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"I knew I wasn't destined to be some insignificant member of our clan, a warrior, a breeding partner. Protecting those deemed more important than myself, merely because of their sex. I knew I was destined for...much greater things."

— Darth Ciless (Mi'shel Ul'Vyshtal) - The tempting of Lergee Ceel

Mi'shel Ul'Vyshtal, was a force sensitive Dathomirian Zabrak from the planet Dathomir. He was born into the clan Night Onis Raven, a Nightbrother and warrior. After escaping the battle of Dathomir in 20BBY through the use of a working Infinity Gate, his family made their way to the planet Onderon, settling there in the year 242ABY. Mi'shel was unhappy with his lot in life and made the choice to leave his clan in pursuit of a Master, one worthy of teaching him the Dark Side and unlocking his true potential. Eventually, he would find his way to Byss and joined the Dark Lords of the Sith, claimed by his new Master Darth Ulterius.


Early Life (35BBY - 242ABY (Time jump))

Mi'shel was born on the planet Dathomir in the year 35BBY, youngest son to the leader, Nightmother Nath of the clan Night Onis Raven. Mi'shel was fifteen years old when General Grievous sent his troops to sack and destroy the Night Clans in the Battle of Dathomir (20BBY). Shortly before, the sisters of his clan had a vision of foresight and predicted destruction was coming, it was at this point Nath began to channel the spirits to open the Infinity gate, which was positioned in the center of their village.

Upon successfully using the infinity gate, the surviving clan members found themselves on an unknown, desolate moon in an unknown region of the galaxy. Unfortunately, Nightmother Nath had died in the transition, leaving the leadership of the clan to her eldest daughter, and Mi'shel's eldest sister, Nightmother Harli.

Harli hesitantly assumed the position of Nightmother, and her and Mi'shel's youngest sister Claire, began to meditate on the reasons for their Mother's death, and what exactly their mother had done. The clan became restless upon the moon, as Harli tried to create a balance and way of life there. It was at this time that the two Nightsisters realized, through their meditation, that they were able to open up the gate and use it's powers, but only within the spirit realm.

They were able to influence the minds of a passing ship and convince the pilots to land, enabling the clan to board and find a way of gathering supplies, it was during this time they discovered that the clan had traveled, miraculously 270 years into the future.

Upon returning to the moon Harli sent Mi'shel's eldest brother Lu on a scouting mission to find a more suitable home, and when he returned he had gathered quite a substantial amount of information, Dathomir was no longer an option as it had become a penal colony, under Imperial rule. Harli' began to test other worlds, using the information Lu had gathered for her, and she contacted the Queen of Onderon. The current Queen heard the plight of the sisters and invited the clan to move to the planet and make their new home there.

They soon discovered that Onderon was home to an infinity gate, and it was around this gate that they decided to build their village and draw from its spiritual powers.

Fall to the Darkside (242ABY - 250ABY)

"I have watched you from afar my child, you toil, you work hard, every day you fight for more. You remind me of myself at your age, clawing his way to the top with every ounce of strength you possess. Wouldn't you like to put this determination to a better use?"

— Darth Anton to Mi'shel

Temple of Darth Ciless (Sullust)

Mi'shel was never content to confine himself to the role of a simple Nightbrother. Shortly after their arrival in the future, and Onderon, Mi'shel's brother Lu had left the clan to join the Kalway Order of Jedi (KOJ) on Yavin IV. Mi'shel saw this as his opportunity to change his lot in life, and shortly after his brother's departure, he stole himself away in the night, hell bent on discovering his true destiny.

Occupying himself with odd jobs to fund his pilgrimage, he found his way to Bespin. One night he was repairing a ship for his current employer, when he was approached by an old Anzat. After a rather long conversation with the stranger, he discovered that he was in fact, an ancient Sith Lord, Darth Anton,and wished to guide the young Zabrak in the powers of the Dark Side. Darth Anton had been watching him for some time and sensed Mi'shel's natural Force abilities, convincing the boy that his destiny was to become a Sith, Mi'shel fell to his knees and assumed the role of his apprentice.

During his years with Darth Anton, Mi'shel eagerly completed his training, becoming a formidable Sith Warrior. His master bestowed the title of Darth Ciless upon him, using his nickname, short for merciless, which was adopted from his ruthless approach to battles.

He spent many years with the old Anzat, convinced that there were key pieces of information he was refusing to tell him, which would complete his training. For a while, this was enough to keep him from murdering his Master, but he was rapidly becoming frustrated, and felt that his time was being wasted.

After years of being nothing more than a meal service for Darth Anton, delivering victims to his base, Ciless was finally convinced that the old Anzat had to die. Whatever information Darth Anton was keeping from him, it was not worth the indignation he was suffering.

As the old Anzat reclined upon his throne, full from a recent meal Ciless has brought to him, he took this as his opportunity to strike, driving his saber through his Master's stomach and up through his chest. With a final stroke of Ciless' face, Anton slumped down and the light faded from his eyes. Finally Ciless was free.

Shortly after the death of his Master, Ciless decided that his training had been for nothing, and did not respect the supposed authority of his former Master. Stripping himself of the title of Darth, he was once again Mi'shel, and hungered to find his true path, and a new master, one who could guide him in the ways of the Dark Side, so that he may earn back his title and fulfill his destiny.

Byss, Dark Lords of The Sith (250ABY - Present)

"You are now mine, Disciple Ul'Vyshtal. For as long and until I deem otherwise. You entered the Citadel lost, but you have found your way to a path of greatness. Now rise and accept your first task..."

— Darth Ulterius to Mi'shel

Mi'shel Ul'Vyshtal.png

Mi'shel had heard of the many exploits of the Dark Lords of the Sith, and found his way to the planet Byss, convinced that here, he would finally find his true purpose.

He applied to join the Dark Lords of The Sith, after his acceptance he worked tirelessly to complete his initiate tasks, submitting them to the Darths of the Order for approval. With his initiate training complete, he was promoted to Sith Disciple by Dark Lord Destius, and shortly after claimed by his Hand, Darth Ulterius. Finally, Mi'shel was convinced that he had found his true calling, with a new Master to guide him.