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Lekku Alley - Nar Shaddaa[]

This is a small, casual RP friendly environment. In addition to the alley itself, the parcel features a scene rezzer with ten rezzable scenes. Only one of these scenes may be rezzed at any one time, but each one is highly detailed.

Lekku alley Logo.jpg

The Alley[]

"Lekku Alley" is a grimy, dark quarter deep within the red light district on Nar Shaddaa. It is Nar Shaddaa in miniature, where you can find any vice if you have the coin.

The Strip Club[]

A moderately sized strip club called the "Bouka Bouka Club", filled with animesh alien strippers in various states of undress. Due to the size, larger avatars such as Hutts may find it too small. For human sized occupants there are plenty of seats spread around the club, accommodating over ten avatars.

Lekku Lane Cantina.jpg

The Cantina[]

A small, but highly detailed cantina named "The Last Wupiupi".

The Ohnaka Strip[]

The tunnel at the north end of the alley now connects directly to the Ohnaka Strip. Since both sims use the same experience, walking between the two sims is as seamless as entering any of the buildings in the alley.

The tunnel leading to the Ohnaka Strip.

The Rezzer[]

In addition to the Strip Club and Cantina there is a rezzer system that can be used for a variety of additional scenes.

How to use the scene rezzer.[]

The rezzer is disguised as a part of the environment. Simply look for any of these blue control panels. They're found next to most of the doorways along the alley.

Narshaddaa rezzer control panel.png

All of the control panels are linked so it does not matter which one you click. From the dialog that will pop-up, choose the scene you would like to rez.

It can take up to a minute or so for the scene to rez. You will know that the scene is ready when a set of glowing blue arrows appear to point the way to your destination.

Nart Shaddaa Rezzer Arrows.png

Be patient. If you attempt to use the rezzer again while waiting for the first scene to rez then at best you will get a message telling you the rezzer cannot be used again so soon. At worst, you will start your wait all over again.

Once the arrows have appeared, simply walk inside the doorway they are pointing towards.

While a scene is occupied, a new scene cannot be selected from the rezzer.

The Scenes[]

There are currently four scenes to choose from.

The Office[]

A small, crime boss office environment. Fits 3-5 humanoid sized avatars.

Cargo Dock[]

A deserted cargo bay where various legal and illegal cargo are unloaded or shipped out to points unknown. There are numerous cage-like containers that could fit a large animal, or a humanoid.

Hutt Suite[]

A suite for a hutt and a small number of humanoids.


A YT-2400 in hyperspace. Due to the small size of the environment it only fits humanoid sized avatars up to the size of about a large wookie.

OOC Information[]

This build takes full advantage of the SL experience system. The alley, the cantina, club and Ohnaka strip are all in separate sims, connected via teleporters for a nearly seamless experience. We're hoping to show the SWRP community that individuals with small amounts of land can pool their resources together, or with large SWRP sims, to feel like one much larger experience.

For example, say someone has a club or gang hideout on their personal mainland plot. They could link their hideout to an existing RP sim by placing an experience teleporter to the sim in the hideout, and place another teleporter back to the hideout in the RP sim. If the RP sim were ever to disappear, the hideout owner could keep their build and simply link it to a new sim.

Two or more full RP sims could be linked together to feel like one single mega-sim.

If any of this sounds confusing, come over to Lekku Alley to see how these various sims are connected first hand.