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Nathaniel Kristan-Seda, Former crown Prince of Bakura. First of his line to willing renounce his title to join the Imperial Remnant as a Imperial Knight under his Uncle Kael Commodore.

" I am loyal. To the Empire, Not you.


— Nathaniel Kristan-Seda to Cale Kristan-Seda


Nathaniel or "Nate" as he is called by those close to him, is very blunt and forward person, a rather occurring trait amongst the Kristan - Commodore bloodline. a very attentive and well behaved child which was an uncommon trait with his siblings. His admiration for his Grandfather exceeded that of any of the Kristan-Seda children. His intentions were never to exceed the throne from his mother, but to follow in the footsteps of the men of his mothers bloodline.