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The Neuro-Saav Corporation (NSC) is a technology hardware, cybernetics and bioresearch corporation which is part of the Corporate Sector Authority (CSA).

Neuro-Saav primarily concerns itself with blending neurology and technology in its products, leading to the creation of cyborg/droid interface modules, prosthetic eyes, and artificial organs. Such product lines, however, are not as prominent as the company's more mainstream electronics and communications devices, imaging systems, medical bio-technology, and military encryption systems. Some of the company's designs are so cutting-edge that they are actually illegal in many star systems, increasing their value on the black market. The company also produces a number of components used across the galaxy in anything from ground vehicles to capital ships and space stations.

Important Positions Filled:

VP of BioTech Industries
Head of Security(Crime Syndicate)
Gappa the Hutt