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Family Ties

Miratae Avro, who most often goes by her nickname, Mira, was born on the planet Adrola to her father, Colte Auk and mother, Shantessa Avro. She and her Big Brother, Tyan Auk, were born as the fulfillment of Adrolan unification treaties through political marriage. These treaties took place, in Tyan's case, between the Lykatsume and Serpaqor tribes, and with Mira, between the Lykatsume and Canowl tribes of Adrola. Mira is the second child of Colte Auk, and is sixteen years younger than her Big Brother. Tyan left Adrola shortly after Mira was born, in order to pursue the path of the Jedi, after the death of his Mother, Niralti Theas. One of the first memories Mira has of Tyan, was from when she was four years old, and he returned to Adrola for a visit. He must have visited before this, as she did know her Big Brother, but it is at least one of her first visual memory of him. It was a hard day, as it was the firs time Tyan returned home without his left eye. He lost it to blaster fire, while battling along side his friend Cameo Capalini, with the Galactic Jedi Order (GJO). Before returning home, he had been fitted with a cybernetic eye. Shantessa could hardly stand to keep her eyes off the floor, unable to find words, while Colte demanded that Tyan give up his endeavors and remain home. Once all the commotion had died down, and all were sleeping, Mira made her way to Ty's room, finding him still awake. She told him she thought his cybernetic eye looked neat, and asked him about it. For most of that night, they sat on Tyan's bed, as he told Mira stories about the galaxy beyond Adrola and the CED system. He told her about the people he had met, and some of the things he had seen, until she finally fell asleep. After accepting what had happened, Colte and Shantessa wished their son well as he returned to his Jedi training within the galaxy. Mira, like her Big Brother before her, began her education in Adrola. Through a few random meetings and some visits with her councilor grandparents to other tribes, she made a few close friends. One in the Laikezian tribe, named Sere, and one in the Delkara tribe named Li. Mira would spend most of her time with these two friends, even though she was still in her Lykatsume schooling years. Mira was raised under the strict Adrolan guidelines of respect for others, kindness and honesty.

Past Events

Though very kind hearted people, Adrolan life was not always easy, and outsiders could view some of their cultural practices as borderline cruelty. For example, due to the tightly held traditions of the proper way to address people in Adrola, addressing someone improperly can be seen as such an offense to some, that breakdown in trade relations between tribes and even the temporary confinement of the offender can result. For children, such an act is more forgivable, however usually only after receiving quick and immediate punishment by the parents, in front of the offended party, for any offensive act toward an adult. In most, if not all, cases, this ensures the child never makes the same mistake twice, and his or her scar then becomes a lesson for other Adrolan children. Mira is one of those kids who recieved a quick and immediate punishment. After beginning to address a councilor from another tribe the same way she would normally address her own grandparent, her father quickly transformed into his Lykatsume form, stopping her mid-sentence with his teeth wrapped tightly around her upper left arm. She was six years old when she was bit. It broke Colte's heart to have to bite her like that, but had he not, and had it not been done in front of the Rusary Councilor Jayana, without knowing her reaction, this simple act could have broken down relations between the Rusary tribe, and the Lykatsume, and Canowl tribes.

Even though the wound was well cared for, it bled for a day and a half and was swollen for a week or more. Mira was forced to wear no sleeve over her left arm due to the pain, and to be an example to her friends and classmates of what could happen to them in the same situation. However, because of this incident, and like most all those bitten before her, Mira learned that respect, kindness and understanding, were the keys to building relationships with individuals and groups of people. And that people who didn't respect others, where left open to pain. Though she still enjoys many childish activities, the event left a scar on her arm and in her mind, forcing her to grow up, and learn to be accountable for her actions. Her parents did apologize to her for not teaching the proper way to address a councilor before hand. Since she was in school they had assumed she learned, but because two of her grandparents were councilors, she had used the example available to her for the most of her life. After these events, she began taking time to herself, in the intertwined trees serving as the upper floors of the entire Lykatsume community, pondering upon people. She reflected on their motivations and reactions, and still finds it fascinating to study to this day, even though she is aware she hasn't figured it all out yet.

Comming to the Galaxy

During this time, Tyan would often come for short two or three day visits to check up on things back home. It would be four years after the loss of his eye, however, that Tyan would would be called home by his father. Political unrest was rising between Adrola and Bycttus. Colte summoned for his son, in the event a battle would ensue. Tyan remained home for two months, awaiting the results of the Tri-Core talks. They feared for the safety of their grandparents, Lykatsume Councilor Paahkor Auk, Canowl Councilor Rija Avro, and Serpaqor Councilor Whinn Theas, who took over her husband, Kuryn Hokal's position after his death from heart failure. They say he was too heart broken after the death of his only daughter Niralti that his heart had no will left. When it seemed the talks were not diffusing the situation, Shantessa pleaded with Colte, to agree to let Tyan take Mira away from Adrola until things died down. He refused, swearing it more dangerous beyond the safety of the Tri-Core than within. Finally things began to ease up. After a few days more, and with Colte finally taking the time to see what Tyan had been learning, as they prepared for a potential battle, and having time to mull over the idea, he decided Mira might benifit from reciving her education out in the galaxy. So, with high hope that she could re-connect the planets under the Tri-Core with the rest of the galaxy, Mira set out with her Big Bother, on their way to the Temple of the Praxuem on Courscant. To this day, Mira keeps a journal of her adventures in the galaxy. She has met many wonderful people of all species and races, Jedi and Sith alike, and wakes up in excitement daily, ready to see what the new day will bring.

Galactic Arrival Point

I was brought to Coruscant at the age of eight by my Big Brother, Praxeum Knight Tyan Auk, due to an impending

Mira and her brother Tyan Auk After arriving to Praxeum Temple on Coruscant

battle between Adrola and it's sister planet Bycttus. I lived in the Praxeum Temple for a short time, having been given a room with my brother by Master Victor Brody. It was here i decided, during battles that occurred, that i wished to become a healer, so that i could be some assistance to my Big Brother and his friends. After leaving for a short return home, I came back to the Praxeum to find the temple had been destroyed, and the order now living on a base know as the Vornskr, circling Myrkr. I remained at the base for a time, meeting Brother Walt Finesmith and Lady Zavarah Zabelin as Big Brother was giving them a tour. Shortly after this, i flew by myself to Yavin, seeing only few people around the Vornskr and growing weary of the steely enclosed space. Upon arriving at Yavin, i stumbled across Lady Zavarah again, Brother Robin, Masters Luvbutton Moonsoo and Iria Tuqiri, and various padawan, including now

Mira's first trip to Yavin IV

Master Antzz and Sister Natirra. I kept returning for visits daily, enjoying the outdoor atmosphere. I primarily met others, Jedi, sith, and mandalorians, and assist in the med bay when and where i was able. I followed my Big Brother into battles with the Praxeum, whereupon i was made an official Praxeum Youngling by Master Mass Questi. Around this time, for my own protection, i received my first light saber from Big Brother as a means to protect myself when he couldn't be nearby. A short time after, i was asked to return to Adrola once again.

Enter Zellik

I came back to Yavin to find a few new faces, including Sister Kitten, Sister Alesha Jem, Sister Jill and others, and plenty of old friends. It was around this time that i was kidnapped for the first time by then Lord Zellik, on the misconception that i was his deceased sister, Maria.

Mira, 9 years old, captured by Zellik on Lehon

He and a companion locked me in a cell and inquired about a Sir Rexsus, whom i had just recently met and had asked for sanctuary on Yavin. Having not revealed anything, I was attacked and left in the water to drown before Zellik pulled me from the water and healed me in the med bay, then the rescue party came for me. I was kidnapped twice after this, the first occurring at age nine, the second and third at age ten. The second was a simple talk session, where upon Master Miha found and rescued me. The third nearly brought an end to my life as i was

Mira, age 10 with Natirra, Walt, and Rexsus, healing with nanites after near-fatal capture by Zellik

injected in the brain with Zellik's poisonous blood, and the blood of a Ysalamiri, in an effort to make a stronger link between us. His own efforts failed him, and Lady Natirra and Sir Walt were able to use nanites to remove the blood from my system. Also comming to better know Sir Rexsus, Zellik's master from the Potentium who came to offer his aid. In between the captures, which occurred a good bit apart, i continued assisting

Mira assisting Natirra in the med bay.

in the med bay and traveling back and forth between Yaivn and the Vornskr. I met Lady White on Yavin, who had returned from a journey, unaware of the location of the Praxeum. She took charge of some bits of my training, teaching me

Lady White taking Mira to explore Ruusan

about force sight and giving me sparing lessons with the saber Big Brother provided me with for protection. I also began to travel more, both accompanied, and alone. Eventually, as enrollment in the Praxeum dwindled, I remained on Yavin daily, even sleeping in the med bay. Later hearing word that the Vornsker base had been destroyed.

Mira and Myrddin saying goodbye to the Vornskr

Durring this time, the Kandosii came to develop on Yavin. I befriended many of the Kandosii Aliit, feeling as close as family to the Alor, Kelbon, and Dedric. I continued training with Lady White, and continued interacting with those around Yavin,

Zavarah, Bragha, Geno, Kelborn, Mira, Kitten and Dedric at Sephiroth's memorial.

until I was called home once again, needing to complete school work. Upon my return to Yavin, now age eleven, i resumed assisting in the medbay, aiding Lady Natirra. I also discovered new arrivals to the moon, including new members of the Kandosii, new KOJ padawans, such as Damasc and Sir Paws, and Sumaryo, old returning members such as Sir Moy and the like. I also met a young Jawa of six year old by the name of Loot, who had apparently been reeking havoc on Yavin durring my absence. I decided to take care of the little Jawa, and try to keep him from harm, becomming exausted through that first day. After not seeing of him for a small while, a few days later i had discovered he was

Mira talking to Sir Robin about Loot's death

brutally beheaded by a still unknown to me assailant. Taking the death hard and then later loosing a dear Kandosii friend, Brag'ha seemed only balanced by the reuniting of an old aquaintance from Adrola, named Ryto, and the discovery of Uncle Kelborn's young daughter, Ginny.

Falling in Love

Ryto and I began spending most of our days together, exploring Yavin and traveling to Mos Eisley, where we met new youngling friends, Brother Vorpan and Brother Remi

Ryto as a lykatsume (wolf) consoling Mira, age 11

Ryto Mortosa as human, age 14

among others. In our time on Yavin, we had many encounters with the sith, primarily a sith named Terecept, and a possessed Kandosii member named Kovid. Terecept sought to train my Adrolan/Bycttan friend, Ryto in the ways of the dark side, and Kovid wished to transfer to Ryto the sith lord entity that lay active inside of him. Ryto, willing to accept such a fate from Kovid fell into many battles with him, in one instance leading to a lengthy healing on my part. Durring this healing, I collapsed. In a scan run by Lady White it was discovered that i had what could be characterized then as a "weak heart" I paid little heed to this, being an eleven year old and rather independent and went about my days exploring and learning.

Lady White and Ryto in the med bay diagnosing Mira's heart condition.

It was on an exploration of Tatooine, after a few months of spending time together, in the med bay after an encounter with a Rhonto, that Ryto stole my first kiss. Confusing and a little embarrassing at first, Ryto and I began developing stronger and stronger feelings for each other, eventually considering ourselves a couple. Times became difficult as Ryto struggled with becomming a sith.

Mira with Akriloth on Yavin IV

Eventually, after many fights, physical and emotional, I was able to help him break away from the sith, and join the Praxeum. Durring this time i worked on many med bay incidences, many involving Ryto, and one in particular when trying to aid the Perogonian friend of the KOJ, Akriloth Ishtari, in mending his damaged heart crystal. As a thank you, Uncle Akri gave me a pero-cryst, a small insect-like bio-mechanic creature, one of many that make up the perogonian's crystal heart. It became my companion and i keep it with me where ever i go.

Gaining a Son

Eventually, Kovid was destroyed and i found my self in the custody of Kovid's

Shiek showing Ures and Mira around Naboo

young son, Ures'Chabaar. The seven year old boy had arrived on Yavin himself quite some time earlier, shortly after Little Sister Ginny arrived, and Lady White's adopted son somehow regressed to his childhood days again. I was presented with a paper by Ures himself stating that Kovid had left the boy in my care upon his death. Being only of age eleven, i knew little to do with him, and for the most part he was left to do as he pleased. I did my best to advise him and discipline him as i could, but he was quite unruly for most of the time and it was hard trying to get him to settle down. He only ever considered me like a big sister, which was likely best for the time. As time went by, and after becoming twelve years old, I began spending more and more time in seclusion in the forests of Yavin, returning every so often to assist in the med bay as i could, and at times losing track of many people. Until one day, upon returning, i stumbled across Sir Rexsus, also a shape shifter, seeming to act rather wild. He was accompanied by Lord Zellik, now known as Lord Rellik, and eventually i was hauled off to the cantina, and asked to decapitate Rexsus in order to save him from a shape shifters curse, only working because i myself am a shape shifter.

Mira, age 12, taking a hair sample from sleeping Rellik at the request of the spirit of Rexsus

After much struggling, i decided to comply, in an effort to save him or watch him die; my hand guided by that of Rellik. He did not regenerate his head as i was lead to believe he would. After Rexsus' burial, I blocked out the memory, and Ryto had to return to Bycttus at the request of his grandfather. It was likely a month after this that Rellik found me on yavin, a day that i was alone. He cruelly brought the memories of my deeds back to the surface causing me to enter a mental state of shock, which he took advantage of and took me captive, back to his hidden base, with his fiance, Lady Mika, and General Archer. I was held captive there for three months, finally made to believe, though kindness, that i was the incarnation of his sister.

Mira reuniting with Akriloth after capture by Rellik

During the early days of this time, i feel pray to my own heart condition once again, the stress and anxiety pushing me to what would be equated to a panic attack. They however did take care of me and keep me alive. I received some training, and was taught to build a light saber while in his care, until i was rescued, on my thirteenth birthday, by a small party of friends, Ures, Uncle Akriloth, Brother Jarvis, and Ryto who had discovered me missing upon his arrival to Yavin, from Bycttus.

Returning from Sadness

I returned to Yaivn, hair dyed black, and emotionally twisted, as my captor, and Big Brother, Rellik, had been killed in my rescue. General Archer arrived on Yavin days later to present me with a locket from Big Brother, containing a picture of the both of us. Later i amended he locket to carry the symbol of the Praxeum on the outside of it, and a picture of myself with Big Brother Tyan on the inside as well. After some time spent in the forests again, and once again, Ryto leaving for Bycttus, I began to travel to different worlds, in order to take charge of my own training. The Praxeum had found a base after the destruction of the Vornskr,and well before my capture by Rellik. However, as construction was delayed, enrollment and participation continued to slip until i heard next to nothing from my Praxeum family.

Mira 13 roaming the near-deserted Meglos Station, former home of the Praxeum

Of all those who i did keep in contact with, Auntie White was the one whom kept me up to date, and to whom i felt the closest connection. After my return from Rellik's captivity, Auntie White gave me a crystal that her master once gave her. This crystal was for a saber and she said it was special in some way, but the way in which it is special has slipped from my memory. After some time, and in between travels, i returned to the Praxeum base. Still unable to find or contact Auntie White, i managed to find where she would sleep in the Meglos. There on her night stand was the necklace that she never took of. I haven't a clue what possessed me to do so, but the circumstances of her leaving the necklace behind drove me to place the jewelry among my own belongings and carry it with me as i left the Praxeum base, and continued my travels.

End of the Praxeum

Now age 14, I had received only a small message from the Praxeum in all this time, informing me of the disolution of the Meglos base. I made my way to Enceri, and spent some time with the Mandalorians there. At this time i carried with me a traditional Adrolan training sword, a bulky, massive thing which the Mandalorians there had no qualms pointing out as a useless weapon for combat. While there, however, I became friends with a cyborg, named Cuyir. He talked some about Zonama, and having been there only once or twice, i decided to make that my next stop.

Mira 14 meeting Kyrain on Zonama Sekot

Upon arrival at Zonama, I met Cuyir's partner, FD-1, who's podling (infant) i helped to deliver a few days later. I also met a Dark Jedi named Kyrain. Remaining as indiscriminate as i had been in my younger days, and having mentally healed quite a bit, I befriended him, and we became close friend. Especially after he saved my life. I had been looking out for Cuyir, as he was tracked by

Cuyir and Podling with Mira and Ures'Chaabar

Mandalorians one day. While on this watch, i was shot in the back, in my Lykatsume form, nearly bleeding to death. Kyrain was able to get me to the medbay and find someone to patch me up. I also reunited with a friend i had made some time ago, Brother Riven, one of the officers of the Potentium. Weak from the blood loss of the gun shot wound, Riven provided his own blood for a transfusion. The blackish color of his blood frightened me, and brought back flashes of Zellik stabbing me in the brain with a needle.

Kyrain tending to Mira after being shot by a sniper.

However i sucked it up and went through with the procedure. The transfusion rendered me temporarily unable to use the force, and made me extremely hungry and giddy. It was then that i discovered that attempting to shift without force ability was quite painful. After a few weeks Brother Kyrain was called back to the Dark Jedi, and offered to take me with him. I accompanied him on his travels, and became lost somewhere on Bespin.

Feeling Lost, and recognizing my loneliness, i decided to return to Yavin on my own, and turn in an application with he KOJ. I discovered many old friends had retired and moved on, an even reconnected with Kyrain and others, as well as resuming my work in the med bay.

Being KOJ

After joining the KOJ, I began lessons in a group setting, with Grand Master Luvbutton Moonsoo as the primary instructor. Under her guidance I completed a

Mira reuniting with Mass Questi after returning to Yavin.

complex set of missions and built my first training saber. I began reading the lessons required in training to become a Jedi Knight, turning in assignments and doing a bit of training.

Mira finding Ures after joining KOJ

I had my first saber lesson with Sir Marsh Solo, which was quite interesting.. After a time, in discussing with Master Moonsoo, it was decided i would become the padawan of Master Walt Finesmith. Through is guidance i completed a few more lessons, though frequently becoming called to the med bay in order to heal others.

Mira with Ryto after his return from Bycttus

Shortly after joining the KOJ, a girl around my age came about. Her name was Moira, but most ended up calling her Moi It was later discovered that she was Brother Kyrain's daughter.

Mira and Moira in Yavin Archives

I also saw the return of Ryto. He and I were at this point promised to each other according to Adrolan tradition, and would be married once I reached my fifteenth birthday. Also, in my time at the KOJ, i met several new friends, including Trianii Prince Yashamaru Fazuku, who became a knight within the KOJ. I saw him as a brother, I also met Brother Arsen. I came to discover Arsen was a brilliant physician, and i learned much from watching him, primarily the use of some common medications that i hadn't previously heard of.

Mira Visiting Myrddin on Dac

A little while on in my KOJ training, i came across a three year old youngling wandering across Yavin one day. After a time, as expected, the sith came after her, trying to convince me and other padawans of the order to release her to them, under the impression that her mother was injured.

Kitten and Yashamaru healing Mira after attack by Cutch Dramond

We managed to get in contact with Master Moonsoo however, who told the woman that the child wouldn't be released unless she brought the mother to them to claim the girl. We didn't release the girl into Sith custody and were later able to return her to her father, Prince Xotica of the Sovereign Order, on Jaratenge.

Goodbye to Love

Shortly after this, having not seen much of him, my Big Brother arrived on Yavin from Adrola. He wasn't able to stay long, only long enough to pass to me a letter

Walt Finesmith comforting Mira, age 15, after Ryto's death.

addressed to my person from the Bycttan Armed Forces. The letter was sent to inform me of the death of Ryto Mortosa at the devastation of one of Byctus' underground cities. This news was terribly devastating and literally pushed me to a point of heart break, falling more frequently pray to exhaustion and distress. I had made it to my fifteenth year after this, and spent much of my time in seclusion after receiving this news. Every so often i would return for a few days to the central point of Yavin's Moon, but remained largely in the forests, and often in my Lykatsume form as i attempted to deal with the loss of such a dear companion. Eventually, i pulled myself to a point of managing my feelings, finding the means

Ra'niri Fazuku, age 3, with her father Yashamaru Fazuku.

to move on. One of those means which i found became looking after younglings once again, as i came to care for a young Trianii/Gorvan Horansi toddler named Ra'niri. This name was given to her by her father, Brother Yasha, as it was discovered he was her father through artificial means. She didn't much care for me at first, or anyone, growling at most interactions until she came to trust others. For the most part, and i suspect from her being alone for the first three years of her life, she was largely non verbal.

It was not only I that cared for her though. In my time in seclusion, i had missed many events, including the arrival of new members to the KOJ. One of these included Sister Rose. She had come from, what i believe was the NOJ to train as a padawan on Yavin. She was pregnant, her husband being an NOJ knight, and also had an affinity for caring for young children, which she made apparent by looking after the children of Lita Castignede, daughter of King Dada of the Soveregin.


Rose was also training to be a healer and we spent a good few times in the medbay healing the injured and ill.

Group Picture on Yavin IV. (*Bottom Left* Krelith, Metus Bawhe, Mira, Dro Plund, Moira, Walt. *Top Left* Unknown, Unknown, Antzz, Merlok Enyo, Ken Draconian, MJ Placebo, Kyrain.)

In one instance, At the events of King Dada's disappearance, and the shifting of power to a man named Merlock who became SOV's king, a Sovereign youngling came to seek medical attention at the KOJ. She had asked that the SOV not come see her, take her, or know at all what her medical condition was. As her healers, Rose and I complied with her wishes and did our best to keep them at bay. Finally, in this instance, and through my attempts to remain calm, the situation escellated to one of frustration and anger on my part. I didn't inact these feelings on the SOV. However, as had been happening more and more recently, the feelings did fill me with the urge to shift into my Lykatsume form. I had felt it before in times of stress and frustration, and had given in to it quite a few times. However, this time was different. I felt a great deal of pain durring the transformation, much as i had when i lost my connection to the force with Brother Riven's blood transfer.

Mira, age 15, stuck in her Lykatsume (wolf) form.

As i quickly found out, i was trapped now in my four-legged form. Just as i had at the loss of my friend, the loss of my ability to become human-like again filled me with panic, fear, and frustration. All of which weighted heavily on my heart and lead to the furthering of my heart condition. In one instance, i had met up with Sister Aya, a young smuggler who had later found a place in the dark side. We had agreed to remain like sisters, regardless of our

Arsen repairing Mira's heart at the meditation circle, Yavin IV.

chosen path. After she left, i had reached a point that i found it difficult to pull myself back from. I had collapsed on the upper platform above the KOJ court house. Eventually i managed to pull myself down from the lofty height and get myself to the med lab. Here i managed to find some medication to take, realizing now that there was more wrong with my heart than i had previously realized. In my current form, however, i was unable to open the container. To my luck and suprise, my adopted son, Ures, arrived in the medbay and helped me get the medication i needed. Later that week, Brother Arsen managed to repair a great deal of my heart tissue and bring me to a place of stability, also providing me with a sedative and heart medication to take regularly.

Attempting Humanity

I remeained in this Lykatsume form for some time, trying to continue my duties to learning and healing and training, holding the saber in my teeth, to further my progress as a padawan.

Natirra and Walt assisting Mira, age 16, in returning to human form.

Finally, i stumbeled across an old mandalorian friend from the Kata Aliit. He convinced me to give a try to shifting back, which ended quite badly. The pain was as if all your muscels were being squeezed and pulled and twisted and engulfed in an sub zero icey fire of a thousand degrees all at the same time. I was unable to stop the shift on my own, being it normally instantaneous for adrolans, and was given a sedative by my friend Doran to stop the shift, later countered by a small adrrenaline shot, as the sedative was too strong, and nearly stopped my heart. He rushed me to the med bay where the medical droid looked after me.

Mira after returning to human form with the assistance of Natirra and Walt

Doran instructed it to not provide me with pain medication, it being both a mandalorian and adrolan way to keep pain as a memory. Eventually the droid complied. It took me a time to heal from the ordeal. Finally, Master Finesmith found Auntie Natirra some place and asked her to return and help me get back to my human form. They did so in a ship high in the air, in a lengthy procedure. With their assistance, i managed to turn back from my Lykatsume

Mira assisting Master Tuqiri with her shifting issues.

form to my human form. After this i had a period of recovery then resumed some of my duties with the KOJ, including preforming an extensive healing on Master Iria to help her with her own shifting problem, being a half Shi'ido and all.

Farewell KOJ

I, as usual, condinued with my med lab work and trianing, turning sixteen years old durring much of the previous insidences. One day I received word from Master Finesmith that he had planned to leave the KOJ. His exact reasoning for this decision i still today don't quite know, and find it his business, not my own. However, he messaged me out of courtesy, since his own first master, happening to be Lady White, gave no warning when she departed from the KOJ many years earlier. Upon hearing the news, i asked if i could travel with him, and remain by his side as a wandering padawan to a wandering master, and he agreed, allowing me upon his ship and along his travels. Durring these travels, i once again modified my locket. Having heard nothing from the woman that i at one time thought would be my master, i finally removed the chain from Auntie White's neckalce and affixed the charm to the bottom of my locket, which remaind the home of the Praxeum symbol, photos of myself with my brothers, and even became where my pero-cryst friend lived, after i afixed a hole in the top of the locket.

Our first stop on our travels in the Jade Sunrise, the ship owned by Master Finesmith, became Nar Shaddaa. Here we needed repair and refuel. I remained largely sedated for this portion of the trip due to my previously perscribed heart medication and sedative. At one point i decided to travel on my own a bit, making my way to Kamino and stumbling across Sister Mirage, a friend and medic i had met some time ago as a youngling. We explored the grounds until i fell asleep in the cantina. She had to depart while i was asleep, as did a friend of mine who also stopped by, Brother Aztech, a former Kalway Trooper from my younger days, now Mandalorian in the Ordo Aliit. I made my way off the planet, with the assistance of a trooper on the planet. After returning to the Jade Sunrise, Walt and I made our next stop Tatooine. We rented a space on the surface to stay and traveled and explored a bit while i continued my lessons and training. Again, for a good bit of time here, i remained largely sedated.

Tatooine and New Friends

One day, a ghost from my past came about, Terecept. He found Master Finesmith as i was resting in the apartment. They ended up fighting, comming to a stalemate and walking away. I healed Master Finesmith and we heard nothing of Teracept from that point on. Also on Tatooine, i came across an old friend, Brother Remi. He revealed to me that he had a daughter now and that he had adopted, a four year old war orphan. Durring my time on Tatooine, i made a few friends, Brother Zil'nes, an odd sort of purple man, and Brother Dagnelsh, another Ordo Mandalorian which had saved me from the advances of a sith attempting to caputre me.

Dagnelsh consoling Mira after she reveals her fears of inadequacy.

I ended up meeting Dagnelsh again when scoping out the med lab on Tatooine. He had been injured froma battle and, as i healed him, attempting to remain in disguise as Master Finesmith's daughter, he expressed interest to me in leaving the Ordo and re-joining the life of a Jedi. He mentioned leaving his training with Jontelk Relsh of the OTC to persue a life as a mandalorian and that Jontelk allowing him to go free of will. I had remembered meeting Jontelk a few times on Yavin. He visited twice while i was stuck in my Lykatsume form, twice finding me on the roof of a building, and once when i was recovering in the medlab after returning to my human form. He mentioned that the OTC was located on Jaratenge and, after discussing and helping him come to an understanding that he can choose whatever life he wishes for himself, he decided to return there and become a Jedi once more. Before leaving though, he assisted me in finding my medication, which i had lost after some wandering about Tatooine. He in turn helped me accept that my heart condition, and loss of the ability to shift should not be a source of shame for me. We explored Tatooine a little bit more and the next day i woke up as a seventeen year old.

Bakura and the OTC

Shortly after this, Master Finesmith and I climbed back aboard the Jade Sunrise. We made our way to Bakura, deciding this time to remain residence of the orbiting craft while making frequent visits to the surface.

Walt teaching Mira, age 17, the Art of the Small in a diner on Bakura

Here, in a dinner, i once again saw Brother Dagnelsh, now a Jedi in the OTC. He listened in as Master Finesmith and i discussed lessons and he introduced to me the idea of the Art of the Small, a force power used to focus one's force abilities, and one extremely useful in the art of Force Healing, and masking one's aura as a force user. After Master Finesmith retired for the evening, Brother Dagnelsh furthered the explanation with his knowledge on the subject. Later that same day, i finally learned the specifics of the "birds and the bees" after Sister Mirage arrived in the same dinner with a swolen belly, carrying around what would later be her baby

Mirage entering the diner while Mira and Dagnelsh talk.

girl Mesh'la. I had known enough about anatomy and reproduction beforehand to get by, but the specifics of creation had escaped me until that point, when Sister Mirage took me aside and gingerly explained the process. As she left, i returned, accompanied by akward feelings, to sit with Dagnelsh, and finish a light convorsation before heading to bed. Finally, the akwardness of discovering something most sentients would and should have known by the age of seventeen subsiding, I continued exploring Bakura, here too exploring their medical facility.

Mira visiting Bakura med bay

I found an old friend in danger here upon my travels. He had apparently fallen in battle and the medic on hand was having a difficult time patching him up, later throwing him in the bacta tank, as many less-experienced often do. After most had left, i approached the man, Brother Lorian, a cyborg, and extended my healing energy through the force to patch up a complex wound in his head and chest, so that he might atleast survive. Weakened by the exertion, i returned to the dinner to continue my lessons. I hadn't seen Master Finesmith for a few days and had assumed he took some personal travel time.

Jontelk Relsh of the OTC offering to house Mira and Walt at the OTC Temple on Jaratenge

While i was at the dinner, a familiar presence entered. It was Jontelk Relsh of the OTC. After a bit of convorsation, he invited me to come to Jaratenge to complete my training, mentioning how much it was like the home i described, and very much more natural than the cold and stealy city of bakura or inside of a ship. I agreed, and the next day, after leaving Master Finesmith a saved comm message, i departed with Master Relsh for Jaratenge.

Mira overlooking the city of Bakura

Arriving on Jaratenge

We flew in a small craft down to the surface of the planet. I was amazed and overwhelmed with memories of home.

Mira and Jontelk touching down on Jaratenge

The first thing i did was kick off my boots and explore the land a bit. After a while, Master Jontelk gave me a tour of the building and pointed out the bunk room where i chose where i would sleep.

Mira exploring Jaratenge and writing in her journal.

I found the med lab to be particularly facinating and went about exploring the facility, stumbling across the paternity of Sister Mirage's unborn child, which happened to be another long-time aquaintence of mine, Jayce Alsec, whom previously joined the OTC himself as a padawan.

Jontelk, Mira, and Jayce in OTC med lab

A few days in i got back to work in the med lab, having to heal Brother Lorion, whom had stumbled across the planet himself, beaten up and needing a new eye. I also came to meet the Sovereign, also base on Jaratenge, but learned little about them starting out from that first initial encounter. One day as i was working on saber construction, my old friend, Moy Borsuk came by.

Urzuric Kikorian of OJO speaking in front of masters and officials from KOJ, DJE, ILUM and JJA and one independantly trained padawan (Mira, age 17))

He, looking quite a bit older, and in poorer health than i remember him, was having ship issues, so i provided transportation for him to an important meeting on Coruscant. He had me come in with him and i was suprised to see Grand Masters and Masters from all the well known orders attending, save for NOJ who were dealing with a great move due to earthquakes on the surface. After the meeting, we returned to Jaratenge, and Ambasador Borsuk spoke with Master Relsh about the OTC finding a place on the council, and the possibility of my continued participation in accompanying Ambasador Borsuk on later meetings.

Moy and Jontelk discussing alliance issues

During this meeting, i offered my assistance in finding out the intentions of the Sov, leading me to seek out their southern base and speaking to Brother Abb about their beliefs.

Mira speaking with Abbraedae Dongal about the Sovereign order and their intentions.

I had known a bit about the Sov beforehand, meeting Princess Narumi and sparring with her. During which we were visited by Big Brother Rellik's apprentice. He mentioned that Big Brother Rellik wanted to speak with me on Yavin. Narumi accompanied me and we met him in the cantina, only to discover that he had killed Uncle Rexsus and assumed his identity.

Jontelk consoling Mira after encounter with Rellik

It was sad news, but we eventually left, Master Relsh having come to Yavin thanks to a note I left him and, after a small time of mourning, we returned to the temple. I spent some time here alone, studying and training with Master Relsh until a day i was finally contacted by Master Finesmith. He made his way to Jaratenge as well. I continued my training, working more than i could before, being previously swamped in the KOJ med lab. Though, as time went on, and i continued to take my medication, the condition of my heart was still deteriorating.

Mira, Jontelk and Walt after Walt's arrival on Jaratenge

Master Finesmith instructed me in a lesson of using the Art of the Small. With his assistancei managed to shrink my presence a small ammount, but the stress on my heart lead me to break the connection, and meditate my heart rate down.

Signs of Distress

It was shortly before this that same day that an old friend Master Yodan, Uncle Rexsus' old master, stopped by with a plan for resurecting Rexsus. Among those present was Sister Tayla.

Tayla and Mira eating supper on Jaratenge

She had visited earlier with news of her joining the Onderon Jedi Order. She continued visiting here and there, eventually deciding to move to the OTC, where she began Knight Track Training. Before the move, she had taken me once to visit Onderon, where i once again stumbled across Rellik's minions, one of which tried to kidnap me, but i didn't afford him the chance, and found myself running right up to Master Relsh, whom was on Onderon seeking Brother Dagnelsh.

Mira on Onderon

After returning, everything became quiet, save for threats on Sov and OTC by Rellik and his bunch, but an old friend of Master Relsh helped make that a non-issue. For the time it was peaceful days spent on Jaratenge. One day however, I recieved a distressing comm from Master Finesmith.

Walt returning from his detainment on Byss

He had, as i later discovered, crash landed on Byss. A Sith must have found his ship and a bit of blood of his from the crash. After a little while of wondering if i'd recieve another message from him, I had two sith come to tell me they had him captive, and the last requesting that i join them. I refused to go with them or change my allegiance, even after they presented me with a finger who's DNA tested as positive for belonging to Master Finesmith. After a time, we tried to find people to join us in rescuing him, i recieved a message from Walt's R-2 droid, showing he was landing on the landing pad at that very moment. We got him inside and treated his wounds from the crash. He soon fell asleep. The day didn't end there, as we received a visitor from my past, Uncle Kelborn. He found the temple in his travels, and it was nice seeing him again after so long. However i wasn't able to stay and talk, exausted from the week's events, worrying about. Nearly an hour later, Kelborn found me curled up in pain on my bunk, as he came to say farewell. I was in the pangs of cardiac arrest, having stressed over Master Walt's dissapearence and neglecting to take my medicine durring that time.

Jontelk healing Mira after cardiac arrest

Uncle Kel rushed downstairs and called up Master Relsh, and i was rushed to the med lab. My heart had stopped but, through the use of an automatied life support machine which i had previously given instructions on how to use, Master Relsh was able to resuscitate me. After a bit of research into my medical record and rummaging about, Jontelk placed me on an IV of some strong heart medication which was recommended too by the scan. I was stable for the night, but the scan revealed some distressing results, I was dyeing.

Mira spending the night in the Sith station orbiting Lehon.

I was informed of ths when i awoke from a coma a few days later. Upon hearing the news, i began searching for ways to save my life. There seemed to be nothing that struk me as acceptable, and i withdrew from friends and family for a time. I decided to search in archives other than our own and traveled to Yavin a day or so after. After roaming around and becomming weak from the exhertion, i sat on the grass. It was here that Big Brother Rellik found me and convinced me to return with him, to a location he would not reveal, under the assumeption he had a method to save my life. I spent the night there, and the next morning found myself weaker than ever, by no methods of Rellik's. Finally, Rellik showed me a heart he kept in a jar, his own heart, to be a wedding gift to his soon-to-be bride. Upon showing me the heart, and discussing my own condition, he made it clear he had no intention of helping me lest i give myself over to the dark side. It was at this point that i realized he could never truely be my brother, and what i had been made to believe was true had in a flash been disproven at his own unwillingness to assist me in my time of need without receiving my soul in return.

Jontelk and Yatno coming to help Mira escape Rellik

To my luck and suprise, Master Relsh of the OTC, and an old friend and master of his, had discovered i was gone, and came looking for me. Jontelk had assumed i might travel to Yavin, and upon investigation, a blade squadron commander recognized the discription and informed them of whom i left with. After tracking me down, i left with Jontelk and his former master Yatno to return to Jaratenge. Once we arrived safely back on Jaratenge, i huged Jontelk as a sign of gratitude, to which he seemed quite thrown off. Yatno explained that he was never much one for affectionate behavoir.

Mira in med lab after prepping self for surgery.

After arriving back in the temple, and i extended my many appologies and gratitudes, as well as introductions, we sat and discussed what to do about my heart. After some ideas had been tossed around and tossed out, it was finally decided that we would need to contact medical athorities on Adrola and have a doner heart from an Adrolan transported to Jaratenge for a heart transplant.

New Hearts: Finding True Love

After contacting Adrola and making proper arrangements, i retired to the med bay, preping myself for surgery to commence whenever the physician from Adrola arrived with the donor heart.

Darc and Walt visiting Mira before Surgery, Jontelk still by her side after first kiss

It was the next morning that I awoke to find Master Relsh standing by my bedside. We discussed the surgery to come, and he attempted to aswage my fears and comfort me. It was then that i admitted to myself that i had fallen for Master Relsh. With the likelyhood of dieing hanging over my head, i decided to be bold. Curled up on the sheets, i looked to Jontelk, and asked him for a kiss. My heart fluttered wildly as he pressed his lips to mine. I had felt empowered with the will to survive the surgery. After the kiss, i rested a bit more, Jontelk still standing by my side. Master Finesmith then entered the room medbay, followed by Adrolan Surgeon Fala D'nori. Doctor Fala had apparently been a physician from my mother's tribe, the Canowl, that i had seen when i was a small child.

Darc and Fala D'nori performing a heart transplant on Mira

She assured me everything would be fine and after preparing, Doctor Fala and Brother Darc of the Sovereign conducted my heart transplant. I grew stronger by the day, and each day i awoke to find Jontelk and/or my son, Ures by my bed side.

Jontelk visiting Mira after surgery.

I was able to find the strength to climb out of bed nearly 3 days later, though still weak and needing to rely heavily on the aid of Master Relsh. After getting cleaned up, vomiting, then finally getting some food on my stomach, i began studying for my TOKs. Before i could do too much studying though, we had some visitors. One of these was Uncle Kel who i had the pleasure of performing my first healing on after the surgery.

Masters Relsh, Moonsoo, and Solo proctoring Mira's TOKs

The exertion caused the need for rest, but i was proud to be able to last the length of the surgery. Over the days after my surgery and before my TOK's, i became closer with Jontelk. We discussed what happened, which was a bit akward at first, and had even had a few sweet moments while i was in recovery. However, the TOK's arrived quickly. I was questioned by Master Moonso and

Mira, age 18, being knighted at OTC Temple, Jaratenge.

Master Marsh Solo of the KOJ and Master Jontelk Relsh of the OTC, who had no qualms of challenging my skills and knowledge. They determined that i had passed the TOKs and i was knighted in the OTC meeting hall that knight, also my eighteenth birthday.

Joining OTC

The next day, Jontelk and I spoke of me joining the OTC, as well as some more heartfelt issues. I was made a padawan again upon joining the OTC and completed Knight Track Training under Master Relsh.

Ures'Chaabar, Mira (During KTT), Jontelk and Myrddin in OTC Dojo, Jaratenge

We had also shared our second kiss durring this time, as well as expressing a deep careing for one another. Durring my Knight Track Training, Master Relsh had me undergo two sparing sessions. The first was with an OTC Knight, Brother Dagnelsh. The second was with the master himself. However our spar ended in me losing more than simply the spar.

Mira sparing Jontelk for Knight Track Training

As i dodged an attack and pinned him to the floor, the growing passion between us took over from there. Several days later, i spoke to Sister Mirage, who had long since delivered her baby. She had come to the OTC base for a visit, and the truth of the previous spar came out. She was more than anything concerned of the condition of my heart, as well as other conditions the like of what she had recently experienced.

Jontelk and Mira on their first date, Zonama Sekot

After her frightening me and overcomming feelings of shame at what had transpired, she conducted a scan to determine my healthy. All of which came back negative for any problems or issues, to both of our relief. She comforted me after having frightened me and i assured her that i was completely in love with Jontelk, and he had felt the same, to which she warily accepted, but cautioned me to still take care. I continued my KTT and was knighted into the OTC shortly after by Master Relsh and Master Eberhardt, a long time friend and mentor from the Praxeum, and a friend of the order, Brother Criam, who had resided in our dojo, beneath the stairs.

Mira being knighted into OTC by Myrddin, Jontelk, and Criam

The order was progressing well, and i had been placed in charge of Force Vessel classes. With so few knights or students, the job was hardly taxing, and being able to review things i had studied durring my padawanship and pass them along was a wonderful experience.

Finding Four Legs Again

I continued teaching the Force Vessel class as time went on, though i had begon to wonder if i would regain my abilities to transform. I decided one day to travel to the crystal caves on Jaratenge to meditate and focus on transforming. Unfortunately my efforts being forced, i couldn't find the place i once knew through which to channel my transformations, and activate my shifting matrix. Jontelk sat patiently beside me as i tried until finally setting nearer and reaching out his hands to relax me. It was a few moments later, in the midst of our passionate encounter that i reached a point to where i began to transform, which, for the time, Jontelk had to force me to supress.

Mira sleeping at Jontelk's home after being moved in.

After a few moments, having both calmed from our time together, I was able to try once more and successfully rediscover my lykatsume birth form. I had become exausted from the attempts however. With me having fallen asleep on the cool cave floor, Jontelk lifted me into his arms and carried me to the bunk room. After gathering my things, he carried both myself and my belongings back to his own home. When i awoke in the morning, i was overjoyed with his desire of to have me move in with him, and accepted. Unfortunately, it was shortly after that the wildlife of Jaratenge became unstable. Wild creatures began attacking and charging whomever stepped foot outside. We were forced to seek an alternate living space.

Arial View, Jaratenge Forest and OTC Temple

The issue had spread planet-wide and both the OTC and the Sovereign were forced to evacuate the planet. Jontelk and I packed the order up in a large transport ship and we began to travel. We took this opportunity to become for a time a wandering order, which had origionally been the function of the OTC.

Starting Over

After a time, Jontelk and I were able to find an acceptable location to set up a home for the order. We requested permission from the government and Jedi of Haruun Kal to place a station in orbit around the planet.

Jonelk and Mira meeting with Governor Borsuk, Queen Ma'at, and other officials of the Bakuran Government

We continued a few lessons on the surface of Bakura durring our travels and finaly moved to our new home. Lessons commenced on the OTC station from then on. Our members were often away and or unmotivated, likely from the home shifting, though we have gained other members as well. The order was small and still growing.

Jontelk proposing to Mira, age 19, on Yavin IV

We traveled durring times we had no lessons to give. It was on one of these trips to Yavin that Jontelk looked into my eyes, knelt on one knee and asked me to be his wife, to which i joyfully accepted. After the engagement, there was floating talk between Jontelk and I of forming an alliance, or trying once again, between all Jedi Orders in the galaxy. Jontelk decided to visit several of the grand masters to propose this alliance in the interest of peace in the galaxy.

Exterior view of the OTC Station orbiting Haruun Kal

When he arrived home that night, Jontelk approached me and promoted me to the position of council master, after all the time and dedication that i had put into teaching and helping the order stay together and become situated in our new home. We shortly after traveled to Bakura to discuss the alliance with Governor Borsuk of Bakura. Since the monarchy and government of Bakura had been allies well before our attempt at alliance, and had been at the forefront of previous attempts, it seemed only right to include them. The meeting as a whole went well and the agreement to alliance was made, as well as the suggestion of furthering efforts to include the Jedi of Bakura as well, also a newer and still-growing order.

Becoming Mrs. Relsh

We planned the wedding for a few months after, and were happily married in front of friends and family on a high mountian near the surface of Haruun Kal.

Jontelk and Mira, age 20, kiss after exchanging vows

After returning from our honeymoon, Jontelk and I were messaged by the Queen of Bakura. Nearing her due date, she asked that we provide her transport to the base so that she may give birth safely away from assassination attempts. We retreived our ally and settled her safely into the medbay to await her delivery date. Upon examination, it was discovered that she was carrying atleast twins. That night, i began to feel strong emotions, after my encounter with the queen, which was later discovered to be the development of empathic abilities. Jontelk carried me to bed that night. By some manner of coincidence, it was that same night, unbeknownst to anyone, that a new life was concieved.

Mira examining Queen Ma'at after her arrival to the OTC Station

The empathic feelings began to worsen, unknown to myself. After Jontelk returned from a mission, we were together able to discover that my eratic feelings were in fact a reflection of those from the very pregnant Queen Ma'at that i was channeling through Force Empathy. I was able to compse myself after much meditation in order to travel to the medbay and examine the patient.

Mira speaking with her son Ures while dealing with empathic issues.

I continued meditating, with plans of focusing on first learning to supress or bock out others emotions and later learn to pick thorugh them and pinpoint individuals out of a group. It would proove to be a welcome challenge, as the ability promised to supliment my healing abilities, and affinity for the psychyological care of others. After another day or so, Queen Ma'at went into labor. She as frightened at the beginning but pulled through the first delivery with expert strength, both mentally and physically.

Mira helping Queen Ma'at deliver her triplets.

It was originally thought that the Queen was carrying twins, when in fact, after the delivery of the first baby, it was discovered a had been hiding itself from detection. The first and second babies were delivered with little complications.

Ma'at and her triplets after delivery.

The third was a little more difficult as he presented breached and needed to be turned. After the deliveries, the queen and her children were doing well, and shortly after returned home for recovery and family time.

Changing Times

The night after the Queen's delivery, the continued fatigue and nausea from the development of the Force Empathy ability rendered me to black out briefly in the shower. Jontelk came to my aid, just in time to hold my hair back as the nausea acted on it's threats. Shortly after i assured him i was fine and continued to dress. Something however had been nagging at me from a trip we had taken earlier in the day.

Mira and Jontelk resting after discovering the're going to be parents.

Upon feeling weak and nauseous on a trip to Yavin, Brother Alquin, a Guardian Knight of the KOJ, suggested jokingly that I could be with child. I had my doubts previously as to if that would even be possible between a Chev and an Adrolan. I reached up to the cabinet above the toilet and retrieved a pregnancy test. As I walked out into the med bay to meet Jontelk, I informed him with eyes widened from shock that I was carrying his child. He was ecstatic at the news. Fighting the nausea and fatigue, and a few aches here and there, I pressed on to continue traveling and going about our duties as Jedi. One of which lead to reuniting once again with Master Questi.

Mira's nausea in Yavin IV's stream.

He informed us that a friend to which he had known as long as he had known me, and had sworn to protect, had recently fallen under hard times. This friend of Master Questi was the Tetan Empress, located on Nar Shaddaa. He came to request our assistance in her defense against some threats she had recently received. Jontelk sent one of our knights, Dagnelsh Tilkoru, to investigate. He discovered that the Reverant Armada was posing a threat against the Empress and her empire, to which we have continued to investigate on these reports.

During our time at home that evening, we were visited by reporters from the Galaxy News Network, Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide. They had come searching for information on the reports that the Queen of Bakura had given birth to triplets. I walked in on the conversation as they were wrapping up an interview with Jontelk in regards to the OTC, which they the the opportunity for in absence of locating the queen. I too gave a statement and they left. The report appeared in the Galaxy News Holonet a day later.

Inability to Defend

The next day I myself took a trip to Yavin. Partly to see if in could find any information, and partly to locate a friend of the order, Criam, who used to make his home beneath the stairs of our Dojo when we lived on Jaratenge. Brother Criam was no where to be found, though i was able to locate where he made his home on the planet, after extensive searching. Seeing I would find nothing to aid my search, i left the planet and traveled to Yavin once again. I spent the better part of the day there, later joined by Jontelk, who i reported to on my trip to Nar Shaddaa. It was then that we were found by Brother Dagnelsh as well and he delivered his report, to which he was far more successful on digging up information. Things seemed to be calm that day until a number of dark siders came around. They were able to escape with a Cathar padawan, Sister Crebane. The inability to defend the padawan and keep her from harm was upsetting, along with the pregnancy hormones. Jontelk received a comm from Ures after all was said and done and the three of us traveled to Ruusan, where we met up with a Master Musashi of the KOJ and stumbled across a padawan from the NOJ and another man we had seen earlier in the day, and which Jontelk had apparently known from his past.

The next day afforded no reports on the padawan who was captured but did, however, lead to learning a little more about an old friend, Sister Rose, and things I had missed in my time away from the KOJ. We eventually did receive information that Sister Crebane was safely returned home, though genetically altered.

Forming Alliances

After a few days, Jontelk and I decided to travel to Nar Shaddaa and set up an outpost. After making the necessary provisions, Jontelk and i moved in with the purpose of learning the area of Nar Shaddaa and becomming aquainted with the Tetan. The day after our arrival on Nar Shaddaa, Jontelk, who woke up before myself, entered a discussion with the Galaxy News reporters, and a man in black and red armor. The man had fled the scene just before i walked up, however the body of a Tetan soldier was droped in front of us. We managed to find a Tetan offical, Commander Richter, and along with Yashamaru, who had at the time become a Tetan ally. They investigated the situation and later Jontelk was able to provide them with a picture of the assaliant. It was a day or so later that we were able to meet with the Empress Keto in the Tetan base, along with the Grand Master of the Wandering Jedi. We were able to form an alliance with the Tetan, each of us promising to aid the other if need arose and continued our stay on Nar Shaddaa.

We managed to learn the names of a few Tetan allies, and even stood together against a Hutt crime lord and a few of his droid acomplices. Commander Richter took down the one hostile droid, while the Hutt and his other acomplice beat a begrudging retreat. Things calmed down after that, save for Sergeant Black getting into a scrape with what appeared to be a familiar antagonist to him, while protecting a Jedi Master, Kaly, who turned out to be his fiance. A few days of quiet passed before a galactic transmition came out from Mygeeto stating they had captured a Jedi. They gave no name but i recognized the man right away from a picture they sent out. It was Master Questi. I traveled to Mygeeto, under disguize as a sith smuggler and was accompanied by Dagnelsh Tilkoru, one of our knights. After a while of scoping out the area, i was nearly pounced upon by an aid to the Mygeetian Emperor who told me Master Questi was purchaced by Trian. I traveled to Trian but was unable to find anyone to confirm these claims. There were more scrapes to come, including Master Kaly, of the Wandering Jedi, being detained on Byss by the sith. Durring this incidence, we discovered that Master Kaly was pregnant and that she was Sergeant Black's fiance. He was distraught over her capture, and at the end of th day, war was waged between Byss and the Tetans. Jontelk and I traveled to Byss to help with the negotiations of Kaly's release, however we only managed to leave with our lives and a plethera of injuries. After attempting to comfort Sergeant Black, Jontelk and I traveled home to treat our own wounds. We both had minor injuries, and i suffered a wound to the side that i had neglected for a few hours, which caused a great deal of blood loss. However, we got home in time to receive assistance from Terryanse, our medical droid, and the baby survived the injury as well, though it was a close call.

As promised to the Tetan Empress, Jontelk and i began our efforts to try and bring about the Bakuran government in an alliance. We learned upon meeting the empress that while she was a political prisoner, one of the sith that controled her ended up seducing Queen Ma'at's sister. We traveled to Bakura to meet with the Queen and were nearly turned away and asked to re-schedule. However, the force allowed us to be at the right place at the right time. While i was in a Comm convorsation with Queen Ma'at, an assassin broke into the palace and was threatening her and a gust with a gun. We were able to chase off the man, and were rewarded with our efforts by receiving an audiance with the queen. Durring our discussion, as we approached the crutially tedius topic of the Tetan empire, we were broke in upon by an injured trooper. The trooper announced that several sith from Byss had arrived. After a slight standoff the fighting broke out. I did my best to keep Queen Ma'at inside and safe, though convincing her was difficult, but eventualy the battle ended in a draw. Several Jedi allies as well as many of the Tetan arrived to lend their assistance. Sergeant Black managed to speak a bit with Queen Ma'at and tell her of his own trouble with the sith, as well as promise that should she even need assistance, he woudl be there in a heart beat.

Jontelk and I returned home. The next day we arrived on Bakura. It was here that i met Surgeon General Kenin, who was displeased with the fact that was pregnant, seeing as i was just beginning to show upon approaching four months. After a lengthy discussion, we heard of some manner of trouble with Sergeant Black being possessed by sith, and later spoke with the empress, though it was more casually. Master Myrddin joined us in this convorsation. After a few hours, we all split ways, Jontelk leaving for a recon mission, and Master Myrddin returning to his ship yard to finish constructions. I traveled to Yavin, where my condition was further revealed to Master Marsh, Master Andy, Sister Crebane,

Crebane being knighted

who had recently been knighted, and others. There seemed to be some trouble brewing but i was called away by Jontelk who had arrived on the station. Arriving on Haruun Kal station, i met up with Jontelk speaking with Brother Vishnu. While we were there peaking, Master Questi arrived and the two had a long-overdue reunion, as well as my own visual confirmation that Master Questi was ok. Jontelk and i deceided to head home, and immediately upon reaching the sofa, i fell asleep. A few hours later, i awoke to find Jontelk nearby. I was feeling unwell, but while we were sitting and talking, we recieved a galactic comm with pictures of some distruction of Yavin. We traveled ther immediately where upon we stumbled across Master Finesmith, and Master Marsh, who was in quite a state of shock. Reconstruction had already commensed and i walked with Jon to the medbay to see if there were injuries to be treated. After confirming everyone was ok, I returned to the station to rest, and Jontelk made his way to Nar Shaddaa.

Devastation and Healing

While Jon was on Nar Shaddaa i was resting at home, having no felt well most of the day. Suddenly feeling ill, i made my way to the bathroom, downstairs of the station in the med lab.

Jontelk discovering Mira in the bathroom after the miscarriage, OTC Station

After vomiting, i stood and looked to the floor, still feeling queezy and unusually uncomfortable, my eyes fell across blood spots on the floor. After a moments confusion i realized where the blood had originated, removed my lower garments and laid my hands on my slightly protruding stomach, as i was approaching my fourth month of pregnancy. In an attempt to heal myself, i drew the force to my abdomen, attempting to repair a tear that occurred from the spontaneous detachment of the placenta. The pain increased as my muscles began to contract and the blood continued to flow. Despite my best efforts, the embryo was lost.

Jontelk visiting Mira after Terryanse patches her up.

The pain and anguish fresh, and still bleeding, i remained on the floor, curled up in the puddle of pungent red, unaware of the gut-wrenching sound of my own tears. However, from Nar Shaddaa, Jontelk had heard, and felt my pain and returned home as fast as able. He found me in the bathroom, sitting in blood and screaming in tears. After failing to bring words from me, Jon carried me to one of the me beds and had our medical droid Terryanse perform a checkup, to which he immediately took me to surgery where he cleaned and stitched my womb. After surgery, and a night's rest, i was still silent and in tears. Jon visited after surgery, sleeping on the couches in the atrium through the night as i rested.

Jontelk and Mira mourning their loss

In the morning, though i still could not anwer him, Jon crawled into bed with me and held me close. After a while i managed to utter a few words. Ures came to visit while we rested in the procedure room and Terryanse filled him in on the events of the previous night. Jontelk joined him a few hours later as Teryanse came to perform a check up. Afterward, Jon carried me to our bedroom, and away from the med lab to hopefully speed my recovery. Passing Ures, i appologised to him for losing his sister, to which he had no reply beyond his previous "i love you, mom".

Ures and Jontelk waiting for Terryanse to finish examining Mira

All through that night and the day before, Jontelk constantly reminded me that it wasn't my fault, and no one was to bame, though he blamed himself a bit for not being there when it happened. The next morning i awoke before Jon. Terryanse had brought to the room a small box with our baby concealed within it while he slept. Jon awoke to find me sitting on he bed, staring at the box with a dagger in my hand. I asked him what we should name our daughter, whom i had discovered

Family saying goodbye to Ramora, Daughter and Sister they never got to meet

to be a girl when i was attempting to heal myself on the day of her death. We decided on Ramora, and in accordance with Adrolan ritual, i etched her name into the flesh of my stomach. Having Jon contribute a small ammount of blood to the casket as well, we concealed the knife in the small box with Ramora, and called for aid from Adrola to have her transported back to my family for a proper burrial.

Mira and Jontelk in Yavin IV forest, reflecting on the death of their child

Afterward, and after Ures was able to say his goodbyes as well, we traveled to Yavin while i wandered to clear my mind and heal, and Jontelk followed. We were called away to Nar Shaddaa after a momet when discovering that a KOJ padawan, Brother Fefa, had been kidnapped by Sith of Byss and was captive there. Uncle Myrddin attempted negotiations with Byss and failed and i traveled to Nar Shaddaa to meet him and Uncle Aztech,

Mira and Aztech having a heart to heart

whom i told of the misscarriage. Jontelk arrived, and after hearing word of Fefa's safe return on Yavin, we returned there. Upon returning, a man we just recently met mentioned he was going to be a dad, and that he was going drinking to celebrate. The idea upset me and i stormed off to the medlab. A few hours later, Jontelk entered with Brother Anubis, whom apparently Jon had told what happened. Dismayed and shocked being directly comfronted with it, i left again, and went to the forest.

Jontelk and Mira (in Lyaktsume form) resting under a tree on Yavin

Jontelk found me again, and we talked things through, and returned home to spend the night in eachothers arms. The next day we did a bit of traveling to Yavin again and Bakura, where we saw Brother Oden,

Mira meeting Oden on Bakura

whom i hadn't seen since we held classes on that very planet, comming to find out their conclave moved, possibly to be located on Bakura or Nar Shaddaa. The day was otherwise uneventful. The next led back to Bakura, where I was abe to reunite with Auntie Natirra and Myrddin, as well as see some

Jontelk and Mira on Coruscant

Kata friends, one of which shot an unruly unknown mandalorian in the office which we all stood. Then a stop by Corruscant to speak to Master Vella of the ILUM about th upcomming Jedi Grand Council meeting, which led shortly after to a stroll around Yavin to catch up with th KOJ.

In time all mourning must end

It was several weeks before Jontelk and I really got back into galactic events after the blow to our personal life. We did try to keep contacts and involvement in things that were happening galacticly but we had certainly hit a slump.

Mira and Cayce surrounded by Mandalorians of another Aliit

While on a solo trip to Yavin, i met up with Sister Cayce with whom we discussed some of the events involving the Mandalorians with the conflict between the Sith and the Tetan empire. Durring our discussion we were threatened by an unknown assailant whom Sister Cayce backed down with ease. Shortly after, Mandalorians began gathering at the Yavin meditation circle around us, inquiring about a group of Nightsisters who had attacked their clan members. I was able to inform them that the same group had just previously assaulted Brother Dem and myself earlier in the day in that very location, prior to Sister Cayce's arrival, and was able to provide names, having known them as them since my childhood, the former sith Eva and Idyam. I left Yavin shortly after, feeling fatigued from the day's events and returned home to find Ures waiting.

Mira exploring Mos Espa

We discussed his training and renewing him on his Force Vessel lessons, as most lessons had been put on hold due to lack of willing participation. I continued roaming around the galaxy, sometimes with Jontelk and sometimes by myself, even taking a trip to Mos Espa, which i had yet to visit. We were visited later by the Galaxy News reporters once again. Having been out of the loop,

Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide leaving OTC Station after interview

we learned more from them about tumultuousness galactic events than we were able to inform them of, and realized just how far behind we were. Eventually we moved ourselves into our previous work, pushing for the Jedi Galactic Council alliance to play more active roles with one another, and learning of a summit that was hosted by the Tetan Empire. Prior to the summit we had received word that the Tetan Leigon was attempting to relocate Empress Keto to Bakura due to continued threats on her life.

Jontelk sparing with Kyrain of the KOJ

We were visited a week or so later with the information of the summit. Apparently the idea was thrown out of making attempts to reform a Galactic Republic, much as the one that was held in the glory days of the galaxy before the great Jedi purge. In our search for more information on this issue, we became side tracked by other activities, such as friendly spars with other orders and a few issues coming out of Yavin IV. Brother Fefa, a padawan in the Kalway Jedi Order had apparently encountered some chemical that left him partially blind. He was brought by the station where Terryanse and I analysed his condition and came up with a neutralizer for the chemical that disrupted his vision and burnt his hands.

Mira and Terryanse working on Fefa in OTC Station med bay

While analyzing him, i discovered and reported to him that he had some Clawdite DNA. We were called to Yavin shortly after to help him once again, as he was attacked when fleeing from the same Nightsisters that had attacked a few Mandalorians on Bakura and frequently harass the inhabitants of Yavin. I was able to stabilize him and leave him in the care of his master, Sister Rose, and his father, Kyrain.

Mira looking after NJO padawan Liam on Chandrilla

I was exausted from the day's healings, having traveled to Chandrilla as well, in between the two healings of the padawan, Brother Fefa, in order to look after a critically ill NJO padawan with whom i had recently become aquainted, Brother Liam. While sitting on the railing of the Yaivn canal bridge, we whitnessed Brother Fefa running from the med bay. His appearance had changed, no doubt due to his Clawdite DNA, and now appeared as a blue wolf-like species, much like his master.

Mira informing Crebane, Ken, Evelyn, Jontelk, Rose, and Kyrain of Fefa's status

Jontelk and I returned home to rest, spending a few days updating our medical facility and spending a little more alone time together. However, my own health had began to change after several days, leading me to feel strange, but ignoring what little symptoms i had in order to push forward with re-involving ourselves in galactic events.

Galactic Involvement

Waking up the next morning we decided to travel to Nar Shadda once again. This reason was part wise to speak to the Empress or any other who may know of the events that took place at the Summit meeting, and part to investigate the strange plant growth occurring on the location where Jon and I once took up an outpost. We dawned breathers and headed for the moon in Hutt space.

Mira and Jontelk taking samples on Nar Shaddaa

Once we arrived on Nar Shaddaa we came across Uncle Aztech, one of the Tetan Legion. He had little information for us regarding the summit, though he did pass along the meeting log from the event. He did however inform us that many had died from the current state of the moon that is Nar Shaddaa. We were able to see right off how bad the situation was. Tentacle plants had grown straight through the metal and duracrete platforms of the city. After finishing our discussion with Uncle Aztech I began collecting some samples and we traveled down to the under city. Right away we were hit with a horrific sight. The entire under city was covered in a green fog. I didn't step off the lift due to the likelihood of skin exposure to the spores. Jon wasn't so careful at first, even disregarding my pleas and advise until Uncle Aztech joined us in the under city and confirmed my suspicions of contact and caution. We moved to a higher level where I implemented a force sight technique to investigate the under city

Mira, Jontelk, Aztech and Octar of the Tetan Legion investigating the fog-ridden under city.

further while Jon and Uncle Aztech tossed around the idea that these plants were the product of a Yuusan Vong's attempt to turn the moon into a living ship by killing it's inhabitants. The under city cantina had collapsed in on itself and the corpse of a Hutt was hanging from the malicious vines nearby. Seeing the condition of the area my sight fell upon the location near the cantina where Jon and I had once kept an outpost. A thought suddenly struck me. After a moment's more discussion i excused myself and moved back to the landing area, high above ground, where i removed my mask briefly. The thought that had come to me made me instantly sick. Once Jon joined me near the landing area, i expressed the thought that had crossed both our minds. Early contact to this fog, likely spores that were being emitted by the plants, prior to their full growth on the planet caused my miscarriage. After composing ourselves, or mainly me composing myself, from the horrific discovery, Jon returned home and i decided to travel to Bakura to seek out more information about the Summit, seeing as Uncle Aztech informed us they were frequently in both locations depending. I was unable to find anyone to speak with. However, while there a comm went out on the Tetan line requesting assistance on Ruusan. Jon and I arrived separately but soon ran into Sister Eva Lekatch, and soon after battle. I was able to fend off a few for a while but eventually lost my footing and was struck hard on the upper left thigh and the crease between my neck and shoulder before falling from the ledge. After regaining consciousness i was able to gain enough strength to stem most of my bleeding, though i had already lost quite a bit of blood. Jon faired much better, maintaining his defense while taking down nearly three offenders before a mass retreat occurred spontaneously on both ends. Jon took me back to

Jontelk, a Chiss guard, Mira, Empress Keto and Aztech speaking about reformation and other issues.

the station and, along with our medical droid Terryanse, treated the remainder of my wounds. While i was resting, Jon received a comm from Uncle Aztech. He and the Empress had taken about Nar Shaddaa to collect samples of the tentacles and their bi-products and were on their way to bring them to the station. I woke up as they came down the stairs and instructed Terryanse to store the samples in an airtight container until we could conduct an analysis on the samples. While the Empress was there i decided to ask her about the summit, and more specifically about the idea of re-forming the Republic. With her blessing i decided to begin reaching out to other planets to propose this idea to them, namely Yavin and Bakura, considering whether or not Queen Ma'at was already involved. After they left i rested the night in the med bay.


The next morning, though still recovering, i traveled alone to Yaivn and began speaking to Master Moonsoo, Brother Kyrain and Brother Anubis about that which i had discovered in my talks with Empress Keto. Jontelk joined us shortly after and we managed to get fairly far in the discussion.

Mira, Kyrain, Master Moonsoo and Anubis sitting in discussion about the republic.

However, i was unable to stress the importance of finding either a well-balanced individual or a non-force user to act as representative for the moon of Yavin within the republic before Master Moonsoo had to excuse herself. I attempted to re-schedule a meeting with Brother Kyrain in this topic, which we decided to play by ear. I returned to Haruun Kal and proceeded to hire a construction crew to assist in re-modeling our station. The attempt was first to open a space within the main hull for meetings. However it was later decided to remove some of the exterior pods and turn the unused space into the location of the kitchen and bunk rooms. The upstairs meeting area was re-modeled as well to allow for more seating space to entertain diplomatic visitors and larger meetings.

While in the middle of overseeing construction, I received an anonymous comm message, the voice of which i believed to be Lady Eva of the Nightsisters. She reported that a Jedi master was on the Death Star orbiting Yavin, bleeding to death. I didn't answer the comm message vocally but rather made my way for Yavin IV, contacting Brother Kyrain along the way. Once i arrived i spoke to Sister Rose to gain more information. Considering the comm came from a Nightsister, there was the likelihood that it could be a attempt at a trap based on a false claim. Being i was still recovering and haven't the best saber skills, i attempted to take caution. However, Sister Rose informed me that the Padawan, Brother Anubis had already went to see about the issue and was keeping her posted. I met up with them as he and Lady Eva brought Sister Trinity, who was apparently made a KOJ Master now, into the med lab to see to her wounds. Anubis treated her and i explained the situation as i knew it to Brother Kyrain, Brother Alquin and others that came up after i had sent out comm messages. Eva left the building and Sister Trinity regained consciousness, informing us that she was in fact attacked by Eva. While the boys went to pursue her, Trinity, Anubis and I caught up a bit and went our separate ways. I kept in contact with Brother Kyrain for most of the rest of the evening concerning Eva and the attempt for a meeting on previous topics, but otherwise returned to the station to oversee construction once again.

Anubis Kneeling before the masters, Mars, Iria and Luvbutton.

Construction had completed that next day, which Little Tail (Ures) and Uncle Myrddin where quite happy with and surprised about. After muttling around for a few more hours, cleaning, organizing, and doing maintenance on some of our systems, Little Tail and I began preparing for a trip to Bakura to hopefully speak with Queen Ma'at. I thought it would be a good experience for him to get out and see some of the things we do to hopefully renew his interest in lessons. However, just as we were preparing to leave, i received word that an event was about to take place on Yavin. It turned out that Brothers Anubis and Fefa were to be knighted that day. We attended the ceremony, even being surprised by Sister Rose being made a Master within the order. She was the master of both Brother Anubis and Brother Fefa.

Rose preparing to cut Fefa's padawan braid.

After the knighting, Brother Kyrain and I were able to catch up on events that occurred during the years in which we hadn't seen each other. It turned out he had been searching for Sister Moira after she disappeared from Yavin, but was unable to find her. I was able to tell him about my journey with Master Finesmith, the heart surgery i underwent, and even about Ramora. Shortly after he was called away and we wandered around Yavin for a while. Eventually, i met back up with him and Sister Rose after sensing a familiar presence nearby.

Walt sighting on Yavin IV

Master Finesmith, whom i generally refer to solely as Master even to this day, arrived on Yavin. He had made it out to exploring the Unknown Regions of the galaxy and now had made it back as far as Yavin IV. After a bit of catching up and discussion, he took his leave and Jon and I returned home to retire for the evening.

Moving Forward: A continuation from a devoted daughter.

My name is Minavi Ramora Relsh, daughter of Miratae (Avro) Relsh and Jontelk Relsh. My mother's record keeping ceased shortly after the recounting of the most recent events mentioned here in this journal. Having not been present for subsequent events, I cannot accurately account for what transpired in the time after my mother's last entry. I can, however, tell the stories as they were told to me growing up while sitting on her knee as she explained what was transpiring in the photos we scrolled through on her datapad. Firstly, this ceasing to write was around the time that she discovered she was once again pregnant. This discovery left her with some feelings of dread, considering what had transpired with my older sister, Ramora.

Jontelk, Mira, and Ures on Bakura at the request of queen Ma'at.

Mother, Father, and my older brother Ures continued to involve themselves in events on Bakrua. It was after one such journey when Mother felt ill. She reached out to her healer friend Nadia for assistance and advice, whereby she discovered the state of her condition. As mentioned, this left mother uneasy at the prospect of losing another child. She and Father spoke at length on the possibility. Ultimately, they left the life of their unborn child in the hands of the will of the Force. If it was meant to be it was meant to be, and they would remember that death was not an end; rather a time to be sad but likewise glad for your loved one being one with the Force once more.

There were a few accounts of my older brother Ures getting into a few scrapes and requiring Mother's assistance. Throughout the months, Mother and Father continued aiding wherever possible, on Bakura, Tetan, Yavin, from wherever a call to aid arrived. They accepted a few individuals into the OTC to train who came and went. I'll include a few relevant pictures from her photo album here as I am unable to go into great detail, having not been around to see these events myself.

Miratae assisting Ures after another run-in with danger.

Miratae and Jontelk attending the funeral of one of the crown princes of Bakura

Mira meeting with the queen of the Tetan Empire, Eva

Mira and Jontelk answering a call to aid on Ruusan

Ures and Jontelk engaging in a training exercise on the OTC station.

Mira in Disguise! - The OTC Masters meeting with Masters of other orders in review of a recon and rescue mission on Byss

Lending a hand on Yavin IV

Training new recruits to the OTC

Checking up on Jontelk while discussing future plans.

A visit to OTC Station from the Galactic News crew.

Another routine checkup.

A call to aid on Yavin, again.

Jontelk leading a meeting of Masters and Grandmasters in an attempt to promote unification.

As time progressed, Father and Mother began an effort to unify the various Jedi orders under a unified mantel. They called on Grand Masters of various orders, including KOJ and others who's names I've forgotten from these recounts. Talks ultimately fell through when the consensus of the majority sought to exclude a few orders from this effort which held to more volatile teachings. Some of which who were in support of these volatile orders sought to destroy the entire effort in response to these proposed exclusion. Eventually, the entire alliance effort fell through with the waning of enthusiasm for the cause. After the failure of this proposal, Father and Mother decided to take

Miratae in labor with daughter Minavi, with husband Jontelk and friend Nadia by her side.

a hiatus from performing typical Jedi duties. They remained at home as Mother's pregnancy was nearing it's end and their second child was expected to enter the world. The prospect of complications or emergent happenstances remained at the forefront of my mother's mind. Ultimately, she went into labor on April 9th. Late in the evening, just before the morning of April 10th, Miratae Relsh gave birth to her daughter, Minavi Ramora Relsh (Clearly that's me!). She had her father's hair and one each of her parents' eyes, likely due to her mixed Chev and Adrolan blood. I also formed patchy skin over time as a result of my heritage, which I insisted on being hidden with makeup through most of my childhood. After My birth, Father and Mother weighed their place in the galaxy and where they would be best suited.

Jontelk holding his baby girl for the first time.

In an effort to start anew, they decided to move the station from it's orbit around Sump to an orbit around Adrola. It was here they lived for about eleven years with their family, Ures making frequent visits. They raised me and my younger brother, Jeryn, born two years after me, close to family on Adrola. While raising us, Father became a stay-at-home dad while continuing his meditations and contemplations in the Jedi ways.

Family Portrait: Jontelk & Miratae Relsh with their children Ures'Chabaar, Minavi Relsh and Jeryan Relsh.

Mother, meanwhile, utilized her medical prowess and became a medical professor under a false name at the University of Charmath. After I turned eleven, and my brother 9, Mother and Father decided to try their hand at forging an order once again. They thus created the Jedi Watchmen. With a modest but ever-growing conclave, the Jedi Watchmen came to stand for a live and let live way of adhering to the force. My brother and I were trained to focus on observation and lending a hand where our skills could provide unobtrusive aid. Any other intervention-based matters would focus solely on thwarting the efforts of Sith to impose their will on others through the abuse of their connection to the force. Our training likewise focused on being one with our sentient selves, embracing our emotions rather than denying them. We were taught to work with our emotions, as they are what tie us to the living force and to other sentient beings in the experience of being sentient, but that the do not h

Minavi Relsh and Miratae Relsh just before Minavi leaves for her orbital tour.

ave to overwhelm or define us. As time passed, Mother likewise taught me in the ways of healing and Father and Mother both devoted us to the ways of the Jedi. I became more comfortable in my natural skin and proudly wore my spots in my teen years. After passing into adulthood and aiding my parents in their Jedi Wanderer mission for a time, I requested a posting in orbit around the various systems in the galaxy to both explore as my parents before me and lend my knowledge and aid to both those in need and prospective Jedi who seek guidance. Miratae and Jontelk continue to promote the ways of the Jedi Wanderer from their orbit around Adrola.

Jedi Training

Mira joined the Praxeum Jedi at the age of eight years old. She had begun as a Praxeum Youngling, then became a Praxeum Initiate. Due to turmoil with the order and it's home being lost, Mira remained a Praxeum Initiate from the age of eight years old until the age of fourteen. During this time she learned from many, both in saber training and in healing. The two who primarily picked up on providing her with educational help were Lady White Ragu, who assisted with saber training, movement training, and the informing of a few force abilities, and Lady Natirra Danick who taught Mira the majority of what she knows about medical practices and healing today.

Mira joined the KOJ after the disolution of the Jedi Praxeum. She became a padawan in a class-type setting, overseen by Grand Master Luvbutton Moonsoo. She was later assigned as a padawan to Master Walt Finesmith. She remained Master Finesmith's padawan, even through his decision to leave the Kalway Jedi Order. The two of them traveled while Walt continued to train Mira. They settled down for a time on Jaratenge, as guests of the Order of the Calling(OTC) It was here that Master Finesmith knighted Mira. Her TOKs were overseen by Master Luvbutton Moonsoo of the KOJ, Master Marsh Solo of the KOJ, and Master Jontelk Relsh of the OTC.

After her knighting, Mira joined the OTC. She became a KTT Apprentice for a time while she completed the necessary training to once again make it to knight. This training only took a few weeks and she was knighted to into the OTC by Master Jontelk Relsh, Master Myrddin Eberhardt, and friend of the order, Sir Criam Vetnobst. After a time, Mira became the primary Force Vessel instructor.After the relocation of the OTC from Jaratenge to a station orbiting Haruun Kal, and later Sump then Adrola, Mira was made a Council Master in the OTC.

Mira was formerly a Council Master in the Order of the Calling. Now she and Jontelk run the Jedi Watchmen from an orbital station based in orbit around Adrola.

Lightsaber Training

Mira did not have a master durring the early stages of her training. Some of her friends graciously offered their time and advice toward helping her learn to use a lightsaber effectively. White Ragu, Praxeum Consular Knight, had been on the forefront of these efforts along with Tayla, KOJ padawan at the time and Walt Finesmith, a KOJ Master. She also has received some pointers from Ryker, KOJ Guradian Knight and Grand Master Luvbutton Moonsoo of the KOJ.

Later she recieved training from Master Finesmith, to whom she became a padawan, and Master Jontelk Relsh of the OTC.

Force Abilities

When still very young, Mira was learning to use the force, having no real exposure to it in the early parts of her life. The first things she attempted using the force was assisting in the med bay on Yavin IV. This typically made her dizzy and she would sometimes black out, but the experience was appreciated, as it is her goal to become a healer. Eventually, after using this ability for a while, Mira was able to assist with minor healing on her own, and learned to use the force to scan for problems. However, because she knows very little still about medical issues and anatomy, she often looks to her friends and mentors, Natirra Danick, Myrddin Eberheart, Bant Tyran, and Saritha Khandr, for advice and assistance. Other than that, she takes pride in helping out around the med bay, whether assisting medically, bringing needed items to people working, or cleaning. She is also a very curious girl, and can often be found observing medical situations.

Beyond this, her friend and mentor White Ragu has provided her with the knowledge of a force power Lady White called force sight, and instructed her to meditate on it, saying that it seemed promising that Mira could learn the ability.

Mira has later been able to supliment her healing abilities with force Sight and recently developed force empathy.

List of Mira's Force abilities -Force Healing -Force Sight -Force Telepathy -Force Telekenisis -Force Empathy (still developing) -Art of the Small (still developing)


Mira used to always carry her notebook with her, as well as a medical mask and gloves, and her hairsticks. These are all located in her Praxeum belt when she is wearing it. Otherwise, they are hidden in her body, an ability shared by Shi'ido and Adrolans, necessary for shape shifters. Mira also has a comm link, given to her by her friend Ryker. By accident, it allowed her to listen in on conversation being transmitted by the Mandalorian's private comm system. Later, and with the aid of one of her mando friends, she was able to rig the comm so she could speak to them as well. Later, as her friend Geno made his way back to the light side of the force, creating the CG, he programed their private comm system into it as well, in case she ever needed their assistance. Mira does have a lightsaber which she wears proudly on her left hip, unless times call for it to be hidden or if she decides to transform, as she has no thumbs in her animal forms.

Older now, Mira carries with her a medical belt with various supplies she may need durring missions. She always keeps with her the locket she was given by Rellik, after her capture by him, which she had modified to carry the symbol of the Praxeum. She later added the charms from Lady White Ragu's found necklace and small charms for the symbols of both the KOJ and the OTC Jedi Orders. Inside the locket are pictures of close family, a whole in the top for the perocryst her friend Uncle Akriloth left in her care to enter and exit, as it remains the creature's home, and a small leaf which Mira had plucked from Jontelk's hair before her surgery, when they shared their first kiss. Along with this locket, Mira carries her Niralti saber with her, whether out in the open or hidden within her body.


Mira is a playful kid and enjoys dressing up. Because she is in training to become a Jedi she mostly wears Praxeum Padawan robes, though she is not yet a padawan. Because of this, upon recieving her robes, she dyed the shirt pink. However she loves dresses and prefers them over pants, though she secretly would love to try on some Mandalorion armor.

Now Mira wears a variety of clothing. She doesn't wear many dresses anymore, as they serve to more likely impede movement when she needs to ready for a battle or medical situation.


Saber given to Mira by her brother Tyan

  • Taking her Big Brother's advice, and generosity, Mira does carry a lightsaber for protection. The only times she has used it were for training and in the defense of herself and her friend, on three occasions in total. After some looking, Mira was able to find a pink crystal for her saber, as this is her favorite color.

Sith Saber Mira built while in custody of the Sith Rellik

  • Durring her lengthiest capture with Rellik, Mira's saber was lost to her and she was made to make a sith saber, under the guidance of her "Big Brother Rellik" After being rescued from her stay with Rellik, she was given a white christal by White Ragu in order to replace the red one.

KOJ Training saber pieced together by Mira during her training in the KOJ

  • Mira completed the construction of an apprentice saber shortly after joining the Kalway Jedi Order. She used this saber until she was knighted independantly by Master Walt Finesmith

Niralti saber, built by Mira in completion of her padawan training, in honor of her late step-mother.

  • Upon her knighting, Mira created the Niralti Saber. This saber was constructed in memory of her Big Brother Tyan Auk's Mother. Without Niralti's death, Mira would have never been born, and Tyan would have never left Adrola to seek the life of a Jedi, later followed by his baby sister. Mira owes her entire existance to that piviting point in history, and with her Auntie Niralti's memory forever at her side, she will do her best to protect and defend those within her reach.


  • When first arriving to the galaxy, Mira was given a C-Tech personal craft. After the death of a close friend she was left a Mon Calamari cruiser and another, slightly smaller ship. She also has access to a few more vessels which are probably junking up the hanger at the Praxeum's new base on Meglos.
  • Mira obtained another personal craft with the aid of Master Finesmith (one he built) which she now uses regularly.

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