Mustafar is a planet in the Star Wars universe.

Mustafar (Ravage) Edit


Mercenary Chistori within the corridors of Mustafar mining complex.

Mustafar station

Mustafar Space Station

We are currently in a remote area of ​​Mustafar, where an old and almost abandonedmine extracts the precious mineral from the earth.

The hard work Mustafarians movement outside of Mercenaries, Bounty Hunter and Sith in the area.

Currently, the planet's mineral resources, are being exploited by the The New Trade Federation (NTF) and the entire complex is under his protection.

Orbiting above the planet is the space station, where the transport ships loaded fortransport minerals, besides being a place where many traders do business.

Within the space station, some activities are known The Galactic Syndicate Union.But the NTF with his soldiers, try to keep under control.

Sim history Edit

On Second Life, several sim were built for Mustafar.

Mustafar (Darnassus) Edit

In the first quarter of 2008. It was the home of the Cult of Ragnos group during few months. The sim was closed in July 2008.

Mustafar (Legions of Lettow) Edit

in September of 2008 the Legions of Lettow opened a new Mustafar using an open space sim. the new Mustafar has a space station and a pod racing track. The combat system used on this sim is ZXCS which interacts with the lava redering the player wounded if they come in contact with it. The sim was closed early 2009.

History Edit

The Underlord Won the Minx Bade classic here, furthering his renown as a galactic Pod Racing Champion.

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