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The New Order of the Jedi (NOJ) is one of the oldest and most enduring of all the Jedi Orders in Second Life.


The New Order or the Jedi (NOJ) was originally founded in early 2006 by Marymac Dougall, Christopher Black, Perwin Rambler, Tydus Agnon, MindBender Vox, and Abbra Erato as a break-away from the original The Jedi Order (2004) group in SecondLife. They established the Order on the mainland sim Burnott and decided that it was on an unknown planetoid in the Arkanis Sector, though the land area also sat adjacent to a small area that represented Tatooine which was owned by MindBender Vox.

Later on, they expanded, renting land in the region Hope Island, increasing the land area from 1/8th of a sim to 1/4th and relocated the Academy as being on Yavin IV where they resided for quite a long time.

Eventually a full sim was provided by Luvbutton Moonsoo as Yavin IV and the NOJ was located there for a short while until a dispute between several NOJ Council Members occurred, causing NOJ to choose to leave Yavin IV. They temporarily moved to Kashyyyk, provided courtesy of the United Galaxies group until they could acquire a new simulator of their own.

The NOJ currently resides on the Chandrila sim, provided by donations from many loyal members of the Order. The sim has been owned by Kaliwillo Lane since May 2008 but managed and supported by the NOJ as a whole. 

NOJ has been extremely influential to SWRP on SL. NOJ was also the first order to successfully create a structured training program for Jedi and even offered college credit for their training.

Jedi Code

There is no emotion; there is peace
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge
There is no passion; there is serenity
There is no chaos; there is harmony
There is no death; there is the Force

Many teachings come from these few lines of quote, so many teachings in fact, that no one can know all of its meaning. But there are many who know much of the teachings these few lines stand for, some more than others. Though of this, just because you are granted the rank of Master does not mean you are superior over others. Many Jedi Knights know as much and more as some of the Jedi Masters do, and some Jedi Knights do not receive the rank of Master because they wish not to. Their reasons are known to themselves and those who wish to listen. Wisdom does not come with age, nor bravery, nor confidence. Wisdom comes with knowledge. This is only a small fraction of what these lines stand for.

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