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Unsure of where she was born Natalia was abandoned as a child on Utapau. Her last memory of who she thinks was her father was of him telling her she was a freak. For years she wandered from place to place learning to survive on her own and with her unknown abilities. She eventually was found as a teenager by a young Jedi Knight (at the time) named Yin Pyara. He has taught her some of the basics about the force and the use and construction of light-sabers. Natalia followed Yin to several planets learning much and was brought before the Jedi Council when Yin requested to officially take her on as his apprentice. The council fearing that Natalia would fall to her emotions of abandonment declined Yins request. Several weeks later while Yin was away on a mission for the Council she heard rumor that he was killed. That in mind she did what she always did.. she moved on and went to the next place that she called home for a short time.

Natalia had visited several worlds including Dantooine, Naboo, Anzat, Yavin IV and Coruscant. It was not until her visit to Korriban did she feel her true calling as a Jedi. Being at Dreshdae and visiting the Valley of the Sith Lords made her feel more comfortable with what she was... and who she would become. She extended her stay to learn from the tales of the Sith Academy trainees at the local bar, taking that knowledge to the Valley and studying on her own. Hearing the stories of a legendary beast that roams the catacombs she searched for weeks emerging only when hungry. She became witness and party to many unspeakable things in her survival on that world and never did find the monster. After some time she felt a calling to go to a Tatooine, vowing to return one day and finish her task.

When she arrived at Mos Eisley she met a very powerful Sith named Darth Kor whom she accepted as her Master. It was not long before she was caught up in the struggle of the slave trades around Tatooine. Accepting an offer from a Mandolarian she become a 'Jetti Benoya' (Jedi Bounty Hunter)in exchange for protection from the slave traders. It was not very long after that her Master Darth Kor disappeared, she assumed he left the planet to fulfill a mission. Several days later while sitting in the local cantina, she felt a familiar presence..it was Yin Pyara. He had arrived on Tattoine for a mission and found her once again. They talked for hours into the night. Natalia fell asleep in the cantina while Yin enjoyed the entertainment and atmosphere of the place. She was woke up by the sounds of a Mandolarian fondling her light-saber.. Yin nowhere to be found. Taking her saber back she struck down the Mando before he got the chance to notice her awake.

Searching the area she discovered a cave in the mountains outside of the city with a strong connection to the force. She followed them for a day until she found a large room that held many statues and what appeared to be a reactor. After several days of searching and exploring, she came to the belief that the statues were in fact carbonite prisons. The images on the face also looked familiar, remembering of a people called the Rakata she started to believe that the facility was used by some unknown person to house them there.. but for what reason? Natalia decided to meditate and see what would happen. During her meditation she heard some of the statues move and received many visions. One that was most powerful was of an icy planet with many caves. After several days she decided to act on her visions, leaving Mos Eisley by space cruiser.

Jedi Training

"Natalia studying in the IOJ Temple"

It took almost two weeks but Nat finally reached Coruscant once again and bought a hyperspace jump capable shuttle. She made her way to Metellos to begin the last leg of her unknown quest. She set the coordinates for Ilum and took off into Hyperspace.. stopping about two hours later above a blue and white planet that she felt had a strong connection to the force. She located a small space station in the upper atmosphere and landed. The station appearing desolate left little clues to who or what was there. A short time later she found a small room with what appeared to be small shuttles that had no wings. There was also a sign in a language she could barely read which said "... down... cold... protection needed... long... avoid" Many of the words she could not read but also determined that the shuttle was a drop pod. She roamed around the station looking for some warm clothing to take tot he surface with her. When she was ready she entered the pod and tapped the release button. The trip down was very exciting, the console telling her when it entered atmosphere and when it approached the ground. Upon what can only be described as impact on the ground, the pod opened and she stepped out.. it was bitterly cold. Natalia hurried to put on the warm jacket and clothing she found and walked forward seeing a statue of a Jedi with a Light-saber activated.

She ventured for a long time in the cold snow storm until she found a small cave. In that cave was an animal she had not seen before, it attacked her. After killing it another appeared nearby and let out what could be only be described as a scream in pain and anger. She attacked it and killed that beast as well. Hearing noises of what could have been more she ran out of the cave and back into the storm. She traveled for what seemed like an hour until she found the base of some steps. Climbing the steps she started to see a light near the top, she followed that light. When she reached the top of the stairs above the storm. At the top was a large building that appeared very old. She tried to open the door and a voice called out to her and she responded. The doors opened and she walked in to see the insides of a temple. A voice called down to her and invited her in out of the cold.

The voice she heard was that of a Jedi Master named Jotow Kabila. Master Jotow asked her if she had come for the trials and she told him she did not know what he was talking about. Sensing a great deal of misdirection and confusion the Master then asked her to tell him her story of how she got there. After some time she finally finished telling how she was abandoned and lived on the streets most of her life. She told him about Master Yin and Lord Kor. The Master had told her to sit in the warmth for some time while he pondered over her story. It as not long before Jotow came to her and decided to invite her to stay and learn of the force from him and his people. She accepted and stayed for several months and learned a lot about the force, her saber and herself. It was hard but eventually she earned the position of Jedi Acolyte in the Ilum Order of Jedi. One day the Master came to her and asked her if she would like to help him find out about the rest of the Jedi and Sith in the galaxy. As if she heard a calling she accepted and prepared for her new journey.

Family Ancestry

"Overlooking the Massassi Ruins at Yavin IV"

After rediscovering several places around the local arm of the galaxy she felt a calling to return to Yavin IV. She entered orbit and stopped at the station for a time before going to the surface. This time she visited as a Jedi and a representative. She met some Master named Luvbutton Moonsoo and Iria Taqiri, among others. She told them of her mission and was invited to study from their holo-archives. Natalia spent hours and eventually days in the archives learning many new and exciting things. She participated in the Holocron missions completing them quickly. It was here that Natalia started to learn about the Massassi and Kissai and felt a strong connection to those people. She decided it was time to return to Ilum and speak to Master Jotow about her new found knowledge as well as her question about the feelings and visions she had encountered.

When she returned to Ilum she spoke to the Master and told of her fantastic journey. He seemed to have enjoyed it thoroughly before he felt a slight feeling of fear and confusion from Natalia. He spoke about it and she explained her thoughts about her connection to the Massassi and Kissai. The Master told her that it would require much meditation and to search her feelings for the answers she was seeking. Natalia decided to venture deep into the caves and returned after a few days. When she returned she spoke with the Master about her deep belief that she was descended from the Kissai. She asked the Master if she would be able to return to Yavin and see if she can find more answers. The Master told her that it was a good idea and that this time she may seek out an apprentice after she had found her answers.

The Kissai

"Seeking her answers on Korriban"

She returned to Yavin and after sometime and learning she felt as if she needed to go back to Korriban. When she arived she made her way back down into the catacombs and meditated. She searched her feelings had many visions and heard some voices. Suddenly after many hours and possibly a couple of days the force ghost of an ancient Massassi warrior came to her. She at first reacted by igniting her light-saber and prepared to strike when the monster spoke.

"Welcome back to the Valley of the Sith, child of the Kissai"

Confused by this she lowered her saber and asked questions until she found her answers. The Warrior spoke of the life of hte Sith, the Massassi and then the life and end of the Kissai. One of her ancestors was a great Kissai priest and was struck down by someone he called a friend. The man told his family of horrors and lies the killer created to smear her ancestors name creating a place of dishonor for them among the Kissai. The Warrior told her that the family had hidden among the stars to get away from the plague of lies and deceit. Natalia asked the name of the man that created the problems but the warrior spoke in circles not answering. Natalia perceived that it was her calling in the force to find and bring honor back to her family by seeking the descendants of the man and strike them down.

It was nearly time for her to return to Ilum and tell her Master of her discoveries. She pulled her hair back and meditated for a short time on her new found path and what lay ahead for her. Folding up her robes and picking up some old rags she made some new additions to her attire, Something more deadly. Natalia decided to roam deeper into the catacombs and find the crystals she had seen earlier and started to construct a new light-saber for her new journey. After she had built it she returned to Ilum and spoke of her calling to her master and officially bid them farewell, leaving the order.

New Journey

"Searching Dantooine for information"

After he leaving from Ilum she made her way to Dantooine to see if anyone knew of the Kissai stories. She spent some time learning from their holo-archives about the subject. There was stories of the Kissai having been there for a short time but nothing to note. She took her time to learn more of the history of Dantooine and their Jedi order there meeting Blade Kamala, sensing something different about this man. She was invited to stay and return as she wished to learn more of the place and hoping to find the answers she sought.


Personality and Traits

Natalia is a very friendly and helpful person. She has at times expressed her disdain towards traditional Jedi Codes with jest and laughter. Though she does not agree with the Jedi response of non-interference she wont encourage or stand against them on it. When shes sees trouble happening many times she will try to determine the weaker party and help them if she can.

After learning some of the ways of the Dark Side she can not understand why the Jedi are so concerned over it. She has no desire to become a Sith but does like studying some of the ways of the Dark side including Sith Magic.

Powers and Abilities

Though not a typical Jedi ability, Nat is unusually good at getting into trouble before she realizes it. She is always itching to be the first to pull her saber, often pulling hers just because she hears the sound of one being turned on. She also likes using her looks and feminine ways to her advantage to get what she wants.

Natalia has been able on a few occasion to sense before a person pulls their Saber of Blaster before they do activating hers before they can react. Though this has been said to be due to the Kasha Crystal in her light-saber, which she has decided to try to develop further.


"Song of Ner Yan"

Nat has used several different styles of Light-saber including double-bladed, whip and even a pike. It was not until she reached mos Eisley that she finally constructed her own. It is modeled after one she had seen in several visions. Satisfied with the design she made a second and installed some Kasha Crystals she had taken from a mine on Cerea. She named her saber the "Song of Ner Yan" (Cerean for 'Mind Cord'), which she has on occasion nicknamed it 'sonny'. Most of the time she uses just one of her sabers, however when she feels a little more aggressive she uses both.

(Available for sale in Ephemeria Station)

  • Details of her new light-saber will be posted soon.


  • Council Member of KNUA (Mando Tribe)
  • Jedi Acolyte in the IOJ
  • Sith Lady (Lord) in the Sith Empire.

Behind the Scenes

Nothing to note at this time.