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"The Jedi must not seek to dominate the Dark Side, but to see themselves as the counterweight to all the heinous acts in the Galaxy"

— Mass Questi, 215 ABY


Early Life

Born Massimo Orion Questi, Son of Molaar Questi, and Barna Wamui in the year 166 ABY on Cal-Seti. Massimo's father Molaar, a deflector technician at the Cal-Seti Station, was responsible for teaching Massimo technical skills relative to mechanical devices, sheild emitters and sensors. Mass was often found assisting his father with work associated with the various contracts he obtained with the trickling of traders, colonist transports, and freighters that would stop through the defunct imperial shipping facility located on Cal-Seti. Mass's mother Barna, a local educator, was responsible for instilling a strong ethical foundation of respect and compassion of all people, creatures and the natural world.

At a young age, it became apparent that Mass possessed strong physical and metaphysical abilities. Being of a small community with an even smaller population of children, Massimo's gifts went largely unnoticed for many years.

Mass Questi, Jedi Master defends the Reactor Core of the Jedi Temple on Talus

In the year 180 ABY Molaar Questi died of the rare Bothan Flu, presumably contracted from the many beings who passed through Cal-Seti Station. Soon after, Barna and Mass relocated to Kalaan, where Barna continued to teach Kalean and humanoid children. Mass leveraged his knowledge of ship systems he had learned from his father, working odd jobs on Kalaan until his mother's death in 184 ABY.

It was at his Mother's death bed that Mass learned the truth about his father and mother. He learned that his parents had met while training aboard the Chu'unthor II, the Jedi Praxeum ship. A young Padawan by the name of Nador Rosca trained very closely with Barna in her first year. The young padawan Barna was greatly anamored by Nador, and pursued her greatly through the course of their training. Barna resisted the advances, focusing on her studies as a means of justification. It wasn't until a year into the training that a young Padawan by the name of Molaar Questi arrived onboard the Chu'unthor II. Once together, Molaar and Barna found their love blossomed quickly. In seeing this, Nador became increasingly enraged in witnessing the growing love between Molaar and Barna. When Barna became pregnant in 165 ABY, nador lost control of his emotions and faced Molaar in the Chu'unthor Grey Water reclamation facility. Maintaining compassion for the young Nador, Molaar refused to strike him down. He eventually tricked Nador into a door and locked him in the Respiration Manifold Room, where he remained for two nights, before a maintenance droid unlocked the door.

Knowing that Nador had embraced the Dark Side during their confrontation, Molaar and Barna knew that Nador would seek revenge on the young couple and their unborn child for the humiliation suffered at the hand of Molaar. They fled the Praxeum ship, and headed for the far reaches of the galaxy, where they would hide in solitude, rather than face their old comrade.

After his mother's death, Mass left Kalaan, and journeyed to the Core Systems in search of a greater understanding of the force and the path of the Jedi. Working as a systems tech on a freighter bound to the Corellian Run, he learned many stories of the Jedi from the ship's cook Tarfel, who was the one responsible for giving Mass his tattoos. Once he saved enough Credits, Mass journeyed to Coruscant to learn about the Jedi, and perhaps meet an actual knight. It was during a late night at a cantina that Mass met an energetic young Padawan of the Praxeum Order, She spoke of the resurrection of the Jedi Praxeum, and the stewardship the academy had assumed In the Great Jedi Temple in Coruscant City.

Coruscant and the Praxeum Order

A young Mass destroys a Sith Probe Droid, as Coruscant Guard

Upon his arrival, he was asked by the Wookiee Jedi Master Mantis Grebe to assume the role of Coruscant Guard. He embraced his role with incredible focus, determined to show his devotion to the new life he was to begin as a Jedi. It was soon after his arrival that Ganja Connoisseur informed him that the Praxeum Master Muad'dib Kidd requested his presence. This was to be his entrance interview as an initiate of the Praxeum Order.

Despite being frowned upon by the Praxeum Masters, Mass ventured far and wide, enjoying the travels as a way to learn more of the galaxy. In his early travels Mass intercepted some distress beacons from the Telos System. Upon landing on Telos V, his ship was damaged by microdebris hurling towards the planet. He crashlanded on the planet amidst a violent meteor shower that ultimately destroyed the planet completely. Amidst the chaos, Mass ran into a friend he had made on Yavin IV, Kenny Nostram. Together they were able to transmit a signal to Coruscant of the destruction on Telos V. Kenny and Mass were able to find relic X-wings and fly to safety.

Padawans Mass Questi and Kenny Nostram transmit a message to Coruscant during the destruction of Telos V

Once he was accepted in the order, the Praxeum Masters arranged a meeting for him to meet his future master, Lewis Daehlie. The two spent the next several years together, inseparable as Lewis taught Mass the intracasies of the force. An exceptional student, Lewis commented several times in the presence of others, how intense the young padawan engaged his studies. The two flew and fought their way through many missions to Ziost, Thule and Malachor IV. Mass also became very close with the other padawans in the Praxeum Order. Vinshu Blessed and Mass, often sat late into the night discussing things they had learned and talking about life before the Jedi.

The Transformation

Shortly before he was to take the trials to become a knight, Mass was visited in the central fountain of the Old Coruscant Temple by the Force Ghost of his father Molaar Questi.

Molaar Questi, Mass's Father, appears as a Force Ghost

Molaar informed him that his past had been hidden from him, that he was one of the few remaining survivors of the Koruunai of Harrun Kal. Thought long extinct, the lineage was traced through his father. The ghost went on to tell him of an ancient artifact, the Staff of Kar Vastor... upon which was engraved the secrets of the Pelekotan, or "Jungle mind". This was the ancient Force Belief of the Korunnai. Through these naturalistic teachings, a strong understanding in the balance of the Force could be obtained. This was to be the foundation which lead Mass to eventually withstand the dangerous teachings of Vaapad. With Molaar guiding him and a band of Clones, led by Commander Yuri himself, and a few knights of the New Jedi Order, they were able to find the Staff of Kar Vastor in the Great Forest of Kahruvel. From there they learned that the scrolls of Vaapad, the long forgotten record of the aggressive lightsaber form, had been hidden on the Sith world of Thule. While the NOJ knights decided not to proceed, the troopers of the Grand Army were happy to accompany him to the dangerous planet. Once they landed they were quickly confronted by the Sith Lord Malicious. A battle ensued, giving Mass and his fellow padawan Akemi Cryotank the opportunity to make it to the platform which unbeknownst tot he Sith contained the Scrolls authored by Mace Windu. He inserted the staff into the platform, not only unlocking the compartment with the scrolls but also unleashing a powerful burst of energy for the platform was a holochron itself. The blast of energy transformed the boy, his connection with the Force increasing astronomically. Akemi was able to grab the Scrolls of Vaapad, and help the stunned Mass to the LAAT, which had descended to extricate the fallen troopers of GAR. This was to be the beginning of Mass's long history with the Grand Army of the Republic, and his friendship with Commander Yuri.

Becoming a Knight

Upon his return to Coruscant, Mass was informed by the Praxeum Masters that he would face the trials to become a Jedi Knight. After the series of sessions, the Praxeum Council agreed that he was ready for Knighthood. Mass addressed the Temple auditorium, attended by many Senators, Jedi, diplomats and friends. His speech on Duty and Honor was praised by not only the Masters , but by the politicians and Military Officers in attendance. After the speech, Mass was knighted by Muad'dib Kidd and Han Westland.

Mass Questi Jedi Knight on Kashyyyk

In the subsequent years as a Jedi Knight, Mass was involved in a large number of joint operations with GAR, the NOJ and the Potentium. Always having a penchant for independent exploration, Mass made many friends across the galaxy. Yavin, Bakura, Ruusan, Ord Mantel and Tatooine were regular stops for Mass, as he learned much from the travelers and freighter pilots, a population he was comfortable with due to his youth on Cal-Seti. It was during this time that he joined the NOJ patrol.. a short lived but effective team of NOJ knights lead by Kaia Kondor. Mass took on a student shortly after he was knighted, a warm Togrutan named Maya Lockjaw. The two had while he was a padawan on the C-1 Station above Coruscant.

Mass trains his first Padawan, Maya Lockjaw

The two spent much time together, Mass commenting many times on her limitless compassion for all. While much more suited to life as a consular Mass spent much time teaching her the ways of mediation and negotiation, rather than the lightsaber skills of a Guardian.

Life as a Master

It was several years before Maya's graduation that Mass and Vinshu were summoned to the Council Tower by Master Kidd, who informed them that he needed them to step up to the role of Master of the Praxeum, that enrollment and the future of the order demanded that the normal protocol be circumvented.

Mass receives a new female Wookiee Padawan from her parents

He believed that the two had shown themselves to be of the grace and wisdom of Masters, despite the fact their padawans had yet to graduate. Mass was heard saying that the burden of the rank weighed on him heavily, and it wasn't until the graduation of his padawans Maya Lockjaw and Qinelenlea Watanabe that he felt the rank was truly his.

The Old Coruscant War

"I need not be thought of as a Hero Defender during the invasion of Old Coruscant, in fact, I never ignited my lightsaber during the battle."

— Mass Questi, 218 ABY

In 208 ABY, New Imperial forces invaded Coruscant, occupying the planet for some years. During the invasion, seeing that he, his fellow Jedi, and allies to the Praxeum were greatly outmatched he chose to gather the Padawans and Younglings and escape the battle in the sewers beneath the city. A Praxeum Knight Neo Sion, had turned to the Dark Side prior to the invasion.... and chased Mass and the Younglings through the sewer. He didn't find them, but was able to get close enough to shout to Mass his plans for the destruction of the Jedi. Mass would look back upon that moment as one of the Darkest of his life.

The Praxeum Order went into hiding after the invasion, seeking refuge on Kashyyyk for the duration of the occupation. During this time the NOJ had been displaced from Yavin IV and were in need of a home. Masters Questi and Blessed, with the cooperation of the Wookiee Tribe, brought the entirety of that order to Kashyyyk, where they stayed until they were able to relocate to Ruusan. It was during this time that Mass met a young padawan of the NOJ, Chris Novastar. While Chris was having much difficulty in his training due to his rebellious attitude towards authority figures. Mass took the young student under his wing giving him the council to further his path to becoming a Jedi. Mass had a strong friendship with Chris's Master, Owen Graves, and was able to help them both continue together... for at least a time.

Soon it became obvious that the displaced residents of Coruscant and Yavin needed a leader to bring a rebellion to the Core. Mass was chosen to be the leader, appointed General of the United Rebel Alliance. Thanks to his history with the Grand Army, he successfully orchestrated raids and missions deep within Imperial controlled Coruscant. He led Jedi, Potentium Knights, bounty hunters, commandos and clones in sorties designed to wear away the Imperial defenses. Eventually the war was ended from internal turmoil. The Empress herself fled to Kashyyyk where Mass mercifully arranged for her escape to Mandalore with her brother. Mass's Rebel forces were able to quickly overtake the crumbling Imperial command structure. The city in ruins, Mass turned over the fate of the Core to the politicians. It was decided that a new empire would be put in place, an Empire based on Roen Fel's dynasty.

Mass Questi's Electrum Lightsaber, constructed as a Padawan

During the early days of the Empire in Imperial CIty, Mass provided the Empress Talmerith Jael with council, spending long hours in her garden discussing galactic politics. The Sith inhabitants of Vjun were at this time gaining strength, and Mass took it upon himself to discover the truth to the rumors regarding bizarre human experimentation occuring on the planet. He flew many surveillance missions over Vjun, coming close to being shot down more than once. He and his padawan Qinelenlea disguised themselves as dark force users, gaining access to the deepest part of their facility. Mass took this intel to his contacts on Ruusan, as well as the Empress herself. The Empress took the information and suggested that Mass present the information at the Imperial Senate meeting. It was his testimony to the Senate that led to the Imperial War on Vjun. The Sith decided that it was in their best interest to rid the galaxy of Mass Questi, issuing a bounty on his head. Mass learned of this order from Senators Hyacinth Jannick and the Wookiee Pankaja. While the Sith never were able to catch him, Mass continued to be a thorn in their side, leading attacks and descending on them with Imperial and GAR forces. Many AoD initiates came hunting for Mass, though he quickly dispatched them.

Mass was troubled by the life that had been forced upon him as leader of the Rebel Military force. Once he laid down his General's uniform, he became increasingly reclusive. With the Fel's controlling the core, and the decline of Force Mysticism amongst the Imperial Knights, he quietly prepared for departure. It was during his final days on Coruscant that Chris Novastar, who he had appointed as a Lieutenant of the Rebel Forces, came requesting advice from Mass on whether he would be a good fit with the Imperial Knights under Empress Talmerith Jael. After some discussion, Mass arranged an interview with the Empress and the Knight Captain on behalf of Chris.

Mass decided to journey to his ancestral home of Haruun Kal for deep meditation and solitude. It was on his journey there that he decided to stopover on Onderon to see his friend Hyacinth, now Queen of Onderon. Upon arrival in the system many Star Destroyers were in the planet's orbit. Having clearance with the Empire, he was permitted to land. In approaching the elevator, he was hastily met by his former Master Lewis Daehlie. After a brief greeting, Lewis informed Mass that Hyacinth and the Empress herself had fought on the roof of the Onderon Royal Palace. The empress had pushed the Queen off of the roof, ending her life. Mass was horrified, for he felt he was squarely in the middle of a conflict he wanted no part of. Having taken separate oaths to protect both the Empress and the Queen, he ventured into the city to find answers. There was no sign of Imperial forces nor the Queen, the only person he was able to locate was Selkisto Horten, Hyacinth's husband and the father of her newborn child... Calliope. Selkisto had captured Atticus Jettaime, the Imperial Knight Captain during the battle. Mass had the unfortunate task of telling Selkisto that his wife and daughter were presumed dead. He offered to take Atticus to the Empress to bargain for the body of Hyacinth and Calliope. When he arrived on the Empresses ship, he was greeted gruffly by the Empress and her knights. He said his piece giving Atticus over as promised, but the Empress would not admit that she had the bodies of the Queen and Princess. On his way out he ran into Chris Novastar, now an Imperial Knight, he greeted his old protege, who walked him out.

Disenchanted with the Empress's actions, Mass returned to his ship setting course for Haruun Kal. Mass would spend the next ten years in the jungle on Haruun Kal, meditating and studying the ways of the Pelekotan and refining his control of Vaapad. With no outside human influence he was able to find the purity of mind to truly understand and incorporate the naturalistic teachings of the Pelekotan, and the controlled aggression of Vaapad. During his time he became an accomplished hunter, his ability to stealthily approach his prey was astounding. Many events tested his skill as he defended himself and his makeshift camp from large predators. Towards the end of his solitude in the harsh environment of Haruun Kal, he discovered many Balawi were returning to the planet and reestablishing colonies. He stayed clear of the colony, focusing on his studies, but soon the hunting parties from Pelek Baw became more an more frequent. He decided to come out of solitude. He walked into the city, hydes of his prey adourning his body, and his hair long and unkept. The inhabitants of Pelek Baw were quite surprised to see the shaggy man, his body covered in the hides of many dangerous animals, an electrum Lightsaber hanging from his belt. He traded some pelts for enough Credits for transport back to the Core, for he had disassembled his Jedi Starfighter many years before for parts for his shelter.

The Old Jedi Order of the Republic

Mass Questi dons his Ankarres Armor, discolored from the caustic atmosphere of Haruun Kal

When Mass returned to Coruscant he found a very different place. The Empress had stepped down, leaving a young Fel family member name Naja in her place. Mass was perplexed by her cavalier approach to running the Imperium. He also found that his old Master, Lewis Daehlie had ascended the ranks of the Imperial knights, and his old protege, Chris Novastar was now the Grand Master of the Knights, and about to be married to the Empress. He found new faces wherever he turned, but he soon found that his reputation for being an honorable and just Jedi, true to the teachings of the Old Republic Jedi Order proceeded him. In touring the city, after his long solo journey, he ran into his old friend, Azlum Grimlock. Azlum told him of a new temple being built on Talus, and his designs for a Jedi Order that embodied the principals of the Old Republic, something that Mass had found great meaning in, throughout his career as a Jedi. The trust he'd built with Azlum throughout his padawanship and the obvious need he'd felt from his initial tour of Coruscant. After touring the site of the temple construction project he approached Master Grimlock on the landing platform there. He made his intent known to Azlum that he was interested in helping him in this effort to bring Old Republic values back to the Jedi. Azlum welcomed Mass into the Old Order with open arms, and granted him a position retaining his rank as Master. Mass would eventually assume the role of Jedi Investigator, Mediator, and Galactic Defense Master. Mass took on a young boy named Chris Geral as his padawan. He affectionately referred to the boy as "Scuzzi Spits" or "Spits" a Huttese word for the Desert Scurrier of Tatooine, the place of Chris's upbringing. Mass was astounded by how strongly the Force was with young Chris, and raised him like a son, while training him to become a Jedi Knight.

In the lead up to the War with the Revenant Armada, Mass rekindled old camaraderie with Grand Army Command and more specifically with the GAR 501st, a trusted battalion of the finest Clones ever grown. Many of the old troopers he had fought with in the Old Coruscant War, had ascended to officer ranks, and more than willing to accompany Mass on many recon missions and offensives. A bond grew amongst the men, powered by mutual respect and the willingness to give one's life for the Republic.

After a fearce battle that lasted for months, the People's Galactic Alliance was able to retake the city, and drive the Revenant Armada back from the Core. Coinciding with this defeat, the Empress of The Tetan Empire emancipated herself from the hold Abyssus of the Revenant had upon her. Cinnagar was no longer sanctuary from the PGA forces chasing them, and they were pushed deeper into the galaxy.

In a tragic chain of events, the surreal temple on Talus was destroyed by arial bombardement. The Old Jedi Order was forced from their home and spread out across the galaxy, most members returning to Imperial City to assit the PGA in its ongoing effort to rebuild Galactic Democracy.

Mass looks out over the Coruscant City-scape

As was the case following the prior Old Coruscant City War, Mass felt the need to remove himself from galactic conflict and return to exhile on Haruun Kal. The landscape of his ancestral homeworld had changed drastically, with the Pelek Baw city sprawling well into the jungle. He ventured farther into wild, bringing with him, improved building materials that could withstand the harshness of the Korun Jungle. Mass stayed in exhile for another ten years, reverting back to his ferral lifestyle he'd learned to survive by, during his previous period of exile.

A Very Public Solitude

The Tetan Empire provides Mass an attack shuttlecraft

Late one night, as he was preparing a dinner of wild Akk meat, Mass was overcome by the sense that something had happened to his long time colleague, Marcus Moreau. He immediately began preparations to secure his habitat in the Korun jungle, and make his way back to Pelek Baw. Having had traded his ship for building materials upon returning to Haruun Kal, he negotiated transport to Tatooine. Meanwhile he sent instructions to his trusty Astromech, Cee5 to travel to Uvena Prime, the last known whereabouts of the Master Moreau. Cee5 was able to establish a Holo-Commlink to Mass's transport. It was during this transmission that mass learned from a Jedi by the name of Mikori Lawson, that Master Moreau had given his life in the liberation of Uvena Prime from the occupation of the Revenant Armada.

Master Questi, old but still hard as nails

Disturbed by the news, he felt reinvigorated in that the Tetan Empire had assisted in this emancipation of the Shistavanen. He learned that the Tetans had an outpost in the port city of Mos Entha on Tatooine. He continued his journey to the rim system, deep in meditation over the death of Marcus. p

Questi and the clones of the 724th

Upon landing in Mos Entha, Mass was able to gain audience with the Tetan Empress Keto. The Empress requested two things of Mass; to investigate the recent attacks by the local tribe of Tuskens, and to determine the underlying nature and motives of the executive leadership of the republic. Mass agreed to the request, asking only for a Tetan attack shuttle in return. The Empress supplied him with the craft, and Mass departed the sandy planet shortly thereafter.

Lost and Presumed Dead

Questi's journeys throughout the Galaxy continued, often bringing him to the Core Systems and the Political theater. Mass found that his reputation often preceded him with the various Jedi Orders, and often his presence was tolerated on Sith-controlled systems. While he was approached to join most all of the main Enclaves and Orders, he had progressed to a point in his life where he was able to provide greater service to the Universe on his own rather than committed to one particular Order. He found solace in the understanding that he was coming to a point in his life that the Force was guiding his path to a culminating point, a shatterpoint of his destiny.

Being that he was Order agnostic, he was plugged into many communication channels of the various Orders. It was over one of these comm channels that he learned of the abduction of a Padawan from the GLA on Uvena Prime. He rendezvoused with a contingent of GLA padawans, knights and masters, including Mikori Lawson, on Nar Shaddaa. Immediately upon landing on the smuggler's moon, he sensed an overwhelming vibration in the Force. It was clear to him that his longtime nemesis, Abyssus, was on Nar Shaddaa. Once the Padawan was recovered, the cadre made their way to a nearby landing pad. As the blast door opened, the silhouette of Abysus came into view. Standing over the Sith Master was the hulking form of a large beast. Mass knew what had to be done. Both Questi and Lawson stepped forward and ignited their sabers, standing firmly between the younger Jedi and the dagerous foe before them. The fight was intense, and it took most of the two Jedi's strength to defend against Abyssus's attacks, while dealing considerable damage to the monster. Eventually the beast fell, but not before Mikori fell from the landing pad. Locked in a stalemate of saber clash, Mass drew deeply from the teachings of Vaapad, and attempted a feedback loop of the Dark Lord's energy. While he was able to establish the Force circuit, he was eventually overwhelmed by the power of his mortal enemy. A look of defeat washed over Questi's weathered face, moments before Abyssus pushed him with the Force, sending him careening over the city.  This effort in occupying the Sith had given the young Jedi an opportunity to escape and eventually find Master Lawson in the Nar Shaddaa streets.

Search parties were deployed to find evidence of Questi's fate. All came up empty handed. Months went by as hope was lost in recovering the Jedi Master. Slowly his large network of friends and sworn allies accepted the fact that Questi had finally met his end. Some never gave up though. The life bond he'd built with Kaffa the Wookiee, his deep familial and Force connection with his prior Padawan, Thalia Fel, and the trust of then Chancellor Tiffany Vandergraff kept these individuals clinging to hope that one day, Master Massimo Orion Questi would return and face the power of the Dark Side once again, this time victorious in destroying it, bringing the light of the Jedi back as the preemminent stewards of the Force.