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"A Jedi whose lightsaber is guided by the Force need not fear the outcome of any battle."

— Needo Guisse to Xhal Tee

Needo Guisse, was a Rodian Jedi Master practitioner of the lightsaber combat Form VI (Niman), and served as a lightsaber instructor at the Jedi Temple in Ossus. He trained four Padawan, the last being Lyin Quan. Guisse fell to the dark side of the Force and joined Dark Lady Darth Ravena, assisting her in her search for the surviving Jedi through the Outer Rim.


Confront in Nar Shaddaa[]

In 127 ABY, while accompanying Xhal Tee to the underlevels of Nar Shaddaa to ascertain the condition of her missions, they discovered that the youngling she had to escort back to the Temple was, in fact, dead. While making their way back to the upper levels he and his Padawan witnessed Lord Dragonash pursuing Pauna Xenga, a member of the Black Sun. They intervened and pulled Pauna into their speeder.

After learning about why Pauna was being pursued, and realizing that Dragonash was catching up to her, Needo Guisse leaped from his speeder onto Dragonash's speeder bike to allow the Xhal to escape with Pauna. He forced the Dark Jedi to crash onto a docking platform and engaged him in a duel. Despite Guisse's mastery of lightsaber combat, Dragonash proved too powerful for even he to defeat so Guisse tried sacrificed his own life by blowing up a speeder bike in an attempt destroy his opponent in the blast. Though Guisse was not killed in the explosion, Dragonash escaped the blast suffering only minor injuries.

While escorting Pauna, Xhal found out that the she was the responsible for the youngling death and decided to put her under arrest. More skilled, Pauna reacted and killed Xhal in the rapid fight that followed.

Black Sun Upon Tatooine[]

In Ossus, a faint Force ghost of Xhal appeared to Needo Guisse and told him what happened to her. For the next two years Guisse, struggling to control his emotions because of the lost of his beloved padawan, started to track Pauna all through the Outer Rim, a task he found to be very difficulty. In 129 ABY, he finally tracked her to Mos Eisley, in Tatooine, where she was negotiating the slave traffic with a Hutt crime lord for the Black Sun. In track, Guisse stumbled upon the hiding place where Pauna placed one of her slave girls, a young Twi'lek dancer named Lyin Quan. Sensing Lyin's affinity to the Force, he promised the young Twi'lek to escape from her slavery. Guisse took Lyin to a secure place continued his porsuit for Pauna but had to face the Hutt's and the Black Sun's guards, a fierce battle Guisse could not win. The Jedi, now being the persecuted part went back to Lyin and fled with her to Ossus.

Massacre of Ossus[]

Jedi Master Needo Guisse and Lyin Quan

The company of Lyin brought back a bit of happiness to Guisse's heart after the death of his former padawan. He would not tell, but he saw in Lyin much of her former padawan, in appearence and in spirit. However, the calm days came to end when the One Sith and Empire attacked the Jedi Temple of Ossus, resulting in the death os countless Jedi at the hands of the Sith attackers. Guisse and Lyin managed to escape the massacre and fled the planet after rescuing the younglings Teeuree and Baala, Guisse's children.

The four went to Rodia, Guisse's homeworld, where the Rodian continued Lyin's trainings for the nex two years.

Darth Ravena[]

In 133 ABY, the Sith Lady stationed in Rodia on the behalf of Darth Krayt, Darth Ravena, perpetrated bloody attacks against the Rodian communities that the One Sith suspected that were working with the Gar Stazi's Galactic Alliance Remnant. Guisses's familis lived in one of those communities and was massacred by Darth Ravena's stormtroopers, including his children Teeuree and Baala. Guiise, who at this time, was overseeing Lyn Quan's trainings far from here sensed the horrendous act through the Force by could not come in time to save the people. Guisse left When he finally arrived in the community, the vision of such atrocity was to much for him and the once calm and sober Jedi Master burst in rage.

Needo Guisse fights Darth Ravena.

Darth Ravena, who for 3 years was not able to sense the Jedi hidden presence on the planet now could sense his hate. However she did not have time to set a plan against the Rodian, as Guisse was already after her and ambushed her near a ancient temple in the swamps. The two fough a vicious fight but Ravena not only proved to be a very skilled swordmanship but an expert in telekinesis techniques. Guisse's hate was unbalancing him, who always used the lightsaber with temperance, but the Sith lady knew he was a dangerous opponent and tried to finish the fight by throwing a enormous rock to mash the Jedi. However, the very wounded Jedi managed to survive and flee off world to heal his wounds.

The Fall to the Dark Side[]

Sensing the increasing taint of the dark Side in Guisse, Darth Ravena pursued and attacked him again in the city of Keren, where the Jedi was still healing his wounds. While they fought, Darth Ravena told Guisse that it was not her but the Fel Imperials who attacked the Rodian communities, whose they credited to be traitors of the "True Emperor" Roan Fel, while trying to set a foot on the planet. Darth Ravena seduced the Jedi to the Dark Side by telling him the Sith had the power to bring his family back to life, but not before she severed Guisse's left arm and cut off his left the eyes in the fight. After the very wounded and fallen Guisse surrended to her, Ravena took him to Coruscant, where Darth Krayt himself named him Darth and replaced his lost body parts by advanced cybernetic prostheses.


Darth and his new master, Darth Ravena.

For the next seven years, Darth covered his presence from other Jedi and joined Darth Ravena in her Jedi hunt throgout the Outer Rim. Together, they also took part in many sabotage and terrorist attacks against the Fel Empire bases in the region, inlcuiding those in Tatooine and Naboo.

In 140 ABY, Needo Guisse's former apprentice Lyin Quan, now a Jedi Master was sent to a mission on Naboo to investigate the origins of some terrorist attacks in Keren and Mos Eisley. Darth Ravena and Darth were at Keren at this time and the Dark Lady sensed the presence of the Jedi as soon as she arrived Naboo. Darth Ravena knew that tis presence would bring old feelings on Darth and decided to kill her before Darth took knowledge of his former apprentice's presence.

In the mean time, while checking some Ravena's secret datas aboard the Dark lady's ship, Darth found out the truth about his family's death and her promise on ressurect them: It was her who massacred his family The One Sith did not have the power to bring others to live. Enraged, he promised to kill Ravena. It was when he sensed Lyin's presence in Keren and fgured out Ravena would be with her.

Darth confronts his former apprentice, Lyin Quan.

Darth came just in time to interfere the fight by stabbing Darth Ravena's back when she was about to make the final strike against Lyin and kill the surprised Jedi. Ravena fell from the stone bridge she was fighting Lyin to the torrential river flowing under it.

Using the Force, Lyin healed her wounds just in time to confront her old master. He tried to convince Lyin to join him but she refused to, telling she would never go to the Dark Side. As she refused his advances and resisted his mind tricks, Darth attacked the twi'lek. After a great fight, the young Jedi Master managed to put an end on Guisse's threat by cutting off his head with her lightsaber.

Personality and Traits[]

Needo Guisse was quiet and reserved, but a formidable opponent in combat and deemed one of the most skilled Niman practitioner of his time, relying almost exclusively on his fencing skills instead of using additional Force powers.

Darth .

Guisse's devotion to the Code didn't allow him to accept failure in himself or his peers, yet he always found himself struggling against her Rodian's instincts and temper. Guisse's Master, Pin Tuca, feared that his unchecked perfectionist views would eventually end in frustration and lead Guisse to the dark side. Pin's final test forced Guisse to re-examine himself and how his pride had nearly made him fall to the dark side, the act would leave a positive impression that served as an example when he needed to reflect on her choices.

Guisse claimed that Rodians are solitary and slow to trust by nature, so even when he eventually joined the Jedi he mostly kept to himself, keeping only a small circle of friends and companies, including fellow Padawan Xhal and his own family. Even with Lyin Quan he kept himself at some distance, though he valued her companionship.

As Darth, Needo Guisse became all that he once fought against. He divided the entire galaxy into two categories: threats and assets. The threat category was for beings or institutions that interfered with the One Sith advancement and would have to be eliminated, the asset category being for those who could aid, or at least not hinder their advancement.

By this time, Darth believed that the sorrow and injustice of the galaxy could only be responded to with anger and hate. He came to believe that the New Jedi Order should embrace the dark side and along with Darth Ravena planned to transform the Jedi into a Sith Army, and intended to forcibly recruit Force-users into its ranks. While often assuming a genteel and civilized manner, had no qualms about torturing or ordering the deaths of hundreds of his former comrades, nor about committing any number of atrocities as a ember of the One Sith.

Powers and Abilities[]

Before his resignation, Guisse was known as one of the most skilled duelists and lightsaber instructors in the Jedi Order. Though styles like Form I, Form III, and Form V were more practical in the age of blasters, Guisse's stern spirit drove him toward the sixth form of lightsaber combat, NIman, though he maintained a working knowledge of other forms as well.

In combat, he used his bladework to deflect, rather than attempting to meet his opponent head-on, fending off enemies with a minimal expenditure of energy before unleashing rapid counters. As per Niman training regiments, Guisse relied heavily on his footwork to outmaneuver his enemy, basing himself on balance. He was one of a very few practitioners of dueling-centric Niman in the Order at the time, and almost unmatched in his mastery of it.

Darth double-bladed Lightsaber.

When fighting multiple opponents, Guisse extended the second blade of his lightsaber to form a saberstaff, doubling his lethality as many opponents rarely faced such a weapon, or a skilled practitioner in its use. Guisse often used this to catch opponents by surprise.

Upon joining the Sith, Darth had little left to learn about dueling, instead learning the Sith art of Dun Möch from Darth Ravena, a tactic that focused on disrupting an opponent's concentration by the use of psychological warfare. His most notable usages of the technique were against Lyin Quan. However, each time he applied it, only encouraged Lyin to be more and more resolute. Eventually, Lyin Quan broke his defenses and this time, Darth didn't survive.