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Maximus Blankes was a Shi'ido male Jedi Grand Master in various orders, most notably in the order of the Wandering Jedi and the Jedi Guardians of Peace. He was a skilled duelist, showed great leadership skills and excelled as a diplomat in many missions.

Character Biography

In the time following the Yuzhann Vong war, archeological digs took place all throughout the galaxy. One such dig took place beneath a ruined temple on Ossus. What was uncovered was a chamber labelled as the home of the Phoenix Project. Inside the archeoligists accompanied by then Jedi Knight Odenviscar Knight, discovered some form of ancient carbonite freezing unit that was surprisingly well preserved and contained a Gurlanin.

The carbonite was accompanied by a severely damaged holocron from which it could only be discerned that the person contained therein was a Jedi Knight by the name of Maximus Blankes who lived during the reign of Exar Kun as Sith Lord.

The Jedi had much debate regarding the ethics of the decision, but it was eventually decided by Master Leonardis that Maximus would be resurrected from his carbonite encasement.

It was later learned that he had been voluntarily encased due to a concern that Exar Kun might destroy the Jedi. This left at least one person hidden to restore the order at a later time should it have ever been required. It was never required, however, and he was forgotten in his hiding place due to the abandonment of Ossus and the frequently occuring wars. It was the magic of Master Ood Bnar that kept him alive for as long as he was.

Initially, Maximus was shocked by his surroundings and his awakening. There were things he did not remember, aspects of the Force which he could no longer use. He bore all the knowledge of the Jedi still and knew the code and the standards by which the Jedi of his ancient order lived, however he could not control the Force in even the most minute way.

It was this that led him to the decision to return to the beginning under the guidance of the members of the Jedi Order. He would relearn all he had forgotten and all that had come about since his encasement and continue, as had always been his goal, to bring balance to the force and to protect the weak and innocent as a wandering Jedi.

Not much else is known about the past of this mysterious ancient Jedi. No record of his existence can be found in the archives due to the desire to keep his being a failsafe a secret. Not to mention the fact that many of the records of the Exar Kun era are destroyed.

He has a young appearance that does not seem to age, another result perhaps of his long containment or the damage to the carbonite unit. His youthful exterior however, houses a very thoughtful and pensive personality.

He tries to pass on the knowledge of a long since passed era to those around him when they wish to know while learning and adapting to the many changes since his time.

One thing that has remained constant in this Jedi's heart, however is his desire for peace and his resolve to see balance in the force. The goodness in his heart is something that will not die no matter how many millenia he must travel.

Over time more information has been uncovered about the 3000 year old Jedi Knight such as the fact that he duelled Exar Kun himself to a draw shortly before the project took place.

Over his years with the modern order, he helped work with his peers, teaching them what he could, and eventually earned knighthood. Despite this, it was the same day that the Ossian Order closed its doors to the public.

As a result, Maximus was left to wander. However, he was not alone. He was accompanied by Odenviscar and many others, and with the ideals of their old order in mind, Maximus and the others founded the Wandering Jedi an order that flourished for some time. Eventually, however, Maximus felt the pull of his old memories, his desires to know who he was.

As a result, he went on something of a hermitage to recover what was lost. During his absence, the Wandering Jedi waned, but it was able to bridge the gap to the soon re-emerging Ossus order, now to be known as the Jedi Guardians of Peace.

Now, he has returned and continues to work with the younger jedi, hoping to impart what he can from his recovered memories as well as continuing on his quest to maintain peace.

With the disbanding of the Ossus Jedi due to the taint of darkness on the planet, Maximus took to wandering once more, re-establishing the Order of the Wandering Jedi with Master Odenviscar. Over time the Wanderer's inhabited a wayward asteroid, then moved to an old Jedi stronghold planet called Haashimut where they remained for some time. As word grew of the Wandering Jedi, Maximus, by then Grand Master guided the Jedi to Falang Minor, a sister stronghold to Haashimut to remain well hidden and secure.