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The New Sith Empire is an Empire created by a Mysterious Sith Lord that returned with his Sith Order NSD (New Sith Dynasty). The Mysterious Sith Lord Met with Darth Marell to use his Sith Empire that was crumbled by DLotS. What the two Sith Lords discussed is unknown, But the Two got Darth Kane in on the plan and Travelled to Vjun and begin to build a Sith Citadel and a few other things on the canyons of Vjun. It is Rumored that the Dark Government has place in what is going on with the New Sith Empire, but no truth has been uncovered.


Hiding on Vjun after it was abandon, a Mysterious Sith Lord stood up and Lead the NSD-New Sith Dynasty. After this Mysterious Sith heard of Darth Marell, he moved to meet with the Legendary Sith Lord. Both Sith Lords agreed to meet in Deep Sapce. The Exact Location is unknown. The Two met and thier discussion was never known. but what was discovered is the two Traveled to Vjun where the two Sith Lords brought in Darth Marell's Apprentice and the three Begin to lead the Sith in a new way, a new fashion that would unite the Sith to attempt to conquer the Galaxy. A Sith Citadel had ben started to be constructed and a New Empire filled with Sith Imperial Soldiers and Sith Lords begin to grow. The Mysterious Emperor put Vjun under Sith Imperial Law led by his two Highest ranking Sith Lords, His Hand Darth Marell, and the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Kane.

Sith Imperial Shadow Forces Insignia

Sith Imperial Shadow Forces[]

The Mysterious Emperor Begin to Build an Army of Sith Imperial Troopers that were extremley loyal to The Empire and to Protecting everyting the Empire stood for.

Dark Government[]

The Mysterious Emperor also decided to re-group The Exsisting Dark Government, a Government founded by Darth Marell, a Government against

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the Republic and it's "Corrupted" Ways. The Dark Government Made of Senators from each planet or group it Governs.