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"Missed me?"

— Mathazar Signas

Mathazar Signas is a Kaleesh cyborg who once held the position of commander of the Legion of Yulan droid division until the legion was disbanded, as well as being leader of the his local tribe on the planet of Kalee until he stepped down to move forward independently with his life.

Brash, tall and overall menacing, this cyborg would take little mercy to accomplish his tasks.


Life on Kalee

Like all Kaleesh, Mathazar Signas was born a warrior by blood.  While growing up, he rose through the ranks to become leader of his tribe, a somewhat small settlement located in the isolated valleys of Kalee.  Their location was chosen due to the area's rich resources, all of which served them well, however it also became a target for raiders and other unwanted visitors from other reaches of the galaxy.  His people fought to the best of their abilites and always came out on top, but their victories were costly.  Attacks were so frequent that often times they had little time to recover from previous bouts.  Overtime, they became weaker in their defenses, Mathazar's people slowly being picked off one-by-one.  

The beginning after then end

Just when Mathazar dread then end of his people, yet another intruder emerged from the surrounding forests.  Dressed in a black robe, he could just make out the face from under the hood to tell that it was a human male.  Why the man was alone confused him, though he wasn't about to take any chances.  After warning the individual to leave the planet multiples times without response, he figured he could convince him by force.  He drew his swords and charged at the figure only to soar past as his target quickly ducked to the side.  Their battle ensued, the human using nothing more than his arms and legs.  Unable to land a single blade on the man's skin, he eventually was overpowered and found himself laying on the ground in defeat.  

Assuming the end was near for him and his people, he pleaded that his tribe be left be as they could not take any more lethal attacks.  It was then to his surprise that the man revealed himself to be named Cortaan Yulan , leader of a new faction named the Legion of Yulan.  After hearing about Mathazar's predicament, he offered to assist in protecting the tribe under the condition that he be given the proper land and resources to contruct a base of operations.  Mathazar was hesitant.  He dreaded the thought of not being strong enough to hold for his own, however ... he couldn't see his people suffer any longer.  It was then that he agreed to lend Cortaan the resources he required, but only under a condition of his own; that he be allowed to join Cortaan at his side.  Cortaan stood silent for a moment as if he were thinking.  Eventually he too agreed to the terms.  Perhaps now Mathazar's tribe would finally be safe.

Under the eye of Cortaan

The early years

Now under the instruction of his new master, Mathazar witnessed the early birth of what seemed to like a new droid army populating the land of the legion.  Memories began to arise of stories he had been told as a youngling of a Kaleesh ancestor that had once led a grand droid army.  He remembered his aspirations to some day lead an army of his own, dreams that somewhat diminished as he grew up, especially after he took over his tribe.  The droids all looked to be typical B1 battle droids, and they were.  Questioning they're abilities at first, he quickly changed heart once Cortaan assigned him his first task ... to assist in commanding the new droids.  It was seemed as if his long-lost dream was finally coming true, though the current scale was not what he had originally imaged.  Regardless, he took his new role with great pride.

It wasn't long after that he would be able to put Cortaan's new army to the test.  After a band of raiders attempted to infiltrate the valley, Mathazar had the droids drop each and every raider.  They never even had sight of the settlement before meeting their fate.  It was at that moment that Mathazar truely felt that his people would no longer perish.  Time past year after year as each engagement ended quickly before any intruder was able to spread any word of these "battle droids out of nowhere".  During the same time, Cortaan had begun teaching Mathazar improved fighting styles, particularly in armed combat.  Already knowledgable very early on about his master's practices in the dark side of the force, he did everything he possibly could to match his skills.  Though non-force sensitive, Cortaan was impressed with his vast improvement.

The accident

(To be continued)