"You are no Chiss prodigy, and certainly not one to seize a Council seat in defiance of long-established custom. Prove me wrong, and I will eat my words."

— Initiate Valermit Mindseer taunting another initiate in the Sith Archives on Byss by comparing her to Admiral Tigathisse.

Mlort'igathiss'ertam, known primarily by her shortened rank and core name Admiral Tigathisse, and also as Kissai Admiral Tigathisse Foetreads or Kissai Sorceress Tigathisse Foetreads, Admiral of the Enclave Fleet and Ruling Councilmember, is a Chiss prodigy who rose from the status of an enslaved prisoner to the rank of Kissai Sorceress.  After the death of Admiral Zhanlar the Great, who had freed her after recognizing her potential in the Force and who took her as his apprentice, she outmaneuvered the Ruling Council of Sorcerers, forcing them to confirm her position as his successor.  This made her the first non-Pureblooded Sith to sit on the Ruling Council of Sorcerers of the Enclave of the Pureblooded Sith Sorcerers.

Tigathisse has taken her husband's Sith surname, which more-or-less translates into Basic as "one who treads on the necks of their foes", or, in its shortened form, "Foetreads".  It has also been rendered as "Foewalks" before, though that is a less accurate form.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Birth and early years[edit | edit source]

Tigathisse was born somewhere in the Chiss Ascendancy to parents who served in the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet.  She was recognized early on as possessing Second Sight and Third Sight, both of which were rare among the Chiss, and it was almost unheard of for a single individual to possess both.  Thus, her parents' superiors became extremely interested in her, and she received training as a navigator.

First missions[edit | edit source]

Tigathisse's first mission as the sole navigator was successful, though little is known of it.  The vessel's second mission with her navigating, in the year 219 ABY (Approximate date), was to investigate reports of pirate activity near one of the outlying colonies.  Unfortunately, they were ambushed coming out of hyperspace and quickly overwhelmed, though not before sending out a call for aid.  More than half the crew is believed to have survived as prisoners onboard an aging pirate-crewed CR90 Corellian Corvette.

Enslaved[edit | edit source]

As their captors were headed back to their base, they received an emergency transmission from one of their organization's criminal bosses, who ordered every available ship to converge on his location.  Once gathered, the hastily-assembled pirate fleet entered Kendalaran Hyperspace.

Even before the fleet reached their intended destination, Tigathisse had a strong premonition of impending doom, which her fellow prisoners ascribed to their apparently bleak future as prisoners or slaves.  They changed their minds very shortly after the fleet returned to realspace and entered an asteroid field.  They started hearing explosions and feeling the ship rocking violently, as though caught in a battle.  Tigathisse, the only one of the Chiss who could sense the ambushing fleet, was convinced that they were going to die.  Then she felt something alien, some strange and powerful presence approaching the ship.  Very shortly thereafter, the vessel re-entered Kendalaran Hyperspace - but not before one last explosion rocked the corvette, this one being in one of the ship's airlocks.

The sounds of a fierce battle broke out aboard the ship, drawing their jailers away and leaving the Chiss unguarded.  Tigathisse managed, despite her lack of training, to remotely shut off power to the makeshift prison, allowing her and the other Chiss to exit their cells.  The Chiss armed themselves with whatever tools and weapons they could find in the room, then they crept out into the corridor.  As they moved forward, they were suddenly blinded by a side door exploding outwards with blue-white lightning coursing over it.  When the dust had settled, Tigathisse crept forward to investigate.  She found four dead pirates, their bodies horribly mangled and mixed with the debris which had once been a blast door.  Glancing up, she found herself staring into the glowing red eyes of a Sith battle-mask.

Long story short, the Chiss chose to join their "rescuers", who took control of the ship, tore it out of Kendalaran Hyperspace, and forced it into true hyperspace to return, with their own vessel still latched onto the blasted airlock.  The Chiss were enslaved upon landing on Kendalar V, though Admiral Zhanlar realized Tigathisse's Force sensitivity and freed her less than two months later, taking her on as an apprentice after she passed the Trials for that year's initiates.  The rest of the Chiss slaves earned their freedom before five years had passed, an unheard-of achievement among the slaves of the Enclave.

Rise of the navigator[edit | edit source]

By the year 223 ABY, Tigathisse had been raised to the rank of lieutenant in the Enclave fleet, and, in 225 ABY (Approximate date), she received her first command as captain of a recently re-constructed and upgraded GX-series heavy combat shuttle.

Some time after 230 ABY, Captain Tigathisse was recognized by the Ruling Council of Sorcerers as a full Kissai-caste Sorceress, her master having found her an astonishingly quick learner.  Like her master, Kissai-caste Sorceress Tigathisse focused primarily on combat-related applications of sorcery, more specifically those of use to the Fleet.  She proved an extremely capable navigator and a talented mathematician, being able to safely guide multiple ships into true hyperspace and back to realspace at their intended destination, leading some to compare her to Kissai Huntmistress Rhidaesiuth Sirestep, co-discoverer of the Rhid-Kendalaran Nebula and one of the founders of the Enclave.  Her master went so far as to recommend her for promotion to Kissai Sorceress by 234 ABY, as sheoutstripped even the Kissai Hunters in this area.

However, the Ruling Council rejected Admiral Zhanlar's recommendation on the basis that Kissai-caste Sorceress Tigathisse had not demonstrated sufficient skill in her other areas of study.  The Ruling Council held to this decision even after Admiral Zhanlar accused his fellow Councilmembers of specieism, and the infuriated sorceress nearly incinerated the council building with a lightning storm.  It is said that the only reason she did not burn the very stones and reinforced durasteel beams is that she was interrupted by a sudden jolt through the Force, a jolt which left her reeling.  It is also said that that interruption served as her introduction to Kissai Sorcerer Krakaim Foetreads.

Dueling in the Councilchamber[edit | edit source]

Kissai Sorcerer Krakaim and Kissai-caste Sorceress Tigathisse engaged in a mental duel in the Councilchamber, but they were still grappling with each other through the Force when night fell, with neither one of them able to gain the upper hand.  When the members of the Ruling Council returned the next morning, they found Krakaim and Tigathisse at opposite ends of the chamber, to all outward appearance engaged in meditation.  However, the tension in the Force was easily felt, and the Councilmembers elected to resume their meeting outside rather than risk interruption or even incapacitation in the event that either duelist overcame the other.

Skirmish above Kendalar VI[edit | edit source]

Main article: Skirmish above Kendalar VI

"Save your hate for the enemy, not for each other!"

— Admiral Zhanlar the Great interrupting the duel between Krakaim and Tigathisse.

Admiral Tigathisse and several Kendalaran Juggernaughts in battlegear.

In the end, it was Admiral Zhanlar himself who broke up the mental duel, and that only because the prophets had warned of raiders approaching Kendalar VI through Kendalaran Hyperspace.  Admiral Zhanlar ordered the two duelists out with the recently-formed emergency response force of Kendalaran Juggernaughts and combat sorcerers to protect the orbital mining station of Kendalar VI.

Kissai-caste Sorceress Tigathisse and Kissai Sorcerer Krakaim arrived to find that the raiders were in the process of boarding the orbital mining station.  Wasting no time, Krakaim entered a meditative trance while Tigathisse led the handful of juggernaughts and sorcerers into the hangar.

With the aid of Krakaim's battle meditation, Tigathisse and the Juggernaughts put such pressure on the pirates that their leader challenged her to a duel out of sheer desperation.  Following his spectacularly overdone defeat, the surviving pirate raiders surrendered and were promptly enslaved.

An unlikely partnership[edit | edit source]

The next day, Kissai Sorcerer Krakaim dumbfounded the Ruling Council with his application for transfer to Kissai-caste Sorceress Tigathisse's ship, in essence placing him under the command of his inferior.  While every bit as surprised as the Ruling Council at Krakaim's request, Tigathisse welcomed him aboard without hesitation.  The two went on to fight side-by-side in several more skirmishes and one major battle over the course of the next three years, though not always on the same ship.

Death of a legend[edit | edit source]

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Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

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Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

General (currently uncategorized)[edit | edit source]

  • Admiral Tigathisse possesses the above-average night vision typical of her species.  While this can conceivably, under some circumstances, be mistaken for Force sight, it is not the same thing.

Warblade combat[edit | edit source]

Defensive Force powers[edit | edit source]

Offensive Force powers[edit | edit source]

  • Like her deceased former master Admiral Zhanlar the Great, Admiral Tigathisse has achieved an unusually high level of skill in the use of Force lightning.  While she can't disable entire starships in mere seconds, she is still more than capable of incinerating a blast door - or the stones of the Councilchamber on Kendalar V.
  • At least according to Valermit Mindseer, Admiral Tigathisse shows extraordinary speed and determination in combat, with her precision strikes being almost legendary in the Enclave.

Force-enhanced communication[edit | edit source]

  • Admiral Tigathisse did not learn the Sith language the normal way: instead, she instinctively used the Force to understand what was being said.  This is probably one of the first things that led Admiral Zhanlar to suspect that she was Force sensitive.
  • Admiral Tigathisse has demonstrated the ability to not only telepathically communicate with her husband across significant distances, but she can also communicate with every navigator in the fleet by thought alone.

Mind control and leadership abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Some members of the Enclave believe that Admiral Tigathisse used Force persuasion on the Ruling Council to get her position confirmed, but that is extremely unlikely. She has been known to use it on occasion elsewhere, however.
  • It takes a strong-minded individual to stand up to the Chiss Admiral without trembling or outright fleeing from her.
  • She may be able to inspire allies to fight more effectively, though it is unclear whether that is actually her or her husband's battle meditation.
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