New Kashi 002
New Kashi was the home of the Legions of Lettow. It was named after the home of Lettow founder Xendor. The sim included various interactive devices known as destructibles. These devices would blow up in a simulated explosion when impacted by an object traveling at high velocity. The sim originally opened with only a quarter of a region in September of 2007. Later on the group member Maslo Bade bought the entire region and New Kashi became a full sim. It had a full space station and a desert area. The Sim was replaced with Mos Espa but may return soon in an open space format.

New Kashi remerged as a major trade entrepot at the time of the fall of the Imperial Republic.  Taking advantage of disruption along the trade lanes entering the galactic core as well as renewed trade with the Ancient Spice Empire, New Kashi garnered much trade and political influence alongside Independent Bastion.

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