The Metus Imperia is a depotist, quasi totalatarian empire overseen by a council consisting of five Adjudicators; four representing different sectors of the organization, and one holding power equivalent to a chancellor, who chairs the council. The group's actions have been historically influenced by pursuit of new technology, credits, and galactic expansion.


While not formally formed until 250 ABY, the Imperia's lineage goes back as far as 220 ABY, around when the Revenant Armada invaded Coruscant. It's believed that at this time the precursor to the organization was founded by Rannik Nurr to combat conditions on Coruscant following the Revenant invasion at the time. At that time their primary goal was to remove the Armada from their position on Coruscant, but had little indication of who they supported to take the role up once it the Armada was uprooted. It was implied that they would accept whichever governing body settled down there, but as the future moved on, it proved that they may have had other plans.

Involvement in the Armada ConflictsEdit

For those involved within the Imperia during it's early days on Coruscant, there existed one goal; to remove the Revenant Armada and all afiliated with it from the planet. While that was their main cause, the group's leaders knew that the fight would expand beyond one field of combat, if it hadn't already.

With this in mind, the Adjudicator's Council began to invest in multiple start-up business across the galaxy, using credits they had acquired through select defense contracts. The Adjudicator's knew that their contract on Eriadu would make a negative image for the Imperia on the galactic scale, and this began the first known implementation of sleeper agents into foreign bodies by the Imperia. Several major news agencies had been influenced, either by pay offs, or the sleeper agents. The agencies reported the Eriadu incident as being the result of a rogue splinter cell of the Imperia defying orders to help turn around the then poor conditions many faced in factories. While a lie, and perhaps even a bad one, the story helped take the press off of the group, and the Adjudicators had acquired the funding necessary to begin their investments in several key start-ups across the galaxy, which would prosper into successful business in many sectors. The legitimacy of how these businesses became profitable is questionable, however, and it's suspected the council played a big role in wiping out competition through means of force or espionage.

With no fear of an operating budget becoming an issue, the group set about expanding it's operations across select sectors of the galaxy. When the People's Galactic Alliance began the Fourth Battle of Coruscant, the group took an observationalist role for some time. It's forces were kept busy, combating Armada personnel when found, but the majority of it's resources were pooled into intelligence. Through careful observation, it was determined by the Adjudicator's that the PGA was just as flawed as the Armada, if not worse. Their political situation bogged down any sort of effective military campaign against the Armada abroad, and left Corsucant with poor governing and defense.

It's military forces reassigned, they began to combat the PGA and Armada forces. It was a daunting task, and not one that the Adjudicators believed would end in victory for the Imperia. The point of the attacks, however, were to weaken the two groups. The Imperia never sought to control Coruscant, they merely intended to allow it to be governed by a body likely to succeed and excel at the task. Through weakening both groups, the hope was that a new government would rise and take charge.

Such a thing did occur, with the Armada seemingly having given up on the planet, and the PGA slowly drifting apart and crumbling from the subsequent political and financial fallout of the war.

Conduct under the command of Kaej RaelEdit

Pending a coup inside the group, Kaej Rael rose to power over the Adjudicator's Council and assumed the newly created possition of Chancellor amongst the council. With the dissapearance of Rannik, some of the Imperia's original founders defected from the group, having mistrust for the newly elected chancellor. It is theorized amongst them that Rael had managed to indoctrinate much of the council, and through a trickle-down model, much of the group also; allowing for a near seamless transition of power. 

Under his leadership the group's focus changed, from one of interest in improving galactic stability, to one of warmongering and espionage. Kaej dedicated the group's surplus budget to launching a new galactic crusade against all powers he deemed "undeserving".

Current StateEdit

In short, the "Adjudicator's Council" has been reduced to a mere group of puppets under the direct command of Rael. Now a hybrid of terrorism, expansionist imperialism, and a galactic security force, the Imperia has ventured into the fields of bioengineering, mass-indoctrination, money laundering, and covert intelligence. 

One of their points of interest appeared to be in the Hutt Council, primarily the territories under their control. A series of operations were launched, which are presumed to have cut the Hutt Council's power down substantially.


The Metus Imperia is organized into three departments, each overseen and under the direct command of the Adjudicator's Council.


Decessus, formerly the Department of War and Martial Law, oversees and conducts military operations, occupations, and several other factors of the Imperia's bulk forces.


MI Face Surgery

Concept art of the various modifications made to an Occulus operative.

Occulus, formerly the Office of Intelligence and Special Operations, oversees all matters pertaining to internal affairs, espionage, R&D, propaganda, and a wide field of other disciplines.

It's ethics and tactics would often be questioned by outsiders. Its operatives are usually put through extreme measures to hide any and all attempts to identify them. This includes removal of facial features, indoctrination, body altering surgeries, removal of finger prints, replacement of vocal chords, assassination of all family lineages, and many other operations considered by many to be un-ethical and, in some cases, horrifying.


The Presidium, at this current time, seems to hold no function. If it does, it's likely to be a highly guarded secret.

Out of CharacterEdit

The Metus Imperia is based around the ideals of many historic totalitarian states and oligarchys, and attempts to merge the two in a functional manor. 

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