Past Business[edit | edit source]

Nasirii clan grew on the planet Tatooine for many years its palaces were home. Tatooine was occupied by five hutt clans the most powerful in Mos Espa being Desilijic. As members of the Hutt Grand Council Nasirii stood beside Desilijic to add strength to its business and keep favor with the bigger clan. Staying out of trouble was hard to manage for any length of time as Grancha and his clans business brought many quarrels to the streets and to the local cantinas. The Black Sun was growing with Anzati backing and Nasirii struck a deal with its leader for protection for Nasirii and its holdings. A risky deal but one that went well until new recruits of Black Sun made claims of now leading the Black Sun. This split its members loyalties. With its tru leader staying away the Black Sun relentlessly attacked Desilijic and any that backed them. Nasirii voiced its concerned and came under attack from Black Sun as they ignored any deal made. Grancha disappeared leaving the rest of his clan to fend for themselves . Nasirii did all it could to simply protect itself and lost many credits as its cantina was the scene of many attacks.

Eventually trouble died down and Nasirii remained the only clan with any large interests in town. Servicing the spaceports and providing water to the locals Nasirii started to expand its entertainment business. The Hutt Grand Council was silent its leader Grancha gone with no sign of return.

The Entertainment Clan[edit | edit source]

In Mos Espa Nasirii expanded running regular pod racing and trade markets. Over the years the clan dealt with many groups or factions. Using a fleet of ships crewed by droids and contracted smugglers the clan expands business across the galaxy to visit all planets in range of their bases and space stations. Nasirii fleet haul cargo to cantinas along many known trade routes and a few lesser known shortcuts through wild space.

Belutric the Hutt[edit | edit source]

Belutric was born in Mos Espa as part of the Nasirii Hutt Clan. He is a large Hutt with Blue markings on the skin and a tendency to drum his tail when angered.

Dealing in entertainment, business has taken him to a number of planets over the years.

An older Hutt and member of the Hutt Clan Council, Belutric does not hold back when voicing his opinions.

Using a fleet of ships crewed by droids and contractors the Nasirii clan expands business across the galaxy to visit all planets in range of their base and space stations.

Nasirii fleet haul cargo to cantinas along many known trade routes and a few lesser known shortcuts through wild space.

Old business in Mos Espa Tatooine has seen the Nasirii clan stand with Desilijic clan and other common allies to force trade restrictions on any causing trouble around their ports of trade.

As Desilijic fell away from power when Grancha left. Nasirii expanded as Lyzo the hutt buys his way into the clan.

Lyzo the Hutt[edit | edit source]

Lyzo appeared before Lord Belutric's court and informed the good Hutt Lord that he had secretly bought him out using his assets gained from leaving the Desilijic Clan Lyzo was now seizing all control of Nasirii businesses and clan.

Belutric would now be appointed as Crime Boss in charge of overseeing Spice deliveries often taking him off Mos Espa. Pleased with this Belutric began to work for the Flamboyant Hutt Lord.

Lyzo would return back to Nar Shadda where he would assist his son Hipto in establishing the first Nasirii Clan presense on the Hutt moon. Traveling back and fourth between both worlds to make sure things were on proper schedule. Once things had returned back to normal Lyzo's interests were more for entertainment like the Nasirii were originally known for on Tatooine. Lyzo also enjoyed the beauty of slaves who entertained him and was looking forward to doing slave trade business again. Recent activities called for Lyzo to remove plans for Nar Shadda and remain on Mos Espa due to hostile forces attempting to sieze Nasirii holdings. Sending his newly appointed Neimoidian Majordomo to act as his ambassador to settle the disputes in question around Mos Espa. While he appointed Rorgalla the Hutt to oversee his shipping operations. While Lyzo saw to the entertainment establishments around the city.

Lyzo Has a Huttling[edit | edit source]

After a time Lyzo chose to retire from the public audience and have a huttling. Traveling away to his luxurious hide out Lyzo leaves Belutric to take charge once more of Nasirii and continue to further the clans interests. Lyzo is still seen at special events when he feels his presence is required.

Belutric takes charge of the clan once more[edit | edit source]

While Lyzo had his Huttling Belutric takes the lead for the clans business and with a view that entertainment services were lacking Belutric makes a push to attend and sponsor more events in the name of Nasirii.

Wirabo the Huttling[edit | edit source]

Born into the clan Nasirii by the sibling of the great Belutric the Hutt. Wirabo has only now; after finally being 90 years of age has finally decided to become an active public part in the clan's affairs. Since the Nasirii are known to being involved in many entertainment events on systems such as Tatooine Wirabo plans to help in expanding that a bit to places outside of Hutt Space such as Boz Pity Trade Station and other Neutral systems that may be willing to host events that the Nasirii would be a part of. Wirabo has spent the majority of his 90 years of life studying the many cultures and tongues of the galaxy, but still primarily speaks his natural tongue of Huttese.

He has also studied trade business and behind the scenes has taken close note to podraces, swoopbike races, and other such events that the Nasirii are privie to. It will not be too long from now that the blue backed, tan bellied huttling will be looking to joining the ranks of his uncle and the other members of the Hutt Council in the future once he becomes a fully grown Hutt.

Nal'ryaa the Huttling[edit | edit source]

Nal'ryaa Cousin to Belutric Nasirii. Introduced to the Hutt Clan Council when Nasirii based on Smugglers Paradise.

Nasirii Majordomo[edit | edit source]

Majordomo[edit | edit source]

  • Karriliastia . Resigned after two weeks
  • Missing . Lady Eris Missing possibly dead
  • Dead . Dianti

Enforcers General[edit | edit source]

  • Shade

Nasirii Enforcers[edit | edit source]

Protection for the clans business and assets is provided by members of the Nasirii Enforcers. Always looking for good members the Enforcers offer a exciting and dangerous work that pays well. The Enforcers also offer support for the security of the Hutt Clan Council.

Mos Espa[edit | edit source]

Years in the sand of Mos Espa have seen Nasirii endure many violent acts reducing profit. The Last Shot Cantina has been attacked many times with each new manager failing to make a profit . Mos Espa is home and there is nothing like the Pod racing in the sands of Tatooine. Racing has always been good business and Nasirii place sponsorship behind local races and market events .

Smugglers Paradise[edit | edit source]

Establishing a large trade and market area the clan expand their business.

Local factions began supporting Nasirii and protecting its interests.

Nasirii used it's voice to represent Smugglers Paradise interests for dealings with the Hutt Clan Council.

The Operation Galactic Traders shiped its current stock to Bright Star and pushed for all future deals to be made through Bright Star ports.

Nasirii formally requested that members loyal to the clan council grant access to their ports for Bright Star Trade Ships .

Nar Shaddaa[edit | edit source]

The Nasirii clan and its Sky Market moved on from Smugglers Paradise to Nar Shaddaa.

Business on Ord Mantall had been profitable and Entertainment boosted by the recruiting of new dancers.

Trade for Nasirii has always been focused on Nar Shaddaa and the clan will now move to strengthen its business and its backing for the Hutt Clan Council that regularly meets in the Black Hole Casino. The Clan operates warehouses in the upper and lower city areas of Nar Shaddaa and also holds a space outpost a short light jump away.

Hutt Clan Council[edit | edit source]

The Great Darmutta of Jiramma Hutt Clan requested that Belutric place Nasirii clans backing with him to form a New Hutt Clan Council. Much respect has been held for Darmutta for the business strength on Nar Shaddaa. Nasirii as guests at business night, let their holdings grow from beyond Mos Espa.

As the last active member of the original Hutt Grand Council, with no business or contacts for so long from Grancha the decision was easy. The new Hutt Clan Council was formed and Darmutta would be its Leader. Belutric was happy to benefit from the extra business that Darmutta and his clan brought to the ever more tasty table. Business was easy with Darmuttas general trades and Belutric making entertainment. Credits flowed and more Hutts came forward to Join the New Council.

Over a long time the clans and the visitors grew. More and more factions and gangs looked to the Hutts to approve, support or look away as they make attacks on others. Forces that had traditionally been held to protect the Clans own shipping , bases, ports and members were being asked to provide support in small scale wars. Some clans seeing credits in this or got involved mealy to survive on the planet the occupy. The endless struggle for power strangles the credits flow and forces more dislike towards the hutts as factions retaliate to real meddling or propaganda showing the hutts in a negative light. Bombings, Poisson gas attacks, threats and the odd exploding droid are the backdrop to rival gangs, factions and crazed leaders facing off in a public display of power and ego. Each week the Black Hole Casino is packed and who knows what will happen.

Time rolls on and Darmutta requests to Belutric he take his roll as Leader on Council. Once more Belutric follows the Larger Hutts request. Excepting the role he pledges to try and unite more clans and remain neutral to trouble that could endanger business for council.

Hutt Night Nar Shadda[edit | edit source]

Seen as one of the main business opportunities for those that wish to trade with the hutts or use their spaceports on Hutt influenced worlds. Belutric attends Business Night on Nar Shadda as often as possible. With a number of Hutts attending to represent their clans it is has over time grown to become a well established event.

Independence of Hutt Clans[edit | edit source]

Nasirii as one Clan states its independence when it comes for judgment over third party disputes. Trade independence must be maintained to allow the clans to supply goods in many locations . All Customers are offered the same goods for a price. Fighting is not a concern unless Hutt property is damaged. Be under no illusion the galaxy is not a friendly place. Gangs will pick you dry if given a chance. Fight your own battles.

Pod Racing[edit | edit source]

Known to be a big supporter of the races Nasirii have supported many races in Mos Espa and provided prizes and credits to Repulsor Racers to keep the event funded. All Hutts were considered honoured guests when they attend. Large crowds brought many credits to the town and local business. The small market has a small ad hoc trade going and the cantina obviously did well.

Nasirii Sky Barges[edit | edit source]

Nasirii Hutt Clan launches a commercial Sky Barge at the regular Mos Espa Pod Races.

The large sky barge operates over Tatooine and also be shipped to other planets.

Sky Barges are Loaded with goods to trade sourced from the Hutts many contacts .

Nasirii are now seeking crews to run and protect Barges in other territories and expand the market.

Miss Galaxy[edit | edit source]

Nasirii Clan established the Miss Galaxy contests with the hope of not only showcasing the finest beautys in the galaxy but also finding more dancers and entertainers..

competitions have taken place on a number of planets organized by locals normally in the cantinas.

Sponsored by the Nasirii and the Hutt Clan Council, let this great competition of beauty touch more planets.

Nasirii Hutt Clan holdings[edit | edit source]

Nar Shaddaa[edit | edit source]

  • Warehouse Upper City
  • Warehouse Lower City

Space[edit | edit source]

Nasirii Outpost[edit | edit source]

  • Dirty Tales Club
  • Trade Hangers.
  • Manufacturing Plant: producing many products some rumored to be counterfeit.
  • Mineral Refinery
  • Carbon Freeze Plant

Ships[edit | edit source]

  • Vanguard - Zalic (stolen by Data Jacks)
  • Spice Den Cruiser - Frog Foot
  • Sky Barge - Lucky Spider
  • Gas Hauler
  • Cargo Hauler
  • Deep Space

Hidden Manufacturing plants[edit | edit source]

Recruiting[edit | edit source]

Join Nasirii Clan

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The Group is looking to recruit and Key positions are available to dedicated players.

Nasirii Clan has entertainment business interests. Work is available for all group members.

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