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New Alderaan is a Sim In Second Life. it Features a Jedi enclave built in the mountain regions on the other side of new alderaan

Sim Story[]

The Missing Queen[]

Queen Sia Boleyn has gone Missing in her absence Alderaanian House Thul emerges from exile on new alderaan with supporters in the alderaanian council they seat Aria Thul to the throne.

Queen Aria after being seated on the throne aproaches the hutts asking if they may have over heard anything useful in the search for the missing queen sia unfortionatly the hutts havent herd anything so the search has not turned up any clues

The New Enclave[]

the alderaan jedi enclave is setup by callista shan on the opiset side of the planet from the capital

Noble Houses[]

House Thul (Royal House)[]

Has the Largest Household Guard of the houses on new alderaan

House Thul is ran by the current Queen of Alderaan and New Alderaan

House Boleyn (Exiled House)[]

House of Alde[]

House of Panteer[]