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MindBender Vox was a human, male Jedi Master in the New Order of the Jedi (NOJ). He was a consular and a scholar. He was also the creator and master of a dreaded form of lightsaber combat he named 'Form XIII'.

Early Years

Mindbender Vox was raised as an adept by a group of human sorcerers on the planet Tund. The Sorcerers of Tund were an obscure and feared group of mystics and Force-sensitives. The human sect of the Sorcerers were known as the Tutela and were considered to be masters of persuasion and influence.

Mindbender was considered to be among the last of a small handful of survivors from the destruction of the planet Tund, whose numbers are now believed to be less than five.

With the Sorcerers of Tund

The Sorcerors of Tund came into existence as the result of one of history's many Great Schisms of the Jedi Order. Incorporating both Sith and Jedi teachings into their religion, the Sorcerers studied the mystical arts in their monastic enclaves on their homeworld of Tund, seeking to understand the flow of events. The Sorcerers saw their abilities as a kind of magic, and presented themselves to the galaxy at large as powerful wizards, inspiring respect and fear.

After the Sorcerers were betrayed by a young initiate named Rokur Gepta, a delegation of Tutela was dispatched to make contact with the Jedi Order that included young Mindbender. Their ship came under attack by the Sith before reaching their destination and was crippled and most the crew was killed or captured.

As his guardians were being murdered, the oldest and the wisest of the Tutela whispered in his mind, dark and forbidden secrets of defense. Already weakened by the ordeal, the Tutela Master died moments later.


Afterwards, Mindbender was held prisoner by the Sith for several months. While only an adept, his knowledge of persuasion and influence was uncanny, and he was considered a prime candidate for recruiting by several of the Sith Lords. The Sith Lords were also interested as it was rumored that the Sorcerer's teachings may have been rooted in ancient Sith doctrine.

After many single frustrating attempts to turn the young adept, Mindbender was brought before a council of Sith Lords. The Sith en-masse tried to turn the young adept by unleashing all of their power upon him. Down on the ground and close to death, the Sith gave him one last opportunity to join them.

What happened next is not exactly clear. As Mindbender lay dying, he heard the words of the Tutela Master in his mind, and as he struggled to stay conscious he shouted out to the Sith, "The promise of power is an illusion, there is more to power then physical force!", and then passed out.

A New Beginning

Mindbender awoke awhile later in new surroundings with no Sith in site. He found himself alone and wandering unknown lands on an unknown world with no idea of how he got there. After several weeks on this new world, Mindbender found his destiny when he met Jedi Master Marymac Dougall who was the leader of a fledging order known as the New Order of the Jedi. Master Dougall saw potential in the young lost adept and invited him into her order for further training under her personal tutelage.