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Honorable and mature, Marvie used to uphold the code of the Jedi Order, even though she was never a true part of the Order itself. She lived by the Code of the Sith after Cain Rosenkreuz accepted her into The New Sith Order, often repeating the Code to herself and reflecting on her teachings when she has a moment of quiet.

Marvie is calm and collected and keeps her quick-wits about her at all times, but she also knows how to relax and enjoy life and the world around her when it is called for. She can be ruthless and cold when in battle or focused on an important task or mission and makes decisive choices. She commands respect but is often gentle and kind to others.

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Marvie grew up like most Echani do on their homeworld, Eshan. She spent much of her time alongside her peers, learning the art of combat that is central to the Echani's lives and culture. At a young age, Marvie encountered a Jedi visiting the area and sparred with him. It was discovered that she had a strong connection to the Force and she was taken in as an Apprentice.

Her Master was not a formal member of the Jedi Order himself, but he trained Marvie careful in the ways of the Jedi, drilling the Code into her head as well as honing and perfecting her skills and techniques. As she traveled and gained experience alongside her Master, Marvie had a few encounters with the Dark Side of the Force when her love for the thrill of battle took over her rational thought. She has even admitted that some aspects of the Code of the Jedi were 'weak.'

When exploring the city-scapes of Coruscant, Marvie and her Master were ambushed by a band of Dark Jedi. Unfortunately, her Master was struck down, overwhelmed by their opponents. Overwhelmed with emotion at the loss of her Master, she brought the full extent of her to bear on the Dark Jedi, slipping towards the Dark Side for a few brief moments as evident in her frightening display of the use of Force Lightning. Knowing they were out-matched, the surviving Dark Jedi fled. Marvie was lost without her Master, who had been the center of her life, along with the Code of the Jedi.

After she buried her Master, Marvie decided to abandon the rest of her Jedi training and took up life as a Smuggler, purchasing her own ship with funds she and her Master had earned in their travels together. She still keeps her lightsaber at her side, but rarely uses it or the Force. She set up shop on Nar Shaddaa and over the course of a few years, became an accomplished Smuggler.

Chance Meeting With Taru Chaol

On her return trip from a successful run, her ship picked up a distress signal from a wrecked ship not far from Nar Shaddaa. Curious and with the prospect of maybe salvaging something of value to sell or keep, she docked with the ship to search it. Wearing an envirosuit, she explored the ship and found most of it had been gutted. About to give up, she noticed the communications room had been sealed by the emergency system and managed to get in. Inside, she found a young MIrialan girl trapped amongst a tangle of debris, badly wounded but still alive. Knowing that the air was nearly gone, she got a mask on the girl and took her aboard her ship, securing her in the kulto tank in the medbay to recover, hoping to learn what had happened once the girl regained conciousness.