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Marric Farstar grew up in a middle class suburban neighborhood on Corellia. His father was a mechanic who was always fixing something around the house. His mother taught Sociology at the university. He grew up learning how to fix speeders as well as boxing from his father but also loved delving into intellectual pursuits. At a young age Marric became fascinated with all things Jedi, especially ancient Jedi Temples and holocrons.

While studying for his undergraduate degree he was fortunate to meet a practitioner of the Echani art. The Echani art was an unarmed combat discipline where there was no use of armor, weapons or Force techniques. The art was focused on mastering the body itself as a weapon. Echani fighting techniques were frequently taught to special forces units across the galaxy.

Dr. Marric Farstar is a scholar of Jedi artifacts. He studied Archeology at the university on Corellia. After he defended his dissertation he took a sabbatical on Yavin 4. During this sabbatical he grew fond of Yavin 4 and especially fond of Master Windwalker. After spending some time in serious contemplation he felt he did in fact have a calling to become a Jedi. He was then tested by Master Windwalker for Force aptitude and abilities. Upon completion of preliminary tasks he was accepted as a Padawan by Master Windwalker and was well on his way to becoming a Jedi.

Marric studied his Padawan lessons diligently, spending a great deal of time meditating on the Force, and in the Archives. He came to trust his Master with every fiber of his being and they became close. After a great deal of time, effort, and energy...Marric accomplished all his Trials and gave his lecture on Jedi Asceticism. Marric was then Knighted by Grand Master Iria Tuqiri along with Master ZenMondo Wormser, Master Tanira Raman, Master Thalia Spintrus, Master Tyrron Archria, and his Master Lucianne Windwalker.

Shortly after being knighted, Marric began the Path of a Force Warrior as well as accepted his first Padawan, Shari Vrenn.

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