Netto is the nickname of a SWRP player character.

Biography Edit

Netto was a jawa originating of Raxus Prime. He meet Salene Lusch on the swamps of Ziost and, as she felt his potential, she invited him to visit Zonama Sekot. They talked about mechanic and the force, then the jawa decided to join the potentium order.

Under the apprenticeship of Linkin Tomsen, he became the first jawa knight of the order, holding down the position of librarian and, later, reached the rank of master.

He was often travelling through the galaxy with Salene Lusch and Flint Mokeev, often disguised in droid merchants.

Traits Edit

Netto was relatively tall for a jawa. He was often carrying miscellaneous droids parts attached on his back. His mechanic skills were used to improve Zonama Sekot defences.

He had a good sense of humour, but, because of his species had to use a jawa-basic translation device to communicate.

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