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"War is a terrible thing, but sometimes it is necessary. The Sith will kill billions if they are allowed to expand unchecked, and as Jedi, it is our job to stop them."

— Mikori Lawson

Mikori Lawson is a Human Jedi Master, active sometime after 220 ABY. Currently semi-retired, he has not taken on an official student in several years, but splits his time between his home, Uvena Prime, and the Jedi Temple on Bakura.  Calm and thoughtful, Mikori's skills tend to reflect the broad and more diverse skill set of his former Master, Jedi Sentinel Roger Jel O'dem.


Early life

Born on Corellia, Mikori was identified at an early age as a potential Force-sensitive. His parents, both unskilled workers living beneath the poverty line, happily gave up their infant son to the Jedi Order in return for the Order's assistance at bettering their station in life. Mikori was brought to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, and trained from an early age to become a Jedi.

Though Mikori heartily subscribed to the ideals and mission of the Jedi Order, as he grew older it was discovered that he was progressing much more slowly than other students his own age. He had difficulty achieving a meditative state, in feeling the Force flow around him the same way that his fellow students could. Mikori worked under two separate Jedi Masters during this time. Both were convinced that they could help to unlock the potential within the boy. Both ended up becoming frustrated by his lack of progress.

With his time as a Padawan drawing close to an unsuccessful end, Mikori's Master at the time told him that he was being shipped off to Ruusan, where he'd have his last chance to prove himself worthy of a Master, and of the life of a Jedi.

Jedi training

(Began in early January, 2009) At the age of fifteen, Mikori found himself living on Ruusan, working in the fields during the day while attempting to ingratiate himself with the Jedi there in the evenings. During this time, he met many people who would be his companions in the future - as well as the Squib Jedi Sentinel Roger Jel O'dem. Mikori and Roger spent time speaking together, and Roger ran the young human through several exercises. He became convinced that he could train Mikori to be a Jedi.

Mikori is instructed by Roger Jel O'dem

Selected as Roger's Padawan Learner, Mikori found the exercises that he was run through to be to his liking. With hours of physical training in the mornings, training with his Master during the day and studies in the evenings, the young Padawan felt as though he was truly growing as a person for the first time in years. Roger accepted Mikori's unstable connection to the Force and taught him to rely on his skills first and his Force abilities second. Much of Mikori's philosophical training focused on not thinking of himself as the agent of one particular Jedi Order or another, but as simply a Jedi. A servant of those less fortunate, one gifted with the resources that would enable him to help them.

Roger's primary teaching method was learning by doing, and he and his Padawan spent much of their time off planet, performing missions throughout the Galaxy. It was during these missions that they began to encounter the Sith. After several narrow escapes, Mikori's training intensified to include lightsaber technique, as well as ranged combat with a blaster.

At the age of nineteen, Mikori found himself in his first true confrontation. With many of the Jedi of Ruusan gone on missions, Mikori and several other Padawans were left by themselves. Several Sith, including Darth Ptas, attacked Ruusan out of simple boredom and the desire for easy targets. During this night, out of sheer necessity, Mikori felt his connection to the Force deepen. He and the other Padawans faced down the Sith Lords and cut them down, forcing them to retreat. It was this event that would cause Ptas to develop an interest in him that would shape his life for the next few years.

Several nights later, Ptas returned to Ruusan with the help of Darth Rowe and several other Sith Lords. They attacked Mikori and Roger while they were alone and poorly equipped, and the two were captured and brought to Byss. Here, Mikori in particular was tortured and maimed by Rowe. Eventually dumped half dead on Ruusan, this experience has instilled a deep-seated distaste for the Sith that persists to this day.

Mikori's Early Training

To recover, Mikori and Roger traveled to Zonama Sekot, where he first met the Mandalorian Cayce Urriah, a powerful woman who would become a close acquaintance for years to come. Living and training with the Mandalorians without the aid of equipment or weapons sharpened Mikori's independent streak and his survival instinct. During this time, Mikori formed a sort of Force bond with the sentient planet itself. The planet offered Mikori a gift - a bright orange lightsaber crystal that he would use in his first custom built lightsaber.

Several years later, Mikori finally faced the Knight's Trials and passed them. He was Knighted by the Jedi Council on Ruusan at the age of twenty five. Having achieved something that he'd never thought possible, Mikori threw himself into his new position with fervor.

Life as a Jedi Knight

(Knighted in September, 2009) Given the independence to operate on his own, Mikori immediately began to work his way through the Galaxy on his own, putting his skills to the best use that he knew how. He worked in a variety of locations, on more planets than he can count, and participated in more battles than he cares to remember.

Mikori as a Jedi Knight.

Through attrition and migration to other Jedi Enclaves, the NOJ began to dwindle, and Mikori found himself to be one of the few remaining active Jedi Knights. He carried with him the philosophy taught to him by his Master, which is that the ideals and charters of particular Jedi Enclaves are unimportant. What matters more than the letter of the law is in trying to live up to the ideal of the Jedi. Because of this, Mikori works frequently with other Jedi Orders on other planets, lending his skills as needed. Worried by the state of the Ruusan Jedi, Mikori returned to the planet where he was trained and began to take on a teaching role. Aside from combat instruction in lightsaber technique, he took on a Padawan of his own, a Human male named Grant Wickentower, and began to teach him. Through instruction, Mikori refreshed skills and knowledge that had dwindled during his time working solo.

Mikori's first Padawan takes his oaths.

With the completion of Grant Wickentower's training and his Knighting under the Ruusan order, Mikori returned briefly to a solitary and mission driven life, operating occasionally with his student and with others. Working with several Sentinels and Consulars, Mikori spent several months working to end the Ruusan Sithspawn Invasion, and eventually killed the last of the creatures.

With the betrayal of New Order of the Jedi Council Master Ana Morico and her defection to the Dark Lords of the Sith, Mikori's confidence in the NOJ leadership was shaken to the point where he decided it was time to move on.

For a brief time, he was involved with the Crystal Academy, a small Jedi school on Qiilura run by Kira Vel and Zack Vel. After a vicious attack by one of the planet's native species, the Gurlanins, the Vels abandoned the school and the life of the Jedi, including their former students Hubbard Hazelnut and Matteo Reyes. Mikori took the two under his wing, intent on completing their training. Matteo, himself a former Jedi Knight, was re-Knighted several months later.

Mikori began bringing the fight to the Sith more directly. Working as the director of Starfighter operations in the Galatic Liberation Alliance, a fleet formed along with former NOJ Jedi Master Jys Tebut, a series of offensives was begun against Sith held planets. During this period of increased hostile activities, Mikori took care to remain grounded, to not resort to violence too quickly, and to make sure that both his skills and those of his students are prepared for war. Unfortunately, avoiding violence was not always possible.

Mikori combats Darth Rancorus.

The most intense fighting of his life took place on the Shistavanen homeworld, Uvena Prime. Having been held for over a hundred years by the Sith, and later the Revenant Armada, the Occupation of Uvena Prime was a brutal and violent exploitation of the planet that Mikori felt the Jedi needed to help stop.

Jedi Master

(Became a Jedi Master in October, 2011) Over a period of several months, Mikori entrenched himself with the Shistavanen Resistance movement and acted as a military advisor and liason to the Galactic Liberation Alliance, helping to funnel in much needed supplies, train troops in warfare, and took part in a variety of battles across the planet and through the Armada blockade. At this time more than ever, Mikori found himself acting as a leader, commanding Masters, Knights, Padawans, and soldiers alike in battles against the Revenant Armada and their allies. This led, through necessity and sheer experience, to Mikori possessing skills in warfare, diplomacy, and the Force that many Jedi did not. In his mid forties at this point, still relatively young for a human, he felt he was in his prime.

Since leaving the New Order of the Jedi, Mikori had not served in an official capacity under anyone who outranked him aside from Jys Tebut, though during this time he also became close friends with a man who was the oldest living Jedi Master at that time, Marcus Moreau. And it was Moreau's opinion that Mikori's actions and experience warranted the official rank of Jedi Master. Mikori accepted, though it wasn't a source of pride for him. Rather, a tool - something to enable him to better do the job he'd been doing all along.

The war on Uvena Prime lasted five years. Toward the end, the battles were intense, seeing many high profile deaths on both sides - one of them being Mikori's old friend, Jys Tebut. This was approximately a week before Master Moreau would subsequently give his life in the last hours of the conflict.

After the death of Admiral Tebut, Mikori found himself responsible in a large part both for ground and space forces, which made him a tempting target for assassination. But he made the decision that the battle was too close to a finish for him to withdraw to a safer position, and for days at a time he lead GLA troopers and Shistavanen warriors on the front lines of battle. Finally though, Master Moreau's sacrifice ended the war on Uvena Prime with the retreat of Armada, and Mikori's job became one of direction rather than direct combat.

In the months after victory in this conflict, the newly minted Jedi Master was appointed as Jedi Watchman over the Uvena System, with invitation of the Shistavanen provisional government and the approval of the Jedi Council. Once again, his role became one of a teacher, and one of the leaders in charge of establishing a Jedi enclave on Uvena Prime. Uvena Prime's enclave became busy relatively quickly, and Mikori found himself teaching several students - his first Padawan on Uvena Prime being Tekisui Hakuin.

Over the next few years, the Uvena Prime Enclave did good work, if in limited numbers.  With stricter standards of training than most of the Jedi Order, they didn't graduate many students.  Eventually decentralizing their operation and spreading their training classes further across the planet, it helped for them to avoid attracting attention.  The last thing the planet needed, after all, was Sith looking to cause trouble for the natives.

Personality and traits

Possessed of a dry wit and an appreciation for wordplay, Mikori uses humor to break tension and doesn't take life too seriously. He is empathetic, but strong willed - once he's made a decision or formed an opinion, it is difficult to get him to change it.

Mikori had never had a romantic relationship until more than a decade into his Knighthood. Having seen first hand the effects of passion on undisciplined Jedi, he had avoided any close attachments and contented himself with the friendship of his peers. Eventually, as Mikori worked on retraining Shistavanen former Jedi Knight Matteo Reyes, their friendship deepened, and once the older man's journey to Knighthood was complete, started to become something more. They were married on Uvena Prime after the planet's liberation from the Sith.

Rank and position have never meant much to Mikori. Open minded and intent on objectivity regardless of the rank or position of those he deals with, as a Padawan and Jedi Knight, he stated his opinions bluntly to those of higher rank within his command structure, expecting them to consider his words with the same gravity as they would from anyone of equal rank. As a Jedi Master, Mikori encourages his students to do the same, so long as they show respect if corrected. He engages in discussion with Padawans while making as few assumptions about their experience, training, or knowledge as he can.

When dealing with those outside the Jedi Order, he evaluates the beings he is dealing with as best he can, and interacts with them with respect given to their personalities and origins. Mikori, for example, would not bow and act deferential toward a Mandalorian like he might a Jedi, nor would he typically buy Jedi a round of drinks and boast about his latest victories like he might with a Mandalorian.


Mikori stands slightly over six feet tall, with steel gray eyes and graying brown hair that he keeps short. Through intense physical exercise, he has a lean, powerful build. Due to time spent living on Zonama Sekot with the Mandalorians, he has a distaste for what he sees as useless fineries, and though he keeps himself well groomed, rarely expensive clothing, preferring instead things that allow him great range of motion.

He has several subtle scars on his body from battles over the years. A short, thin lightsaber scar on his left cheek from a battle with Sith. A jagged one on his right side abdomen from Darth Rowe's torture, and other smaller ones whose origins he can't always remember. Now nearing his seventies, Mikori is well into middle-age by human standards and isn't as fast and agile as he used to be, though by most typical human measurements, he's still very spry.

Powers and abilities

Mikori's potential with the Force is difficult to measure. Most standard tests record him as being Force sensitive, though with a significantly weaker connection to it than many of his peers. Despite this, there have been occasions over the years when Mikori was able to connect to the Force in a very deep way, calling forth reserves of abilities that enabled him to defeat or escape powerful opponents or to save the lives of many people, and he has learned through experience to compensate for his weaknesses through an intimate knowledge of his own strengths and creative applications of them.

Mikori's most noticable weakness in the Force is telepathy, and sensing the universe as a whole. He has the ability to send impressions or emotions to people that he knows well over short distances, and to interpret such messages from them in return, though he cannot 'speak' through the Force in any meaningful way. He has great difficulty in perceiving even those he is very close to over great distances.

An accomplished and dedicated warrior, particularly when it comes to combating other Force users, Mikori is considered to be a master of Djem So and Soresu, with a considerable working knowledge of other Jedi and Sith lightsaber techniques. He was also extensively trained in Echani martial arts, for when resorting to a Lightsaber was not yet necessary.

Mikori's primary strengths in the Force lie in manipulating it inside his own body. Enhanced speed, strength, an exceptional knowledge of Tutaminis and quickened healing and recovery times augment his natural talents in close range combat. Mikori has an above average skill with telekinesis, given that it is within a relatively close range where his difficulties at sensing things at great distances don't impact him. His connection to the Living Force within his own body appears to have slowed down his aging process.

Despite his other strengths, Mikori is typically at a significant disadvantage in terms of raw power when squaring off against a Force sensitive opponent. He evens these odds through a combination of carefully refined technique, misdirection, feints and cunning that have allowed him to survive against and even defeat much more powerful opponents.

An experienced combat pilot, Mikori has seen action on multiple fronts, typically as a squadron commander, and has racked up a very high kill count. He tends to favor interceptors and space superiority fighters, and his knowledge and experience played a large part in designing the starfighters that the Galactic Liberation Alliance flies against enemy forces.

Mikori is a gifted mechanic, able to construct or repair complicated pieces of equipment on short notice with inadequate parts. Due to his extensive traveling, he speaks a vast variety of languages and has an affinity and love for diplomacy, aided by a wide knowledge of various cultures and traditions.


Mikori typically carries the equipment he feels he'll need in a utility belt wrapped around his waist. These include his Lightsaber, a small first aid kit, a communicator, a breathing apparatus, a small datapad, and any other minor items he feels he might have a need for.

After working on the project for many years, Mikori completed the design of a state-of-the-art fighter design that entered full production for Galactic Liberation Alliance Starfighter divisions in 229 ABY. The design of the HC-105A Longsword was a joint project between himself, fellow Jedi Evo Hak, Danath Fhang, and others.

Mikori is usually disinclined toward wearing the traditional Jedi robes favored by most other Jedi, feeling that their original purpose, preventing a Jedi from standing out and being recognized, was lost many years ago once the garments became to be commonly known as "Jedi Robes." He favors durable garments that allow for freedom of movement and prevent others from knowing his affiliation immediately upon seeing him. When entering battle, he commonly wears a high quality Armorweave bodysuit that offers protection while still preserving his flexibility.