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Moyet Kirkorian, also known as Moyet Illyriana Sunamoon and as Sunamoon Janick after 247 ABY. She changed her name to Sunamoon after escaping from Onderon. Became Sunamoon Janick after marrying a prince from Azbrian, changing her last name to Janick as a tribute to her life on Velmor as a royal and reconnecting with a cousin that happened to be Queen of Velmor.


Moyet was born on the world of Onderon to Zavarah Kirkorian. It is there that she grew up with her other brothers and sisters, learning the ways of the force from her two master Jedi parents. After many years of learning, Moyet began taking time to herself and her studies as she wanted to further her education.

Once she was 18, she left Onderon for Naboo. Where she spent time there furthering her education and later earning a degree in law. She returned back to Onderon where she continued to use her experience to help the government of Onderon and its citizens.

Then a day came, when a darkness swept over Onderon. The darkness took over everything and even turned both of her parents into darksiders. Watching as the screams of citizens and jedi clashing in the streets, she knew she had to escape it all. She had lost her parents to the darkside, and was afraid for her own life if she stayed any longer.

She escaped to Naboo, where she stayed with the Queen of Naboo in her royal court. Her parents now Emperor and Emperess of Onderon, she became an exiled princess on the lush beautiful world of Naboo. She would not be torn down by her parents fall from grace. She would then be appointed Senator of Naboo, knowing that her purpose was now to ensure that the same does not happen to Naboo, as it happened on Onderon.

She had a purpose now and would forever fight for it, even to her last breath. Evem

Return to Naboo

Currently serves as Senator of Naboo, hoping to restore the sovereignty of Naboo back to the rightful heir to the throne, Queen Adala

She is not a Jedi but has beliefs in the lightside. She mastered the force at a young age, growing up around Jedi. Her parents tutoring her in the ways of the Force. She is what can be called a force witch or sorceress. She only uses her abilities for good and not for evil.

She ascended to the throne of Queen after Queen Adala passed away due to a sickness in the water supply, done by the Sith that had been attacking the city of Theed. She is the current and last constitutionally elected monarch of Naboo System.

She has a massive fleet of about 10,000 automated advanced star destroyers patrolling the Naboo system and 10,000 spread out patrolling the Corellian system and Kamino. Part of an effort to increase security and a partnership with three government bodies. Technology was put together to create a sophisticated defence system for all three governments and their worlds. Protecting their people and assets as well as regulating the space around the systems.

2 or 3 false queens have popped up and have left just as quickly. The people still standing firm with Queen Sunamoon. As she continues to uphold her system with an independent edge, while helping where they can with the resources they have. She can be found travelling to Dantooine, Yavin 4, and most recently Kessel gate. The Queen never stays in one system for to long. Even though the people on Naboo system think she is in the palace, a handmaiden under her orders and remains in constant communication during her travels.

At the moment the queen and her people have taken a low key approach as they build their forces, and rebuild from previous battles that have plagued Naboo System.


Since Moyet learned amongst the Jedi on Onderon, as well as leaning about the darkside. She found that she became adept on her own, not needing someone to guide her. Her abilities are mostly illusion and not offensive. She is able to manipulate the weather as well as a few elements. One of her greatest achievements was being able to create rifts in time and space. This lead for her to be able to travel to various worlds without the need for space travel. Her abilities allowing to open up a gate way between two worlds.

Since she is a force sorceress, she does most of her work in secret, not wanting to boast about her abilities to others. She has also researched and taken time to become skilful at alchemy, finding her own path instead of following the path to the darkside. She found out that Alchemy and Sorcery can be used for good, if learned properly by someone strong enough to remain a follower of the lightside.

One of her abilities she used to use was being able to set someone on fire, and by using the force to fling the person straight up into the air. Using the air and the element of fire to deal with the enemy. She no longer uses this ability as she has taken a more defensive and passive approach to dealing with threats against herself.

She continues to use her knowledge and abilities of the force for the good of the people, rather then falling to the darkside and giving in to its seduction.