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Nasaji Oba is a female Togruta from Shili, Matron of the Nacaal Tribe of Shili and formerly her planet's Ambassador to New Republic worlds such as Bothawui and Tython. She currently holds dual citizenship on Shili and the Republic and serves as Tython's Senator.


Early Life[]

Nasaji Senoué Oba grew up much as any Togruta, learning to hunt and live off the land but also getting more intensive academic

Nasaji Oba hunting on Shili.

schooling than many other Togruta children, as well. She often quarrelled with her brother Katarien, heir apparent to the Chieftainship of the Nacaal Tribe. At the age of 16 she severely embarrassed the older Katarien by saving him from a fierce akul by using a concussion grenade on the predator, causing her to earn the akul-tooth headdress he coveted for himself. This intensified their already existing sibling rivalry which continues into the present.

University Days[]

Upon reaching the age of 17, Nasaji applied to a major university to earn degrees in planetology and xenology. As part of xenology coursework, she was required to live among a different species for two semesters and write a thesis based on her experiences and observations. Her options at the time were to stay aboard an Ithorian herdship or spend time on Zeltros. In the words of her professor, "I recommend the Ithorians. If you spend time among Zeltrons you'll never get any work done." So she chose to live among the Ithorians during the programme. There she met another xenology student, a Pantoran male by the name of Baran Chuchi. The two quickly became friends. Friendship eventually blossomed into love and the pair even discussed marriage. But this was not to be. Nasaji was eventually recalled to Shili by her father and told that she was to become the leader of the tribe instead of her brother Katarien. She would also be required to eventually find a Togruta husband to produce an heir to the Chieftainship. When she asked her father why she had been chosen he replied, "Unlike your brother, I know you don't want this role. And also unlike all your other siblings, this is because you see more than the benefits and prestige. You see this role as a huge responsibility. And this is why your are the only suitable heir." Bowing to her responsibilities, Nasaji tearfully told Baran that she would have to leave him and why. They parted ways and would not see each other again for several years. Baran was upset but understanding. He continued on with his degree progromme and eventually gained a doctorate.

On Tattooine[]

After University, Nasaji spent some time on Tattooine, briefly running clandestine anti-slavery operations against Hutts, Rodians, and others while posing as a cantina dancer. It was during this period that she developed a mild distrust of humans even though many of the refugees she was trying to protect from "scum and villainy" were human themselves. Often they would remark on her outlandish attire and call her a "half-naked savage" behind her back...and sometimes even to her face. The local authorities would often have her followed, one time even foolishy sending a cloaked surveillance droid on her heels which she quickly spotted via the passive echolocation Togruta possess. However, her distrust of humans was tempered by sympathetic human Jedi and the gratitude of some of the humans she helped.

Becoming Tribal Matron[]

Nasaji was on Tattooine when her father was assassinated by a Togruta renegade and Dark Jedi by the name of Nayanti Kai. At the time, she was searching for clues to the lost original copy of her tribe's religious scriptures. Upon becoming Tribal Matron, she vowed to contine her search for the Nacaal Apocrypha and eventually bring Kai to justice. She also instituted a policy of allowing non-Togruta to join her tribe providing they were willing to learn the tribe's ways and integrate into Togruta culture. She also abolished the practice of leaving disabled Togruta to fend for themselves, saying "The Wookies, Ewoks, and Ithorians are as close to nature and the land as we are. But do they abandon their disabled and infirm? They do not. And neither will we." This angered quite a few traditionalists among her kind. Some would later whisper malicious gossip that her appointment to the post of Ambassador to Bothawui was partly to get her as far away from Shili as possible.

The Symbol of the Nacaal Tribe

Becoming An Ambassador[]

During this period, Nasaji was selected by the Vashee Dynasty of Shili to be her planet's Ambassador to Bothawui. On Bothawui, she was briefly reunited with Dr. Baran Chuchi, who had become a Councillor to the Bothans and still had feelings for her. She hoped to share intelligence data with the Bothan Spynet in regards to Sith activities after recovering the lost Nacaal Tribal Apocrypha and the Force-related prophecies written therein. During this time, she spent her few free hours on correspondence courses with the University of Sanbra in hopes of finally getting her doctorate in xenology/sentiology. Another noteworthy event during this time was her first encounter with Darth Marell on a routine diplomatic assessment to Vjun. Coincidentally, reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide arrived shortly after Nasaji in hopes of getting an interview with Marell. Nasaji bristled inwardly with indignation at Marell's remarks to and about the two reporters. Especially Marell's speciesist comment referring to Rakiko as "blue boy" and his apparent flirting with Daana, which creeped her out greatly. When Marell told his lackeys to shoot "blue boy" only if he said anything wrong but to spare "cute Daana", Nasaji started smarting off to him in between his comments. Irritated, Darth Marell made some nasty remarks of his own to Nasaji while his men warned her that they might execute her if Marell gave the word. Nasaji simply laughed at Marell and his men, denouncing them as "clowns", "goons" and "thugs" and said she had enough data from the short conversation to complete her assessment, adding between laughs that it had been "most educational".

The Bombing of Bothawui[]

The political situation on Bothawui had been unstable almost from the moment Nasaji began her tenure as an Ambassador. All sorts of intrigues were going on behind the scenes, from Bothan nationalism to a secret romance between Prime Minister Felina Sia and Drake Wade of the New Trade Federation. Bothawui was also attacked several times by Wade's forces, presumably because of his affair with Sia. Finally, after half a year as Amabassador, Bothawui was bombed from orbit by unknown attackers while Nasaji was offworld. Nasaji landed at Rhan'starm Port on Bothawui mere hours after the attack and surveyed the damage. also on the scene were members of the Grand Army of the Republic, the GAF, and Obie Solo. Nasaji then got worried that she might have left her unfinished doctoral thesis in her office in the government building, which was heavily bombed and still partially on fire. She rushed to her partially collapsed office and scurried around, checking for her work. As she did so, a gas pipe in the wall had started to build pressure as a release valve had been damaged during the bombing. It exploded with a great deal of concussive force, showering Nasaji with sharp bits of wood, metal, and other debris leving her a semi-conscious bloody mess. Troopers from the GAR, GAF, and Obie Solo rushed to the sound of the explosion along with Nasaji's Togruta friend, Tanya Kyrie who had just arrived in the port city with a bodyguard. A GAR trooper helped get her out of the ruined office and a member of the GAF named "Drako" loaded her onto a stretcher. The throng rushed Nasaji to the partially damaged medical facility near the Government Building. Drako and Tanya gave her emergency treatment in the form of modern medical techniques and Tanya's herbal paste to stop the bleeding. Obie Solo and her associates then evacuated Nasaji to Yavin IV for further treatment. In the ensuing days, a weird rumor erupted. Accoording to the rumor, the GAR were accusing the GAF and Obie Solo of kidnapping Nasaji. She got word of the rumor as she was landing on Bakura. She piloted her hoverchair down to the GAR headquarters to try and straighten things out. Instead, Drako of the GAF and several members of the GAR were shouting accusations at each other. Finally, somebody drew a weapon(Nasaji still isn't sure who) and Drako was shot by GAR troopers under the command of Col. Wraith...who told Nasaji she was free to leave and to have a good day. The incident caused such a stir in the upper echelons of the Republic that the Vice Chancellor asked her to give her account of what happened. The facts are still being sorted out.

Shortly before giving her account to the Vice Chancellor, Nasaji was withdrawn from Bothawui as Ambassador, her superiors citing the political instability on that world and the bombing by unknown forces as a threat to her safety.

Nasaji receiving medical treatment on Yavin IV at the hands of a Force-sensitive individual.

Skills and Languages[]

In addition to hunting, tracking, and trapping skills common to a Togruta hunter, Nasaji holds Master's Degrees in Planetology and Xenology, hoping one day to return to her studies and finally get her Doctorate in Xenology. She is an avid armchair historian, especially when it comes to the legends of her own species. Nasaji is an experienced diplomat, having many contacts and allies not only in the New Republic but also in Hutt Space, as well. She has some martial arts training with emphasis on knife and spear fighting techniques. She has demonstrated knowledge of basic Togruta first aid skills on more than one occasion. She also knows how to fire a blaster but has rarely done so in a pitched battle. Nasaji also knows how to play a few tunes on the flute.

Nasaji has Togruti as her native language. She is fluent in Basic and has a fluent understanding of Ithorian but due to her vocal chord structure has a difficult time speaking it. She has a basic understanding of Pantoran owing to her time with Dr. Baran Chuchi, speaking it with a heavy Togrutish accent and often making comical mistakes in Pantoran conversation. Since arriving on Bothawui, Nasaji has taken it upon herself to learn the Bothan language and currently has a pidgin understanding of it.


Nasaji suffers from a medical condition known as alcohol intolerance. Her internal physiology cannot process any kind of wine, ale, or other alcoholic beverage making her very ill if she does so.

According to her brother Katarien, Nasaji is prone to a personality defect which he describes as "not knowing when to shut the kriff up."

Personality and Traits[]

Fanatical, unorthodox yet traditionalist, judgmental, proud of her Togruta heritage even to the point of not caring if her ways make others mildly uncomfortable. She has been known to eat small animals raw in front of humans. She has a fondness for Ithorians, owing to her time she spent living among them.


As an Ambassador, Nasaji dresses in the traditional regalia of a tribal leader. She often conceals various electonic information devices in her cloak such as a datapad, holocube, and communicator. She usually goes unarmed unless expecting trouble, at which point she dons a blaster carbine and a dagger. She has also been known to carry a spear handed down to her by her father. Nasaji often carries a pouch filled with various medicinal herbs, tonics, and pastes prepared for her by the mystics of her tribe.


"I would rather let a Hutt lick the sweat off my breasts than so much as let you kiss my hand."

— Nasaji to an unnamed Mandalorian, after receiving lewd comments from him.

"That cloaked spy droid has followed me from one end of Mos Eisley to the other. Rest assured, if it follows me into the restroom it will come back to you in pieces, human."

— Nasaji to a law enforcement official on Tattooine.

"May the echoes guide you."

— A common Togruta way of saying goodbye to a friend, referencing the passive echolocation sense of her species.

Behind the Scenes[]

Nasaji was designed as a pastiche of two existing Star Wars characters: Shaak Ti and Princess Leia Organa-Solo. The look of the character was inspired by Shaak Ti's primitive tribal outfit she had in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed while her "headstrong politician" persona is modelled after that of Leia.