Mikar Bralor is a former Unified Commonwealth soldier who eventually came to lead the nearly extinct Mandalorian Clan Bralor.


Birth and Early YearsEdit

Mikar Bralor was born on Tillana Prime shortly after his parents arrived with Naakla Bralor. Not much is known about his younger years as his parents were killed in combat some years later, he was left in the care of an orphanage until the age of 17 when he broke out of the center and fled to start his own life. He soon joined The Unified Commonwealth military to form his own life and was stationed on the edge colony world of Kathalon for security shortly before the arrival of the Grand Army's Five Hundred First detachment lead by Lieutenant Colonel Bralor.

After the Commonwealth pulled its forces back from Kathalon and left it in the care of the Tetan Empire, Mikar found himself living a civilian life in the colony as it slowly expanded to a large city. After watching the ascension of Emperor Fox Bralor Keto to his throne after marrying Empress Xera Keto, Mikar began researching the history of the name Bralor, having recognized it from history he learned of the Commonwealth.

After researching Commonwealth history he stumbled across the name of Naakla Bralor and shifted in to researching the name Bralor, eventually finding out that his family was a long line of decedents from a member of the Mandalorian Clan Bralor. Seeing the ways of Mandalorians in the modern galaxy, Mikar took it upon himself to reform the Mandalorian Clan Bralor under his lead and adopted the last name of Bralor.

While going to visit the starship wreckages in the ocean on Kathalon discovered by Emperor Fox Bralor Keto and the Mandalorian Ithoros Imari Mikar watched a KSE Firespray crash in to the ocean. Upon recovering the vessel, he discovered it was named Apocalypse. After recovering the vessel and preforming light maintenance to get it working, Mikar proceeded out of the Kathalon system to begin acquiring the necessary resources for his new clan. While in orbit over Corellia, Mikar's KSE was hit and made a crash landing in a ruined outpost a few hundred miles East of the city Doaba Guerfel.

Mikar spent a few years on Corellia where he eventually aquired a CR90 Corellian Corvette which he dubbed Naakla's Wrath and eventually set out to return to Kathalon where he started plotting his next move for the Clan Bralor.

Personality And TraitsEdit

Mikar Bralor is a more serious man than anything, rarely making jokes or trying to be funny, keeps to himself and is generally viewed as a cold man. He only sees his objectives and the tasks he must complete in order to achieve success. He fails to see good or bad, adopting the mentality that the galaxy is an entire shade of gray, and in that regard will do what ever he feels is necessary to achieve his goals as long as the outcome is greater than what's required.

He prefers not to fight if he doesn't have to, not because he's afraid to or doesn't like killing, but usually cause he feels that if a matter can be resolved without fighting, exerting himself would be pointless. Generally he has no trust in anybody but himself, unless they can prove differently from their actions, but he's not afraid of pretending he trusts a person in order to do what ever he needs to do.

Mikar views himself to be nothing more than the cog in the machine of war, viewing his existence now to only help the Mandalorian people as best he can to achieve their former glory.

Gear And EquiptmentEdit

Mikar will use what ever tools are granted to him to do what ever task is before him, seeing no value in objects other than to be used until their unuseable. He usually plans out a move before he takes it, and builds up his gear according to the tasks ahead of him, he does favor wielding a knife and blaster for combat situations, seeing the value of combing a short melee weapon and a ranged weapon to improve his combat effectiveness, he's also taken it upon himself to learn how to engage multiple enemies as best as possible.

While in the Unified Commonwealth he carried standard issue equiptment including blasters and armor. He commonly wielded a Type 40 Shredder Cannon with a Type 4 "Baracuda" SMG as a sidearm. He also wore Commonwealth Ablative Armor while on duty.
Mikar Commonwealth

Mikar Bralor on Kathalon wearing his Ablative Armor and wielding a Commonwealth Type 40 Shredder Cannon.

He now wears standard Mandalorian armor made of more common placed armor metals until he's able to find an armorsmith to make one out of Mandalorian Metal, he also wields a MK II varriant of a DC-15S as his primary long range weapon, with an Intimidator Pistol as a sidearm and a combat knife to use in conjunction with the pistol.
Mikar Mandalorian

Mikar Bralor in his Mandalorian armor, disembarking the Naakla's Wrath on the station in orbit over Kathalon.

About the PlayerEdit

Mikar Bralor is played by SniperFox Mills whom started Second Life on July 1st 2007. Due to being moved around in RL, he didn't actually play Second Life for a few months, having been forced to use Dial-Up internet it created many problems.

Coming to Second Life from Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars Roleplay appealed greatly to SniperFox Mills whom accidentally applied to join the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) early on while attempting to buy a Clone Trooper avatar. Eventually this lead to the creation of the character that would eventually evolve in to Fox Bralor Keto. SniperFox Mills has shifted between SWRP and various other things in SL for entertainment reasons, things such as formerly World War 2 VICE Combat, and recently in to SL Aviation. He also assists Sazuka Yatsenko with management of the Kuat sim which houses Kathalon, and continually works towards improving Roleplay conditions for visitors of the sim, trying to provide the RP experience he used to enjoy once upon a time in SWRP.

On August 14th, 2011 SniperFox Mills offically moved away from Roleplaying Fox Bralor Keto due to various reasons and on to Roleplaying Mikar Bralor in an attempt to help create a better image of Mandalorians to the entire community.

Living a highly stressful life while attempting to find a job often times leaves him in an unplesent mood, which should not be taken personally should you be on the wrong end of it, he usually tries hard to help others any way he can without handing people a free ticket.

Due to his RL, and time spent trying to maintain his relationship with his girlfriend, it may be hard to contact him for anything on SL, so understand that responses on occasion may be greatly delayed.

Noted by some for the quote "Honor kills the honorable.". Feel free to say hi when ever. Just please don't only say "hi" when doing so...

This character is no longer roleplayed, or will be roleplayed, due to the actions of Eva Lekach and Selkra Munro in relation to the former Kathalon sim and its closure. What is shown on this page is the true canon behind the character "Fox Bralor" contrary to the metagamed alterations rumored to have been made in game.

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