Myrddin Eberhardt


The Old Republic

Myrddin was orginally given up by his family to the jedi order of old. he was trained in the arts of the jedi and eventually became a jedi Knight serving in the Clone wars. it was during this time that he was found by Fay and marked to take on the legacy of a Balanced one in the force. he survived the Great Jedi Purge because he was on Dac when the order was given and managed to hide himself in the force.

The Alliance to Restore the Republic / The New Republic

During his years on mon calamari leading up to the eventual Enslavement of his people he carefully maintained his guise of a non force user and a hermit while he waited for an opportunity. this came soon as the Alliance to Restore The Republic formed and freed the Mon Calamari peoples so that they could build their great warships to fight for the Freedom of the galaxy. he was sponsored as a commander in the navy by his cousin Ackbar. at this time he took on a pseudonym of Pakmillu to hide his jedi heritage, the real Pakmillu died on outbound flight some years ago and in the chaos of the early days of the alliance Ackbar and Myrddin knew that his use would be unnoticed. after fighting many long and hard battles Myrddin still under his pseudonym came to see the fall of courscant and the establishment of the New Republic as well as the New Jedi Order under Skywalker. his ship the Veriallad came to transport much of the material and Skywalker himself to Yavin IV he was still hiding in the force unsure of this new force user who claimed to be trained by the legendary Obi Wan and Yoda. however he slipped up and was discovered by Skywalker who immediatley felt Myrddin's presence in the force and drew his blade beleiving he was a sith, Myrddin who never stopped carrying his blade (albeit in a recessed fold of his uniform so as to not arouse suspicion) leapt to his defence the Curved lightsaber and its green blade springing to life to defend the Mon Calamari. Skywalker and he exchanged several blows before Myrddin's superior knowlege of Form II and VII managed to get Skywalker to ask a question when he realized he was facing no decrepit and damaged Vader. after a short talk and revealing his true identity to Skywalker they both stowed their blades and had a decent conversation where Skywalker asked Myrddin to come to his Praxeum and participate. Myrddin declined, Stating that he had other work to do out in the galaxy.

The Interim Years

During these years Myrddin maintained his Pseudonym of Pakmillu and served with the military eventually becoming a doctor as well and qualified surgeon. however he was living an inexplicable amount of time due to the legacy of Fay being unknowingly passed on to him when she died. he was eventually forced to leave the military when they couldent explain his pshyiology maintaining a perfeclty healthy thirty year old Mon Calamari when his biological age was over a hundred twenty. his Cousin Ackbar having passed nearly forty years prior. he then returned to the Hermits life until he felt the calling of the force again


Myrddin came to the Praxeum academy on Coruscant attempting to find peace and answers to the calling he had from the force. He revealed himself to the Praxeum masters and asked to be retrained he began his retraining under Mantis Grebe some time later and for 3 years learned everything he could from the Wookiee Master, in this time he became extremely skilled in Forms III and IV as well as remaining proficent in form VII and II, he practiced daily and found a peace he had never before experienced, a peace that manifested when he used the force to aid his abilities in Ataru to leap, spin and jump beyond all normal means, his constant practice of the form gained him many insights into it that had once been lost to time, several techniques such as the radical spinning attacks that had not been seen since Jedi of the Old Republic came naturally to him, in time he had grown to master the Form Myrddin's ability was so great that he was able to Defeat fellow Padawan Leon and Tank Price in a 2 vs 1 battle, and hold his own against Mass Questi in single combat. under Mantis, Myrddin also learned the beginnings of force healing which he would later put to very good use. Myrddin's surgical abilities were soon needed at Praxeum, one of the masters had been gravely injured, and the Lady Maya the resident Healer, was nowhere to be found so Myrddin took up the practice of medicine and preformed emergency surgery on Master Victor Brody, after this time Myrddin took an active role in the medical day to day affairs of the Praxeum. Myrddin also witnessed the fall of two Padawans during his time at Praxeum, the first to fall was Mathew, during one of Mathew's visits to the temple Myrddin and him exploded into a huge battle and a stalemate both members being injured, Myrddin learned quickly after this incident and he was far better prepared for the fall of his dearest friend Leon, this Truncated battle would start a long history of constant battling between Myrddin and Leon now known as Malus. Myrddin would also meet Tyan Auk and Miratae Avro (Mira) both Adrolan Shapeshifters whom Myrddin would form a lasting Bond with, especially Little Mira whom he became very protective over and watched like a little sister

The Fall Of Coruscant

One evening Myrddin was awoken by a thunderous crash, he moved quickly to ascertain what had happened, when he stepped out of his quarters on Coruscant he found himself face to face with a massive hole in the face of the temple. a meteor had impacted the temple and many others were smashing into the precinct area, Myrddin quickly triggered his ships beckon call and ran through the temple attempting to download all the medical information as well as a large portion of the archives into this ship in order to preserve it, he also managed to gather one artifact from the temple. after the download was completed he was assigned a detachment of younglings and gathered them aboard his Modified YT-2000 freighter The Venix in his escape the Venix was heavily damaged and the entire portside airlock was rendered useless, but he and the younglings escaped the destruction of the temple by meteors, all the Praxeum Jedi were to meet up on Yavin IV home of the Kalway Order of Jedi, who offered us shelter. sadly Cade Renard had been badly injured in the escape and it took Myrddin, Natirra, And Zavarah Zabelin to bring him back from the brink of death, it was this act that spurred Myrddin's close relationship with the Kalway order and its medical staff

The Station

During Myrddin's time on Vornskyr station he began to hone his skill with Ataru even further, melding Sokan philosophy and learning to smoothly coordinate from Ataru's Pure Aggression to the near passivity of Soresu, creating a unique ability to switch so fast that one moment he could be in a furious barrage of trikes and the next be an unmoving sphere of Azure fire, defending from all that came into his path. Myrddin's ability was so great that he became known as The Master Of Ataru, and granted permission to carry an Electrum hilt of his own design, this new blade contained a crystal that Created A glowing white Blade, pretty soon Myrddin began to wander the galaxy helping all those that he could, it is here where his abilities with Ataru truly became well known, often times his main nemesis Malus would engage him in a furious duel, he himself managing to become a powerful Sith Lord in his own right would often stalemate Myrddin, when Myrddin returned finally to the station he found that the Praxeum order has waned significantly in his absence, and began to doubt his future there, but he had other things to worry about with an attack on the station Myrddin was once again forced to watch as his home died, he fled with Mira once more to Yavin IV

Yavin IV and Death

Myrddin resided on Yavin 4 doing medical work for the KOJ, however a terrible accident involving a friend of his caused him to make the ultimate sacrifice, Kitten Sabra had been grievously injured and Myrddin seeing no other alternative used all of his strength and power to heal her at the cost of his own life, his body was placed in a sarcopahgus. his will was to be Executed by his close Friend from Medical school Bant Tyran who did so perfectly, Myrddin Willed that Mira Be given the Mon Delino II a MC-104 that Myrddin had been refurbishing for quite some time. he also willed the Venix to Bant, and his Electrum Lightsaber was willed to Mass Questi who Myrddin Respected more than most Jedi

Rebirth and Change of Path

Myrddin was not to stay dead. though the process of healing Kitten left him technically dead the Legacy of Fay was still with him and the Force was not yet finished with him and so after nearly three months of regeneration he awoke having been spoken to by the force and his path revealed however this process left him weakened and forced to heal for almost a month, until he was as vital as before. Myrddin quickly regained his Mastery Of Ataru and Retrieved his Electrum lightsaber from Mass Questi. however Myrddin had been changed while in deep communion with the force, he came to accept the Grey Jedi way of life, he also became a wanderer, often going off on a whim only guided by the living force, as a wanderer he often came into contact with dangerous situations. Myrddin would rarely draw his blade but when he did people noticed, soon rumors began to circulate about a hooded Force user with a White blade. Myrddin learned much in this time and soon returned to finish his training on Yavin IV under Natirra, a Jedi Knight who he had worked closely with on many occasions, but he still retained his view of the force and his Grey Path, though he did not often discuss it unless pressed.

Master Of The Order

Myrddin rose to the Rank of Master of the Order in the [The Ancient Order Of The Whills‎‎|Order of the Whills]] gaining grey abilities and learning to Walk in the Empty spaces taught him much about the force. he also became very familliar with the Archives of the Whills and the Force Crucible inside them. after several years becoming the Keeper of the Archives and after the last of the other Whills died out... the Keeper of the Whills. as he walked this path he saw the greys waning and found a great need to unite them once more to teach the abilitied that the Jedi Forgot and the Sith feared. this is where in his study of the Archives that he gained the Experience with the forgotten force power of Elementalisim. this made up for a lifelong inability to use Telekentics. ===Battle over yavin=== shortly thereafter Myrddin heard a distress call coming from yavin from his old allies the KOJ, he immeidiatley ordered every available Mon Calamari Star cruiser to yavin , however due to heavy losses during war the Fleet reached a Paltry four ships. even with the odds against them the fleet departed for yavin at maximum speed, the newest cruiser Mon Crusade having provisional command of the fleet until myrddin could get his own aging crusier Mon Galamine into the fight and take command. the battle over yavin was intense, the Mon Karren being quickly destroyed by the Star destroyers and the Mon Relina ramming one of the destroyers just as the Mon Galamine arrived, the Mon Galamine and the Mon Crusade bombarded the remaining two destroyers with their heavy guns severely damaging both of them before the Mon Galamine herself was disabled and the Mon Crusade was forced to retreat. the Mon Galamine was being pulled into Yavin IV's gravity well on a ballisic tragectory, Myrddin ordered all hands to abandon ship as he feverently tried to aim the ship into an unpopulated area of the planet, he waited as long as he could aboard ship before boarding his Shuttle Edict and shooting away from the burning wreckage of his once proud flagship

Winds Of Change

Faced with feelings of obsoleteness Myrddin spent much time away from the temple. most often he was on Dac managing the Central Dac Shipbuilding company bringing several new Mon calamari curisers onto the galactic playing feild. the first MC-75 star cruiser to be finished the Mon Eliptia was taken by Myrddin as his New Flagship, replacing the ship he had lost at Yavin. Myrddin lived out of that ship using it as his main means of transport and his only real home. the Powerful MC-75 class ships became a Fleet mainstay and one variant was even turned into a hospital ship. Myrddin also took it upon himself to upgrade the aging MC-40 class, the new design refit the ships with greater firepower than before in addition to repulsorlifts developed orginally for the MC-75 class allowing the ships to enter atmosphere. during his travels Myrddin met another Mon Calamari and there are rumors of a romantic relationship between the two males. Myrddin eventually realized that his order needed him and he returned to the galactic scene and began searching for a worthy student.

The Resurgent Need

After many months of construction effort Myrddin was approached by the Galactic alliance who requested the design of several new ships and the use of the newest design of Mon Calamari the Scythe class Main battlecruiser. this along with the subsequent design of the Admiral class, the Dentritus Battleship, and the Advent Class Star Dreadnought meant that in addition to revamping and uprading the design of the MC-75, and MC-40 to include the technologies developed for the Advent sufficent firepower would be provided to the Galactic alliance to patrol its borders and fight a war should the need arise. Myrddin Worked tirelessly on the ships even providing a show of force with the immensely powerful Scythe class main battlecruiser (the largest ship at the time that could enter the atmosphere) at a trial making a point of the military might that the Mon calamari brought to bear. however this was not to last as the galactic alliance became unstable due to internal turmoils and began to break up Myrddin vowed that his ships would not be involved in a civil war and using the untested hyperdrive of advent and the crews on the other vessels to jump immediatley to the Kathalon system and requested asylum for the fleet contacting his old friend the Tetan Empress to protect and scatter what was the largest fleet that had been gathered since the battle of Bastion more than fifty years earlier. the Shadow fleet consisting of the elite strike ships was sent to the outer rim with the bulk of the fleet scattered between the tetan empire, Dac herself, Harrun Kal, and the Maw installation. it was also during this tima that Myrddin Suffered a falling out with the jedi and fully returned to his grey path, taking up once again the role of a Shaman of the Whills and the Master Elementalist.

Personality and traits

Myrddin Can often Be Crass, and Grumpy with people but if you get to know him he can become a warm loyal friend. he will die for his friends and has done so once. Myrddin is aggressive in nature and it shows in all aspects of his life, he also is very reserved and often uses silence as a second language. Myrddin is very sensitive about the subject of Raze, and the Fall of Coruscant, it is unwise to press the issue with the Mon Calamari. Myrddin in combat will often test his foe with Soresu techniques, but when he gains an open ground advantage he will strike with a whirlwind of Ataru moves becoming little more than a blur around his enemies,

Powers and abilities

Lightsaber Forms

Myrddin utilizes several forms but most prominently Ataru, in secondary he utilizes Soresu, Juyo, and a Jar'kai variant of Ataru. Soresu was his first study finding it useful he continued to practice it but he later found Ataru to fit him better and went on later to master it, his Juyo training came from careful observation of Mass Questi who Mastered Juyo's more powerful variant Vaapad, Myrddin created his own functional style of Juyo. Eventually Myrddin's use of Ataru Outshone all of the other Forms he practiced and he was Recognized as the Master Of Ataru



Myrddin has several lightsabers, most of them built recently and coated with Electrum, he also possesses a curved hilt saber with a green blade, an Electrum saber which he built after his Mastery of Ataru which has a white blade, his last saber is a lightscythe he built for the express purpose of battling those with lightwhips and for jungle work because of its ability to clear large amounts of brush Myrddin, as a Mon Calamari has the dexterity to use a lightsaber underwater and as such all of his lightsabers are modified to work underwater.


Myrddin is often seen in his old tan robes, but when on call in Medical he is normally wearing his Lab coat, Myrddin posess a set of modern Mon Calamari Knight Armor that he wears when he expects a fierce battle. Myrddin normally wears either a white or grey overcloak that he had a specific fold that conceals his lightsaber from view sewn in. These cloaks are made of woven Whaladon Baleen which is nigh frictionless and makes almost no sound allowing Myrddin to very quietly move about


Myrddin owns several starships including a YT-2000 called Venix, an action VI transport known as Fish bowl, he also owns a shuttle with which he uses as an offical transport of the Order, he owns another shuttle that was directly attached to his Flagship the Mon Eliptia and now is assigned to the Fire of Dac. recently he has also come across an orignal J-type 327 Nubian starship and rebuilt the legendary Theed Royal engineer spaceframe that took Queen Amidala to so many worlds. he uses and a reverse engineered version coated in Diplomatic colors as his personal transport and Diplomatic transport for the Greys respectively.

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