Darth Krayt
Founded 30 A.B.Y.
Reorganized 130 A.B.Y.

The New Galactic Empire and New Sith Order Loyally following Emperor Krayt, the Dark Lord of the Sith, and the High Moff Council 137 ABY, Little Mos Eisley

Government with the power to Act:

As with other spheres of influence the New Galactic Empire functioned with the Sith Order acting as a senior service to the High Moff Council, both were ultimately answerable to Emperor Darth Krayt and the Rule of One as it applied to the Sith Order and the New Empire respectively. Those whom aided and abetted the Pretender Roan Fel and his Empire-In-Exile were treated to Imperial Justice which was unmerciful to the guilty though, the speed of Rehabilitation or Death varied in individual cases.

Enduring Legislation:

With the enabling of the Galactic Imperial Medical Insurance Act, Emperor Krayt ensured the loyalty of many systems' economic lower classes who became loyal subjects and citizens which the Elite classes refused to confront on pain of political unrest. Later governments would retain this legislation long after the Treaty of Ando Prime was ratified. In 137 ABY Emperor Krayt approved of the drafting of the Mechanical Sentients' Charter of Rights authored by Ambassador PharrenDee Arbenlow. After the Enfleshment and Entechment procedures became wide spread the lines differentiating between Organic and Mechanical blurred some time after 215 A.B.Y the provisions in the Charter became a source of social unrest to the wily People's Galactic Alliance.

Tables of Organization.

Second Galactic Imperial Government

Emperor Darth Krayt
Voice/Regent Darth Wyyrlok (III)
Moff High Council

Sith Order and Administrative Counterparts

Dark Lord of the Sith Galactic Emperor
Voice/Regent High Moff
Hand Grand Moff
Darth Galactic Envoy
Lord/Lady Galactic Counselor
Acolyte Galactic Attaché
Galactic Loyalist Galactic Loyalist

Known Members in Little Mos Eisley:

High Moff Helga Eusebio (Twi'lek Female) Darth Maziel (Falleen Female) Lord S. Mureaux (Human Male) Ambassador PharenDee Arbenlow (Human Female) Darth Ursus (Human Male) Lady Akula, born Herja-Ra (Zeltron Female) Galactic Envoy Ellen Dembo (Human Female) Admiral Marcus JenkinThe Shrouded One (Unknown Sith) |} |}