Muzutsu Senshi is a 30 years-old male Nagai. A Scholar of the force, No longer under the alias Darth Ravenous.


Early LifeEdit

Born on a war purged world of Nagi, Muzu's life was a difficult one. Night after night the sky was alive with the screams of crazed Nagai's bloodlust. After many near deaths the Nagai knew they were loosing. Muzu's father took the chance to steal the family a star ship and head for more peaceful planet. A cargo ship had recently docked offering supplies to starving families, The Senshi family carefully climbed aboard and left the war planet for good.

They traveled for many years, visiting a varying degree of planets, but one would stick with Muzu for the rest of his life. On Muzu's 13th birthday, the family stopped on Nar Shaddaa. Muzu's father and brother left the ship to get some supplies before the whole family would go out to celebrate the birthday. Three days later the brother and father hadn't returned so Muzu and his mother went to find them.

After four hours they were feeling very dishearten, it was most likely this that caused them to walk blindly into a trap. A small gang was waiting for them in a very dark ally. What happened over the next hour or so is unknown, but Muzu awoke to see himself in a very dark room. No sign of his family. There was however what appeared to be a Trandoshan eating something fleshy, through various taunts Muzu could tell his family had been killed by a tribe of cannibals. A wave of horror passed over Muzu, the last feeling he would ever feel. Darth Ravenous was born in that room.

Life on TarisEdit

After the event Muzu blacked out, and came two on his familys "borrowed" ship, it was not clear to Muzu how he got where he was, but it didn't matter. Jumping to his feet Muzu set course for Taris, they'd passed by it on their travels and Muzu liked it there.

Upon setting foot on Taris Muzu knew he was now alone, and would be for a very long time.

The following years consisted of copious amounts of alcohol and various fights with various beings and with various outcomes. Muzu paid his way by being an information broker to a local Hutt. This same Hutt wanted information regarding force sensitive beings, the Sith in general.

While on a search for such beings Muzu came across the planet of Zonama Sekot. After hearing about the Religion he fell in love with the idea and after being tested, he was a Potentium Hopeful.

The Trails and FailureEdit

After a few weeks as a Hopeful, Muzu began to grow very impatient. He'd already crafted himself a lightsaber, and was well on the way learning to use it. During a Sith attack on Zonama Sekot Muzu as Successfully defeated one of the Sith with the help of a fellow student Dada Castaignede. After the attack the Potentium were to plan a retaliation attack on the Vjun Sith Academy, however information was limited. Muzu went ahead and gathered the intel at the risk of his own life, Though he didn't see this as foolhardy the others did. After a brief but memorable argument with the masters Muzu left the living planet, joining up with some friends he'd made while there. Muzu become one of the MERCs.

Life As A MercEdit

Muzu's time with the MERC's was only short, his temp master Prowler Ryba could not teach him much as she quickly fell to the lures of the sith joining with the cult of ragnos. Muzu was also the only non-Amaran in the group so he quickly felt like an outsider. After only a few weeks he left the group seeing no real future there, On his journey he found Morrigan Minyard. One of his friends at the Potentium, she was now a knight and seeking an apprentice. Muzu was to be that apprentice.

Life Back With The PotentiumEdit

After yet another brief talk with Lady Salene, Muzu was allowed back into the Potentium, on the grounds he would finish his trainning and not disobey the masters again. Muzu agreed and starting training right away.

Yet again Muzu's training was cut short with his masters disappearance, another fatal blow to his ego but the masters saw him fit for knighthood, after a brief and quiet ceremony Muzu was now a Potentium Knight. It didn't take him long to find his apprentice and future best friend. While wondering the grounds of the temple Muzu fell across a very large,slightly confused but ever so polite youth called Handar. Muzu agreed to train him right away and so their friendship began.

The Falling Of MuzuEdit

While his apprentices trails were near closing, the potentium order was ripped in two. It was a difficult time for everyone, Muzu saw a chance to possibly become a master this student was ready for knighthood and it would be so. Muzu was now apprentice-less and waiting promotion himself. However this was not to be, the strain on the order caused many many arguments among the lower ranks and even the higher ones. Muzu took offense to some of these and left the order with only his pride in toe.

A day or so later he came across the planet of Ruusan. And a sith there terrorizing it Darth Terminus. Seeing Muzu's pain and potential Terminus recruited Muzu as his apprentice. Muzu was now part of the Obsidian Dominion.

Life As A SithEdit

Training with the O.D was hard, endless drills of saber combat and physical fitness. Muzu loved it, studying the darkness within himself spoke to him, he felt empowered, his eyes had been opened to a whole new side of things. However yet again his time here would also be cut too short. Muzu was unsure what actually happened, but Terminus was somehow redeemed leaving Muzu, now Darth Ravenous alone again. However Ravenous stayed alone for a while, studying the Sith history and its many uses.

After he fell across the history of Darth Bane Ravenous saw the true power behind the rule of the strong. But he could also see the logic in the rule of two. So Ravenous would make his own rule, the rule of growth. One master, two apprentices. each apprentice would have one student. Then those students would have one student, slowly the order would grow strong and secure.

Ravenous traveled to The Roshi belt where he began to set up a base, it came clear to him that he would need two apprentices soon, and the sooner the better. Back to Zonama Sekot.

Masquerading as a redeemed Muzu, again he joined the ranks as a knight, and quickly set about finding two apprentices worthy of joining his brotherhood. He settled on a young apprentice who had been dis-guarded by the others, quickly their friendship grew and Ravenous had his way.


It is as this time, Ravenous saw his choice in apprentices was a bad one and so he disbanded the little group he had created and set out on his own to learn more about himself and the force. During this trip Ravenous's ship was set upon by pirate who proceeded to blow the engines clean off Ravenous's ship causing his ship to collide with a passing planetoid.

Recovery and RedemtionEdit

While his body rested on a remote planetoid, Muzutsu had a lot of time to contemplate this actions, his dream of starting his own academy seemed foolish, thinking back to his personal training, he remembered the fun he had back on Zonama Sekot. As his body slowly healed, Muzu formulated a plan to return to Zonama Sekot and offer his ideas in the form of a revival to the Potentium Followers.

 Upon returning to Zonama Muzu felt instantly welcome and within three days had voiced his plans to the order who agreed, these words however were hollow.  No true agreement could be made and it seemed best for all, if Muzutsu left to find his own place in the galaxy.  Zonama was dead to him now.

The SovereignEdit

Muzu's travels around the galaxy to find a place to call home were fruitless for so so long. By a stroke of chance Muzutsu's happened to cross paths with his old Friend Dada, now King of the Sovereign. Upon hearing of the Kings sucess, Muzutsu offered his services and was welcomed with open arms. After the perversion of the Sovereign, Muzu left denouncing the purity of the force.

Rule of twoEdit

Muzu then took back on his Sith title seeing that the Sith way was indeed the true way and took on an apprentice from Byss, Zamaroc a fellow Nagai. While on Byss newly titled Ravenous saved a beautiful young woman who managed to get herself into some trouble concerning a shield wall. Muzu took the young Nagai and the woman with him and they set course for Pelek Baw.

The young woman named Alaina quickly found a place in Ravenous's heart yet she was already tied to another which was causing the small group some problems. Alaina's former master was unhappy with Muzu training here and so sent an assassin after Muzu's lover. When the assassin failed Alaina's former master kept dangering her life trying to use her as a weapon to attack Ravenous.

Ravenous quickly got tired of his love being used in such a way, not only was she getting hurt but all these games were getting in his way. Ravenous turned on his lover activating his saber while it was against Alaina's chest frying her heart. He then sent the body to her old master who was enraged and sent the body back to Ravenous in a hurry. After receiving the body Muzu installed a new heart within his love and used an old Sith technique to bring her back to life.

Ravenous, his lover and his apprentice spent a short while living a quiet life on Haruun Kal, Ravenous trained his apprentice in the ways of the force and the Sith as well as spending some well earned time with his love. Ravenous also created a secret laboratory on the planet were he set about to create the perfect apprentice, an apprentice who would carry Muzutsu'ari's true dream.

When Ravenous believed Zamaroc was ready to take on the Sith title of Darth. He told his apprentice he was leaving on a short mission and would be back shortly, yet Ravenous never returned.


Muzutsu is quite simply a sociopath, his childhood would rough and almost none existent. Muzutsu likes time alone, he finds other beings not so much repulsive, but he detests them. Stupidity it not welcome near him, ignorance is not tolerated. Muzutsu's power and sly mind have made him arrogant a trickster in the dark. Although Muzutsu sees himself as the puppet master, he is also incredibly paranoid.

His mental hang ups aside, Muzutsu is an elegant man, he likes expensive things and admires beauty in various forms. He has been noted to actually stop fighting to admire the beauty of his opponent. This being said he also despises ugliness or messy things.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As a Nagai Muzutsu has a natural gift with blades, his body temperature is also a lot lower then that of normal beings meaning that his resistance to weather effects is higher then normal as well. Force wise he had to teach himself almost everything due to his misfortune with masters, this has helped him more then it has hindered him, he has been able to form his own views and abilities that suit him perfectly. Muzutsu now considers himself a Force Mage, though his study of Sith Magic has been long and is far from complete.

His use of the force is unorthodox, some would say foolish.  A large amount of Muzutsu's powers are destructive combined with his lack of compassion means he has no regard for life of any kind.

Muzutsu originally trained with a double bladed saber, though now he uses a single saber.

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