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Lore from this point is now considered "Legacy"

Early Life

Commander Mulic or CT-8928/TK-8928 was a Jango Fett clone created prior to the clone wars for the war specifically as a clone commander. Mulic gained renown during the Clone Wars for leading some battles on; Kashyyk, Coruscant, Utapau and Mustafar. He fought during many other battles but did not command nearly as many through-out the war. At the closing of the war, Notably, Mulic was unable to execute order 66 without a heavy conscience due to a bond he had formed with a Jedi General that he had fought under and along side. This failure exposed a broken part of his programming a fault ignored as he continued with the order regardless..

After The Republic had became the Galactic Empire, Mulic had been turned over to the Imperial Army (and later ISC) where he kept his designated number but his tag was changed from CC to TK. During his service to the Galactic Empire he re-earned his right to command and lead battles against planets and the Rebel Alliance, committing atrocities such as; small scale genocide in order to secure engagements as a victory for the Empire.

After the fall of the Galactic Empire it was believed that TK-8928, Mulic had died in battle or due to his already extended life span having ended.

Post Galactic Empire

After the fall of the galactic empire, Mulic aligned himself with the warlord he had true loyalty, Warlord Zsinj. Mulic became one of Zsinj's raptors through intense training and further alterations to his body, His command skills grew as he learned new skills such as the ability to fly much higher velocity capable fighters such as the Tie Raptor.

Mulic along with other members of a Raptor Batallion where sent out to the furthest reaches of space on errands for the empire when the fight against the New Republic turned into a losing fight. When Warlord Zsinj died to Han Solo the news took months to reach the battalions furthest out along with word to hide from Republic Forces hunting the remainder of Zsinj's forces. Mulic and the rest of the now renamed Zsinj's Fury batallion remained in hiding in the outerrim, Preparing for a return that their undying loyalty made them believe was going to come.

240 - 250 ABY


Zsinj's Fury was not seen Until 240ABY where they landed at the spaceport of Little Mos Eisley, A small expedition force had gone to Tatooine to form a local base for the Mercenary group "RF", A cover for the remainder of Zsinj's Fury. This new expedition was found very quickly by both hunters and old allies from a time past. He looked a considerable amount worse since his last confirmed sighting and was now mostly cybernetic, The clone that was Mulic was all but gone. it was obvious he was still consumed in war. He no longer went by his designated tags and now was known as Commander Mulic. During his time on Little Mos Eisley he fought with the local Amarran clan and the local ISC almost constantly due to the dislike for RF's very much  Imperial influenced  behaviour.

Mulic as Lieutenant (3rd Mechanized)

At around 250 ABY RF was hired by the New Sith Empire for their own ISC where Mulic was made Grand Moff for the first time with his old ally, Gallus as Moff. The New Sith Empire struggled politically and after a long fight  trying to get power for the ISC which they lost, Mulic and Gallus along with many troopers retired believing the Sith feared them, Taking any equipment they could to the location of the hidden Raptor HQ

The clone at the Bakuran Republic Senate.

250 ABY - The Republic

Some months after the fall of the NSE, Mulic visited New Alderaan where the local Garrison Commander was recruiting for their own military. Mulic signed up as a sergeant under Colonel Starstrider and the Republic 3rd Mechanized, After battles on the likes of Umbara, he reached the rank of Captain before being given the responsibility of being Captain of the Senate Guard, situated on Bakura at the new senate hall.

Not longer after the move to Coruscant and around the time of the Vice Chancellor elections after Zander Keto stepped down and joined the navy, Mulic was instated as the Minister Of Defense for the Republic giving him absolute political authority over the forces of The Republic.

Recently Mulic had stepped down from his Minister role to return to his ground force roots in the reformed RDF where he is XO and advisor to the new and young CO, James 'Doc' Aigner. He retains his role as commodore in the Republic Navy and commands the RSS Odin.

254ABY - A new Galaxy (SWL)

Lore from this point on is current "Not Legacy" and still being created

(Precursor to new story) Since the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire a few years prior, CC-8928 set up the foundations for the now large organisation known as 'Alliance' in order to hopefully one day restore the former republic, Time in the outer rim where 8928 dealt with diplomatic relations with potential sponsors found him being ousted from his command position with the formation of a new council under the lead of Adan Dago. Not long after the events of the formation of this council it became apparent that the direction of the Alliance was no longer to restore a Republic but seemed to have much sinister goals, Dark backroom meetings with old friends and allies, officials from The fallen Republic and from the Fel remnant met an formed what would become a Republic remnant with the goals the alliance originally had but with a more focused and military approach to achieving that goal.

The Republic Remnant later went on to win the phobis war with the Alliance and the Republic was formed and existed for many years later turning into a more militant "Federation" with a goal of securing the galaxy once and for all against the tyranny of the sith. (4D changed timeline at this point thustly ending this story)

A New Age (SWRP - Corellia)

Mulic in his Anonymous equipment.

Some time having passed since the rise and fall of the Federation, Mulic spent this time travelling and learning things he would have had very little experience of in his professional career, Namely how to survive without a support structure and what life is like outside of the protected status as an asset to the Republic. In this time Mulic saw the true corruption of the galaxy, Something he was swore in to stop as Captain of the Guard. He learned that infact corruption goes way deeper than he could ever imagine and that the fully legal method is not always the most efficient means to eradicate it.

News reached Mulic and the remains of the Senate Commandos he had remained in contact with that Bok Suthra, An old friend and ally was now leading something called the "Corellian federation". Corellia known to Mulic to be as corrupt and criminal driven as anywhere saw to it that he should assist his old friend but not in the manner he once did but in his new, "efficient" and far more brutal method.

The Omega Project (271 ABY)

After the kidnapping of a long time friend and ally, Bok Suthra and the turmoil on Vreni Island, Mulic found his vigilantism to be an ineffective tool in the aid of the people of Corellia and even his ideas of democracy and the light way itself. He has now began pursuing old members of the Republic/Federation team members of the "Omega Project" a tight knit secretive Senate Commando operation that included both Jedi and veteran troopers. This time under the employ of the Corellian Federation, Should they be able to control them.

Behend the scenes

"Sometimes I like to imagine Mulic as Willem Dafoe in Boondock Saints."

— Arcenregulus Resident

" i could see it like an old school police chief who keeps trying to go out anyway and john and i are like no you gotta stay at base, and then you get grumpy."

— Genner'Rin


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