Nar Shaddaa is the moon capital of the Hutt space. The eucumenopolis is the place of many crimes and delictuous activities.

Hutt Meet and Greet[edit | edit source]

Every Wednesday, there will be a hutt visiting the lower city cantina to update on deals made, or bargain for some new ones. If you have business with the hutt, come and meet them. Talk to them, and make business with them. It happens every Wednesday from 7-9PMSLT.

Nar Shaddaa Culture[edit | edit source]

Nar Shaddaa society, such as it is, prides itself on being an exemplar of the culture of the galactic south, as contrasted with with the cold, parvenu, bureaucratic societies of the galactic north. Visitors to Nar Shaddaa will find Nar Shaddaa society very fluid, with barely defined bounderies between organizations and factions. The art of the killer deal has become a high art, and often lives up to its name. Much wheeling and dealing takes place in the undercity and the cantinas, while a veneer of legitimacy is maintained in the upper city. Indeed, a rudimentary government has emerged for the purpose of dealing with outside worlds.

But behind the scenes, Nar Shaddaa is very much a Hutt city, run by the loosely organized Hutt Council and the many Hutt Households. Relying on connections, sharp dealing and criminal underhandedness, the Hutt Clans and Households continue to carve out their individual niches in Nar Shaddaa society, casting a shadow across the lower Corellian region.

The two most prominant Hutt Lords on Nar Shaddaa today are Huttila the Hutt and Ku'gan the Hutt, sometime rivals, sometimes allies, engaged in a struggle to build a power base on Nar Shaddaa and across the entire region. The two Hutts work closely with large criminal organizations like the Black Sun and the Red Hand, and are protected by Nar Shaddaa's private mercenary army, the One Hundred Hands.

The Spice Trade[edit | edit source]

The spice trade is the single largest sector of Nar Shaddaa's economy. Smuggled in across the region by individual smugglers or large quasi-legal trading fleets, the spice trade brings in a tremendous shadow income. While the list of smuggled spices is quite large, the two most prominant spices being traded are glitterstim from Kessel (with some rare local variants, notably glitterstim red spice) and ryll from Ryloth. That ryll is used as an ingrediant in many medicines allows for a veneer of respectability to be given to the ryll trade. While the spice trade serves to boost Nar Shaddaa's economy, the social price is evident in the lower city, with its spice dens, homelessness, turf wars and wandering spice addicts often suffering from various forms of spice psychosis.

Relations with other Worlds[edit | edit source]

The weak Nar Shaddaa government seeks to raise a veil of respectability across the front of Nar Shaddaa's reputation, seeking diplomatic relations with many worlds as well as a seat in the PGA Senate.

Events Following the Death of Huttila the Hutt[edit | edit source]

The death of Huttila the Hutt triggered a power struggle between and within various factions, both on and off world. Through the entire narrative of the ensuing power struggle runs the question: Who was behind the assassination of the great Hutt Lord?

The assassination of Huttila created a power vacuum within the Hutt Council, the nascent government on Nar Shaddaa, and within the Black Sun criminal organization. Immediately following news of his death, Foreign Minister Zaloth attempted to form a provisional government and to place control of the Black Sun Pirate Armada under control of Nar Shaddaa civilian authorities. Upon hearing the news of Huttila's death, and seeing Ambassador Zaloth's attempt to gain the upper hand, two powerful Black Sun Overlords arrived on Nar Shaddaa. The first, Lord Raiden, made a quiet entry, taking control of a large section of the upper city and setting up a command center in the renamed Raiden Hotel. Black Sun strong-woman Cayce Urriah's entry was more flamboyant. Bringing with her various Black Sun military forces as well as memebers of the Mandalorian Kata clan, Cayce managed to ram legislation authorizing martial law through the weak provisional government. A violent struggle ensued in the Undercity. Meanwhile both Lord Raiden's forces, members of the late Huttila's Kluggaku Clan as well as several of Cayce Urriah's Black Sun Vigos attempted to gain control of the large pirate armada, fostering mutinies, alarms, excursions and assassinations. This series of "coups within coups" provoked a strong reaction from the Red Hand criminal organization and the Hutt Council itself, now headed by Huttila's adoptive brother, Ku'gan The Hutt . A series of meetings aboard one of Nar Shaddaa's fortified space stations sought to reach a political solution the the unfolding chaos. Even with a political solution close at hand on the space station, events on the ground continued to defy attempts to restore order. First, rushed legislation to free all slaves on Nar Shaddaa led to a general slave uprising in the Undercity, adding to an already chaotic situation. Second, as the Kata'alor Cayce Urriah began to devote more and more of her time to the Black Sun and Nar Shaddaa, she came to be challenged for leadership of the Kata clan by various individuals within her clan, forcing her to withdraw many of her security forces from the planet, leaving insufficient forces to implement a full military takeover and enforce martial law, leaving the provisional government with an increasingly dangerous situation on their hands.

The question remains, then, of who would most benefit from the demise of Huttila the Hutt. Was it simply a miscalculation on the part of the Great Hutt? Was it another exmple of Jedi interference? Was it part of a plot involving the Revenant Armada? An attempt by Foreign Minister Zaloth to remove an obstacle to a "legitimate" government and full recognition by the PGA? Was it an internal Black Sun coup by either Cayce Urriah or Lord Raiden? An attempt by Ku'gan the Hutt to gain control of the powerful Kluggaku Clan? Or was it part of some devious design by Huttila's own Majordomo, the protocol droid C4P9, who saw the opportunity to gain control of Nar Shaddaa, and the Black Sun? In any event, the question of who will ultimately control Nar Shaddaa is far from settled.

Ku'gan emerges as Paramount Hutt[edit | edit source]

As the dust settled and the fires from several burning spice warehoues died down, it appeared that Ku'gan the Hutt (the Immense) had emerged as the paramount Hutt on Nar Shaddaa. Ku'gan had played his cards very well during the struggle for succession, proving himself to be a shrewd politician as well as an experienced spice trader. Ku'gan first secured his power base on the Hutt Council, promising to restore order without resorting to drastic change. At the same time, he gained the support of the new provisional government by promising to support their endeavors, and not suppress or abolish them. Temporizing with the more miltant members of the Black Sun, Ku'gan The Hutt grant Admiralships in the Black Sun Pirate Armada to Lord Raiden's and Cayce Urriah's followers. Instructing them to restore order and quell the burgeoning mutinies, Ku'gan then ordered the pirate armada back to Nar Shaddaa to overawe rebellious splinter groups as well as forestall any opportunism by outside powers. Finally, Ku'gan cemented relations with the power Hutt Kluggaku Clan (Klugaguku in high Varlese), promising to continue the traditions of Klugga the Hutt and Huttila the Hutt, as well as continue all of the clan's perquisites and entitlements. With the situation stabilized, Ku'gan began to work to resore the spice trade to its formal levels and bring Nar Shaddaa back to it former high level of prosperity.

The Great Spice Fleet[edit | edit source]

After consolidating his power, Ku'gan the Hutt reassembled the great Spice Fleet of long ago, sending a vast convoy of spice freighters to Coruscant, along with a small arsenal of weapons to help the Black Sun gain a strong foothold in the Coruscant Undercity. Taking advantage of the chaos that followed to departure of the Revenant Armada from Coruscant and the attempts to revive the Empire, Ku'gan's spice traders and mercenaries were able to infiltrate a significant portion of Coruscant's volatile underside. Thus, Nar Shaddaa was able to bring considerable influence to bear on the Imperial Capital itself.

Ku'gan continued to use the spice fleet as a tool of Nar Shaddaa trade, bringing vast tons of goods to Nar Shaddaa and shipping them back out again all across the southern quadrant, transforming Nar Shaddaa into one of the largest trade centers of the galaxy.

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