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Nal Hutta Council (Grancha, Jengaz and Issulla)

The Nal Hutta Council is a council of Hutts whose base of power is Nal Hutta, The Glorious Jewel. In theory, the Nal Hutta Council is the controlling authority for all of Hutt Space, including Nal Hutta, Nar Shaddaa and Tatooine, however the Council is subject to the cooperation of the Hutts who make their powerbases on these fringe worlds. The Council attempts to gain their cooperation by making them voting members of the Council.

The council consists of both voting and non-voting members, and are added by either a vote of the existing voting members, or by the will of the chairman of the Hutta Council. Most votes are conducted on an open basis, or as directed by the Chairman of the Hutta Council.

The term open/closed vote is used to describe if the votes are conducted anonymously; nearly all votes in the Council are conducted in an area closed from the public, but are conducted on an open-baises with each other.

The chairman of the Hutt Council is appointed by a closed-vote of the voting members of the Hutt Council. Votes are then tallied by the Hutt in Charge of Voting and Fairness (HCVF). The HCVF is in turn appointed by the presiding member of the Hutt Council.

CouncilTitle: Name: Clan: Groups: Planet: Specialties: Voting:
Council Chair Wonka Ramesh Black Dawn Syndicate Nal Hutta Raw & refined materials, Military hardware. X
HCVF Pitza Ramesh Nal Hutta X
Jengaz Besadii Nar Shaddaa

Fashion, business, politic, spice

Chella Ramesh Nal Hutta None.
Issulla Sleheyron X
Fattubba Ramesh Nal Hutta Gourmet foods. X