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 Talia Kristan-Seda Would have her slender fingers wrapped around the newly forged staff. Her icy orbs would be glancing over it's beauty as she heard the heavy foot-steps of her brother walking down the Throne room. Her vision would shift to Cale then glaring into the direction of Vayne. "You're late... Brother.." She said in a rather stern voice. "You know I don't like to be kept waiting." She would release the Bakuran staff with one hand whilst gripping it firmly with the other. "Cale. Stand next to your Uncle. I believe their are some reunions to be dealt with." She would use the gripping hand to slam the bottom of the staff onto the hard ground of the Throne podium.

Cale Kristan-Seda rose up to his feet, emerging down the stairs. His armor gave off quite a bit of weight, causimg his feet to slam against the marble underneath, creating echoes. An attempt to intimidate the infamous Vayne, maybe even frighten him. Actions made in vain considering the man's combat experience. " Greetings, Uncle. " He'd utter, mostly under his breath. His eyes would then travel over to Kaas, who he last saw upon the evening of his -punishment-. He said nothing to her, not yet anyway, focusing his attention upon the brother of Talia

D'artagnan 'Vayne' Kristan made pacing strides as if impatiently waiting on something as he spoke up in crackled voice as if clearing his throat will speaking, " Forgive the delay I had some...minor... issues with security on my way to Salis D'aar, " He'd turn to Keval and kaas assuming they had stayed nearby " So what am I brought before the Great Queen of Bakura on this evening? have I committed a crime? " he'd take a glance to Cale speaking to him indirectly " I see the child was welcomed back, how ehem 'cute' "

Keval Dazar takes a drag from his pipe standing in a very fidgety manner, then pops his neck looking about the room. He then crosses his arms and continues to just pay attention to the actions around the room not saying a word. While tapping his robotic toes on the floor occasionally, he casually messes with the various objects that adorn his belt. Takes another drag from the pipe and blows a couple smoke rings as he continues to idle in the background.

T8X RA-7 Did what a droid could, scan the area with his photoreceptors and hold the tray for the queen to enjoy the recently baked treats. Off course as any RA-7 unit made before and after him he had specialized equipment and subroutines that if so was desired they could be activated and used for his master's advantage.

 Talia Kristan-Seda Watched Cale as he made his way down the steps. Her Orbs would fixate on his body language. She knew him. She was waiting for some sort of smart ass gesture or statement. It was implied when it come to Cale. Her gaze would shift from the young prince to her ageing brother. "You are forgiven brother. It is good to see you." Her orbs would shift from the two Royals to the staff. "Committed a crime? Paranoid about something?" She would saying in a joking tone. The once sturdy Queen would be a little on edge. Her mind was not what it use to be. Had Vayne done something behind her back? "No Brother. Dear Kaas here would have brought you here in chains if a crime had been committed. I have summoned you both for a specific reason. One in which is of great importance to the dynasty of our family. As well as the people of Bakura." She wouldn't give too much away. But it wasn't completely -blind- that Talia was not herself. "I have sent Caesar. My eldest away. He was heir. But I sense some deception in my successor. This mission of his shall prove his loyalties."

Cale Kristan-Seda seemed unprovoked by the comments of Vayne, he knew not to trust the man. He had been warned about him. His eyes would travel over to Gray momentarily, motioning over to his mouth area. " You cannot smoke in here, remove that at once. " He'd bark over to the alien, commanding as always. He'd spin around on his boots, making his way over to his throne once more. " My uncle clearly has no interest in speaking to me, mother, would you be kind enough to relay a message or two? "

D'artagnan 'Vayne' Kristan glanced over to Cale again as he spoke up to Keval ingoring the comment as he know Keval would handle himself accordingly as the independent spacer he was,moving on to Talia, " Oh you had plans to redecorate? perhaps get a larger cage for Cale to play in? " he'd begun to taunt the boy with his sarcasm while retaining a serious composure to the matter at hand, " you look tired dear sister, might there be something troubling you? perhaps about your Heir? "

Keval Dazar snaps out of a delusion to listen to some guy and tilts his head to the side briefly before turning to Vayne,"Do I really have to?" shrugs as he waits for a response, then takes a massive drag  just to spite the man. Blows the smoke out of his nose before turning back to Vayne still waiting for a reply.; every now and then, he would pull his data pad from his duster to check his shipment plans. After putting the data pad away, he pauses to look around the room then turns to the Queen,"What a very nice throne you have there." shrugs looking back to his data pad, as he was not a man of many words.

 Talia Kristan-Seda slightly as Cale demanded the guest put out his cigarette. Her orbs would move over to her droid as Cale started to make his way up the stairs. "I'll have a cold beverage. My favourite will do." She would continue to keep her focus on the droid as Cale spoke. "Now, now my child. You two will get on. I'm not going to play the protocol droid in this situation, let alone any other. We are all adults here. Must I remind us of that?" Her orbs would drift back to her brother as they would simultaneously roll. " I hardly see this reunion as a time for you two to be sarcastic." The faded image of herself was plainly obvious something that Vayne had picked up on and commented on. "I am perfectly fine. Why would you ask such a thing?" She said as her face formed a frown. Unusually Talia was wearing no make-up at all. Which was extremely rare for Talia to be 'naked' so to speak. As the guest complimented her Throne room, she would give him a weakened nod. "Thank you. I just had it refurbished. And would prefer it not to smell like smoke." She said in a some-what sarcastic tone. "Caesar has to prove himself to regain his position back within this family. He has left for the inner rim sector. I'd prefer not dwell on what has happened, but however expand on what will happen. I hold in my hand a newly forged staff. One of great power." She said as a shiver would be sent down her spine. Almost forced and faked. "Not a staff of force power. But metaphorically. This bearer of this staff will gain emergency powers of the Kristan Monarch. It is the Staff of the regent. With my eldest not able to wield it. I have but two who can." A smile wouldn't even escape the Queens tightly posed face. "Cale and yourself. I need to be shown who is more capable of running my seat if anything shall happen to me. And bickering in front of me is the wrong way to go about it."

Cale Kristan-Seda would let the deepest of frowns wrinkle his features, letting his orbs settle upon those of his mother's. " If Caesar is not capable of ascending to the throne then I am next in line by law, there is no debate nor need for a contest. My uncle is further away in the line of succession, further than me, further than Val. " He'd utter softly, calm and collected, or so he wanted his mother to think. He'd clear his throat and carry on. " He has no claim over the throne, and the fact that he has come here throwing foul words left and right with an -alien- by his side is, frankly, a direct insult to this very Monarchy! "

D'artagnan 'Vayne' Kristan would have laughed if it were not for the worry he now had for his sister who he could tell was faking her mood, stepping closer motioning to Keval and remove his pipe and come with him as to avoid polluting the air near Talia, " I suppose Cale is correct unless of course his title were to be compromised. He is next in line my queen. " he'd be playing a delicate game allowing Cale to be in the right so to speak. but he was confident in his own experiences, " Forgive my sarcasm earlier I suppose time isnt something we have to waste on trivial things such as laughter. "

Keval Dazar shrugs again then follows it with a nod as he pulls a small metal container from his jacket, right next to a flask, and pops it open. He drops the whole pipe inside in a very haphazardly fashion, then closes it and places it back into the jacket from where he had originally taken it from. Looks to the queen,"Very well." he then goes back to his data pad, still partially oblivious to the happenings around him. Kavar spits out a few obscenities [under his breath] in his own home language as he sees a shipment was lost, then returns his eyes to the room vacantly staring on at the entirety of the room as he waits for something interesting to be said or happen. Moves with Vayne closer to the throne.

T8X RA-7 Pulled back into a service door where he'll let he platter rest as he grabbed a goblet and a slender bottle of highly priced spiced corellian wine,"It is my pleasure to serve Master."The unit echoed as he returned from the back room and poured the wine into the goblet for the queen to ease her thirst.

 Talia Kristan-Seda Blinked a few times before her icy orbs met those of her son. " Your brother is still heir. Do not forget that. Do not jump so easily into his boots when his blood is still warm. You too have had to prove yourself to me." She said as her poised face would smirk some, her gaze would shift to Kaas and smirk, "We both remember what happened to you. And you got off your punishment easy. That I can assure you." She would again return to her poised and motionless expression as Vayne too stated he the line of succession. "You are all speaking as if I am on my death bed. The succession line can be tampered how I see fit. Let me give the pair of you a little lesson on what the title of regent of the Monarch means. If I shall fall ill or be unable to attend my duties due to compromise. The regent shall be the temporary ruler. There is not need for the heir to take over until I am -DEAD-." She said as she emphasized the dead part. "As I stated previously. Caesar is not around to full-fill his duties as Regent. Therefore I must name another. Vayne. I have organised for your personal belongs to be moved to the capital.You -will- return to Salis S'aar and resume a more active role within this monarchy. That is not a request either." She stated bluntly. " We all must come to terms with our mortality at some stage. As you know, I have more to worry about then just my family. I have a whole kingdom who needs a strong figure to trust and look up..." She said as she faded some, allowing the weight of her head to fall back hitting the throne. "Err. Where was I." She cautiously stated as she picked herself up again so to speak. "Oh yes. The people need a strong and valiant figure who they can trust. How will they trust in the succession if the two who could possibly be named regent are bickering. Fighting over who get's my chair before I have even gone." The motionless queen would raise her free hand and take hold of the goblet. "Thank you T8." She would take a small sip as her focus would rest back upon Vayne. "So tell me, would they trust in a Monarch who does not trust themselves?"

D'artagnan 'Vayne' Kristan would ponder the idea around in his mind for a few moments assuming Cale would interrupt(since it was kinda the post order) speaking up after a brief period of utter silence, " One would assume if they could not trust themselves they themselves are compromised but I dont believe thats the real question here. " he'd pause placing thumbs in his belt loops and clearing his throat continuing, " The reality is Regent should be given to your Heir yes but if you so wish to change it than I believe we already know who you've leaned twoards doing said job. " he'd have obviously targeted himself, " I shall make plans to leave the Felucian war in Blade Squadron's command and return home, But this does not resolve the matter of Regent.." he'd await Cale's say on the matter before speaking up as he was now certain it was time for complete seriousness rather than Egos and Jokes.

Cale Kristan-Seda lowered his head as he would be told off by his Mother. His features retained the frown placed upon them earlier on but would quickly be replaced by a pokerface as she began explaining the definition of Reagent to the both of them. " I am here to serve the Monarchy if your decision is me, mother. I promise to do my best to retain our statute, and ensure your Legacy carries on into the future generations, you can most definitely count on that. " He'd utter, his voice echoing against the concrete walls of the Throne Room. His eyes would finally fall back upon those of his uncle's in conclusion, the pokerface still playing upon his face. " It is quite alright, dear uncle. We all say things we later regret sometimes. " A hint? If he did not become the King of Bakura he would definitely aspire to be the King of Subtlety.

Keval Dazar shuffles as his gaze shifts between the three people chatting about things of no consequence to himself and once again returns his gaze to the data pad . He momentarily rests the arm holding the pad and reaches into his duster again, this time pulling out the flask and takes a swig from it.. He lets out a light cough after closing the cap and placing it back into his duster. Scrolls through the many pages in his manifests and finally stops on a page with a vacant stare for a moment as if he does not believe his eyes, then changes his expression to a more angered one. Growls at the pad before smashing the pad in two against his lifted knee in anger and stomps back a bit into the hallway. He shouts a bit incoherently in some words then clearly in one phrase,"JUST LOST ONE MILLION CREDIROOS!" he then regains his composure. He returns towards the throne with a  now more stern look as he continues to listen. He was now more angry that he would have to buy a new data pad.

 Talia Kristan-Seda Would force her back harshly against the Throne, she would let out a rather loud sigh. "I am not some holo-recording that repeats herself." The distant Queen would place the goblet on the arm of the throne. "I have stated. Multiple times now. That Caesar is not on Bakura for one. Nor is he able to take over the role of regent." she would pause multiple times mid sentence to catch a few more seconds of breath. It would be slightly noticeable that her story about the young Prince had been slightly changing each time she mentioned it. " My word. Is however final." Her grip would loosen on the staff as it would simultaneously fall to the ground. Her icy orbs drifted back to her serving droid. "Put it away will you. It is giving me a headache." She stated as she would be referring to the loud echo the heavy object would have made with it's impact with the ground. " That is something else I want more information on. I seem to have been kept in the dark with the affairs of war. Seeing as Bakura citizens are involved. I expect to be notified with every small detail." She would gasp shortly for some air as she finished her sentence. "Perhaps you could brief Cale on the dealings of the war." She said as she would raise her right hand to her forehead resting it there for a moment. " I would also like the pair of you to visit the Chancellor. I want more Republic involvement in this war. I don't want the men and women of Bakura and Blade Squadron to be dwindling. I myself will arrange a meeting with the Grand Army once I have been fully briefed on the situation."

Cale Kristan-Seda nodded his head in agreement. " More involvement would certainly strengthen ties with this new Republic, I agree full-heartedly. " He'd state, moving his arms upwards to fold in front of his chest. " I, however, think you should just send us off individually, to speak to two different people. We do not make the best of teams as you can clearly see, and there is no point informing the Chancellor of our bickering. "

T8X RA-7 Walked towards the staff that was now laying on the floor, his servos hissing all the way, he finally picked it up and said before fading into the back room once more,"As you wish Master, i will place it back on its engraved security case."And with that the droid went in and out of the room, returning back to his post by the Queen's side.

D'artagnan 'Vayne' Kristan spoke up about her manners as Cale finished his statement, " Dear sister you seem so sore over this whole thing, But Kaas could better imform you of the war effort on Felucia as she is in charge of the operations as Sector Commander. " he'd step up to the throne completely ignoring Cale's continued attempts to fail at being subtle of his feelings. " You will know who is right for the role as Regent in time sister. I would not like you to make a harsh decision in haste. " moving his hand out in gesture for her to stand with him, " I've yet to be properly greeted by you. "

Keval Dazar stomps over to a pillar and begins slamming his head into it, still trying to get over his loss. He was already mental, but this sent him over the edge,"ARRRGGG!" he grunts before waving goodbye to the people in the room and stomps his way out of the throne room. All the while, his gasoline powered legs spit out large amounts of smoke as his stomping turns into a slight sprint. He disappears out of sight. [As Narrated by Morgan Freeman.]

 Talia Kristan-Seda Moved her gaze to her son as her eyes would soften a little bit. But only a little. "I am glad you agree with me Cale. However, I do not agree with you. This is a test for the pair of you. You need to act as if you are the same entity. There for the same cause. So that it appears as if everything is as it should be. If my family will not grow up and gather their ties. I will have it seem to be a facade." She would shift her hands to rest on her knees as her orbs shifted to Vanye. "Do you think that the pair of you could handle such a task?" Her orbs brushed Vayne up and down as he continued to walk up the steps off the the Thrones podium. "Indeed I will brother. Which is why..." She would halt as she extended her hand to her brother. "Which is why I had called for you to return home."

Cale Kristan-Seda shrugged a shoulder in response to her disagreement. " Of course, our appearance to the public and the media must always be spice clear. " He'd add, falling to silence to ponder on his own, allowing them to speak in peace.

D'artagnan 'Vayne' Kristan would help Talia out of her throne and into an old man hug (the ones that last awkwardly long and always seem to have that smell you cannot quite place,not bad but oddly not that great. ) " It is very good to see you, but I must ask what bothers you so? "

 Talia Kristan-Seda Would be pulled into the awkward hug by her brother. She would somewhat freeze and not know how to react. Talia was not one for affection. She would wriggler her arm to reach the back of Vayne and pat his back a few times. "It is good to see you too brother. Oh nothing too troubling. Not for the concern of others." She said as she would nod in agreement with Cale. "You're becoming wise my young beauty." She said as she complimented her son for probably the first time. "Cale will show you to your quarters. Be sure your uncle is settled in my dear." She said as she would break the hug with her brother. "I shall retire to my chambers. I expect a report on the Republic mission." The frail Queen said as she made her way down the steps of the throne podium.